11.11 Shopee Super Sale - Shop Til You Drop

11.11 shopee super sale

Have you taken the spin yet? Good news to online shopaholic!

Shopee Malaysia has already start their crazy 11.11 super sale now.  Started from 1 to 11 November,  they are offering RM11 deals, daily giveaways, free shipping, the Spin to Win game and more. More than than 3000 brands are offering discounts up to 90% off and the Shopee Lowest Price Guarantee in effect. Means that if any buyer finds a lower price for the same item on another platform, Shopee will refund them 120% of the price difference.

Check out their website for more details!

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shopee super sale

11.11 Shopee Sale Highlight

shopee super sale

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shopee super sale

Check out the rest on their website and get ready to shop til you drop!

5 Beauty Products That I Use Every Day

daily makeup routine

Everyone has their own beauty essentials and beauty routines. Ada yang suka guna mekap tebal, ada yang prefer simple, ada yang langsung tak guna apa-apa. Meaning to say that lain orang, lain cara dia berhias. Just in case you don't know this one fact about me, I'm not really into makeup thingy. I'm not the kind of girl who willing to spend one hour just to get my face done. If I had one hour to get ready, I will use maybe less than 10 minutes to ngesep (berhias) and use the left minutes to take a nap. I can go out with a naked face and it's not really a big deal to me --- cause yeah I'm kool liddat yo. :P

Even though I'm not into makeup, I still do put something on my face so I don't look pale. Oh damn wait, does that mean my reason of using makeup is not to be pretty but more to avoid looking deathlike? K memang kurang jantina keperempuanan dalam diri aku agaknya. Or tak pun terlampau konfiden being in my own skin. Kahkahkah. 

So here in this post, I will share my makeup routine and 5 beauty products that I use every day. 

5 Beauty Products That I Use Every Day | The Simple Makeup Routine 

eeca shyaa beauty products

Don't be surprised, dearest makeup addict! What you see in the photo above is the only beauty stuff that I use every day. Ada lagi yang lain tapi ni je aku guna setiap hari. 

1. IN2IT Lasting Lipstick Creamy Matte | Carnelian (LA04) & Sepia (LA05)
2. IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Color  | ER 01 Eyebrowns
3. Bio-Essence Double Whitening Cream SPF20
4. W.Lab Sebum Powder
5. DIY Honey Lemon Vaseline Lip Balm 

Guess what, while writing this I just found out something funny. Absolutely silly me! See the number 2, baru aku tahu palette tu untuk eyebrow rupanya. All this time aku ingat benda tu eyeshadow. Hahah. So noob. Aku guna benda ni only kat hujung mata ala-ala eyeliner. Reason sebab nak bagi mata nampak besar sikit sebab mata aku kecik. 

Yes I know my lipstick look pathetic. Mampu beli baru tapi kena habiskan dulu yang masih ada. Ive been using it for a long time. I can't recall when did I buy that and I have no idea if it's already expired or not. Selagi tak memudaratkan so why not keep using je kan. Tak baik bazir. Dah habis licin kosong tube lipstick tu baru boleh beli yang baru. Lipstick ni best sebab tak dry and its so creamy that it helps to moisturize your lips. 

DIY honey lemon vaseline tu of course aku buat sendiri. Dah nama pun DIY kan. I melt the vaseline in microwave sekali dgn honey dan jus perahan lemon. Bila dah cair just gaul sebati, letak dalam bekas and let it dry back jadi vaseline with flavour. Hahaha. Just that everything cant blend together so madu tu mendap kat bawah. But still, the plain vaseline now has the honey lemon flavour that you can omnomnom. K kidding. Don't lick your own lips. 

Whitening cream tu macam biasa la untuk UV protection sebab ada SPF. I usually will apply the cream on my face after a shower. Wait for it to absorb first then terus aku tempek sebum powder bagi tak rasa melekit. Then I will go for so-called eyeliner, the lip balm and the lipstick. And yes, settle semua guna 5 benda ni, I'm ready to hit the road then! 

Simple je kan? Guna semua benda ni tak sampai pun 10 minit okay. Simplicity at its best.

Do tell me what's the beauty products that you use every day!

Container City Miri - A New Attraction In Town

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Container City Miri - A New Attraction In Town

It's a good news for everyone in town hoorayyy! We finally have another coolest place to hang out with friends and family. It's a place where you can get an array of foods - local and foreign dishes at one place while enjoying the nightlife environment in the city. Why did I say that? Simply because it is located at a strategic place and it's an easy access to everyone.

What Do They Have In Container City Miri? 

There are 14 stalls serving more than 120 types of foods in this crowd. Yes, you read it right. If you are a foodie, you will surely be happy to know this. Apart from local foods, there are also Korean, Thai and Taiwanese cuisines and each of the stalls won't be selling similar foods as the seller has something different to offer to the patrons. You can find pretty much of foods in there such as burger, noodle, rice, snacks etc.

There is also a mini-game room where kids can play the latest PlayStation 4 (PS4) games for free.

The Happening Surrounding!

Situated opposite the Wireless Walk which is known as a corridor of foods and tourism to Mirian, this Container City is quite a perfect place to enjoy your night leisure time. Put aside the crowded look, the place still offers a comfy space with a nice decoration for you to sit and enjoy your scrumptious food hauls.

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It might look crowded but still, it's one of the must place to visit for the locals and tourist. Don't miss this Container City!

For more information, visit Container City Miri’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/containercitymyy/

Gotta Pick Myself Up Off The Ground

I gotta pick myself up off the ground.

It's been a while. I'm not in a hiatus mood but more to losing my grip in life. It has been so tough lately. I don't even know where to start. There are lots of things going in and out of my mind and its a complete chaos in my head. 

I lost interest in things that I love. I abandon my blog. I ditch away my journal. 

The worst thing is, I'm back to my old self; back to hell to be exact. I befriend my inner demon.

I let myself down, I care too much about things that bring nothing good to me, I get stressed, I cried a lot, I hurt myself and do all sort of things that ruin me. It just helpless cause being strong seems to be really hard for me. I still manage to live another day with the little strength that I have. 

Despite the bitterness, I'm glad that there is still a light of joy coming in through the little cracks of that broken wall; giving me the euphoric feelings. It's not much but at least it's better than nothing. 

I know I need to fix this. I need to pick myself up again. I need to find back my spirit. I need to reset my life and start a brand new chapter. I have to do it no matter what or I will be stuck here being a loser forever. I need the life plan. I need the courage. I need the confidence. I need the strength. I need all that powerful spell to build myself back.

I know there's no one can help me cause I need to help myself first,

I gotta pick myself up off the ground.