Pemenang Planner Giveaway By Eeca Shyaa

Hi semua!! Tiba masanya untuk aku umumkan pemenang Senarai Peserta Planner Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa. Giveaway tu dah pun tamat pada 31/08. Terima kasih kepada 55 orang blogger yang dan join giveaway tak seberapa ni. Hehee!

Untuk tengok senarai peserta boleh klik sini Senarai Peserta Planner Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa.

Dan pemenang bertuahnya adalah....

Tahniah kepada pemenang bertuah :) Sila email butiran nama, alamat dan no telefon ke untuk tuntutan hadiah okay? Tempoh tuntutan adalah sehingga 16/09/2017.

Bagi yang tak menang jangan frust okay. Next time boleh buat giveaway lagi. :P

Say Hello To The Artisanal Pizza!

Have you ever thought about eating pizza in a different version? What would cross your mind when talking about pizza? Probably Hawaiian chicken? Or pepperoni is it? Well, it's time to move on with that typical round pizza gaisss.

The reason is that Anchor Food Professionals has launched an exciting campaign called PizzArt with their partners to celebrate pizza in all its shape and sizes. Yeayy!! Whether you are a hard-core foodie or a discerning gourmand, these pizzaz gonna bring you to another level!

Here Comes The Artisanal Pizza by Anchor Food Professionals!

What is artisanal pizza? Easy peasy. It's a pizza but doesn't look like a pizza, but it's still a pizza. This new pizza creation was conceptualized and created by Anchor Food Professionals' Hot Cooking Chefs as a way to help their partners create more excitement and variety in what they offer to their customers.

Using only the finest dairy products available, these artisanal pizzas are made with Anchor products such as Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, Anchor Unsalted Butter, Anchor Colby Cheese, Anchor Cheddar Cheese, and Mainland Edam Cheese.

The 5 Artisanal Pizzaz.

There are 5 pizza masterpieces introduced by AFP such as Flower Pizzaz, Pizza Bombs, Adjaruli Khachapuri, Mini Muffin Pizza and Pot Pie Pizza. The pizzaz can only be made by kitchen crew with advanced culinary skills.

Chefs and assistants from participating restaurants were trained in the ways of a skilled pizzaiolo by Anchor Food Professional in preparation for the launch of the campaign. They were taught specialized skills to create unusual pizzas.

Enjoy The Cheesiness at Chillax Cafe & Bistro Miri!

The Sarawak Bloggers (Miri based) and I have been invited to this Pizzart campaign and we were excited to spread the good news! Chillax will be going to launch 3 out of 5 artisanal pizzaz at their outlet starting 15th August and we got the chance to try them out first. Get ready cheese and pizza lover! 

Lil' Quacks / Muffin Pizza

Muffin pizza is bite-sized version of delicious pizza which is perfect for breakfast and as a snack as well. It has smoked duck meat and light gravy filling which taste so good to me that it made me forget the fact that I don't eat duck! 

Price: RM12.90

The Pot Pie Pizza

This one is my top favourite! Pizza dough is used to make the pie crust and rich flavour minced beef with melting mozzarella and cheddar cheese is steaming inside. Every bite makes me happy cause it's delicious and I pretty love it. It may look less attractive, but don't underestimate the taste. Although it looks like two people can share this meal, I guess I can have it all alone. Finger crossed! :P

Can you see the gooey and stringy cheese as you fork the filling out?! Nobody can't resist this k. Fat doesn't care as long as the tummy is excited! 

Price: RM17.90

Adjaruli Khachapuri

This is a Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. The pizza is made into a boat shaped filled with hot cheese and oozing egg. Cheese lover gonna love this cause it's so cheesyyy! How do you eat this? You have to put 2 to 3 cube of the butter to your preference inside the boat and stir it together with the egg and the hot melted cheese, and voila, you're done!

This how it looks like after you mix everything in the boat. You have to do it faster cause it's best eaten hot!! This meal can be shared with 4 to 5 people to avoid being 'bullied' by the cheese. xD

Ms Ju Yi pulling up the cheese string. Chillax should be doing who-has-the-longest-cheese-string challenge k! 

Price: RM16.90

Calling For Magnet Collector!

You will get this limited edition fridge magnet with any purchase of this artisanal pizzaz! Don't forget to grab it while the stock last!


So that's it. You can taste this artisanal pizzaz at Chillax Cafe starting on 15th August with affordable price. Fret not, even though the PizzArt campaign last till mid-November, these menu gonna stay at the outlet depends on customer's feedback about the artisanal pizza.

About Anchor Food Professional 

Anchor brand is already a leader in the dairy segment in Malaysia. The recently rebranded AFP reflects the way the food service team are now doing business, acting as true consultants, working behind the scenes to deliver exciting new taste and products for all the food and beverages field.

The team will help business with all aspects of their operations, from front-of-house presentation and pricing and promotion. AFP is using this knowledge and optimizing dairy ingredients using Fonterra's world leading research and development capability to meet the specific needs of chefs, bakers and restaurant owners.

For more information and locations of participating outlets for Anchor Food Professionals PizzArt Campaign, visit website:

Thank you AFB and Chillax Miri for having Sarawak Bloggers!

Hiking at Canada Hill Miri

hiking at canada hill miri

Hiking has been one of my favorite outdoor activity for now. I've been longing to do this, I mean, spending time doing fun activity outside since forever cause back then I never had a chance to do so cause I don't really have much friends who enjoy this kind of stuff. Forever stuck in the house lol. It's a no no for me to go alone, hiking in the jungle without anyone. Penakut okay! I'm still an amateur, not yet an expert.

Dulu aku memang tersangatlah tak aktif dengan benda macam ni. But as I've grown up, I find this thing interesting and exciting, and addictive as well even though it is tiring. I love being surrounded by nature cause it gives me a little serenity!

I Challenge Myself Yippie Yeay! 

Why did I say so? Sebabnya adalah aku ni seorang yang takut tinggi dan ada anxiety yang memang endless. Orang yang ada anxiety memang paham kot. Anxiety ni too much worry about something. So bila aku hiking, lots of thoughts ada dalam kepala. What if I fall? Kalau aku pijak sini jatuh tak? Pijak sana akan tegelincir ke tak? Yeah that kind of thoughts lah. Semua negatif. Tak ada yang positif. Disebabkan dah berfikiran macam tu, jadi nak teruskan hiking pun jadi ragu-ragu.

Hiking di Canada Hill aka The Grand Old Lady Miri!

Dekat tempat ni ada banyak hiking trails. Dulu aku mula dengan route 2-4. Tak susah dan taklah senang sangat. Then aku guna route 4-6. Sadis yang amat okay. First time guna 4-6 aku dapat buat halfway je sebab leput (feel like dying) dan penat sangat. Yang buat semput tu sebab trail ni banyak tangga dan a bit tinggi jugak la. Jalan senang sebab aku tak takut sangat jatuh or tak. Cuma agak mencabar stamina yang masih lagi low.

miri blogger

Best rupanya main dalam hutan ni. I mean doing proper activity lah macam hiking ke berkhemah ke. Since this is my first time so agak sakai jugaklah hahaha. Jalan 4-6 ni jalan stairway to heaven. Sebab banyak tangga kan. Kalau macm tangga yang sebelah kanan tu takpe lagi. Tangga yang dibuat terus dekat tanah tu yang sakitnya okay.

Hiking di Canada Hill ni bagi aku ada banyak level. Lain route lain stamina diperlukan. Ada route sampai nombor 8 kalau tak silap. Ada yang agak mencabar ada yang easy bagi yang dah biasa. My friend dare me to try different route yang banyak guna tali which means banyak curam dan tinggi lah retinya kan. I refused to do so since I know my stamina dan ability to go that route masih belum cukup. Pengsan kang siapa nak angkat. Terpaksa main seret pulak dah. Huhu.

Feeling Satisfied!

I totally love the feeling bila dah habis hiking. Rasa satisfied sangat sebab aku berjaya buat benda yang aku takut. I did it yeay! So proud of myself ehh.

Tengah hiking memang rasa nak give up, nak balik, nak menangis semua. Bila dah semput memang rasa nak muntah dan nak tarik nafas pun sakit yang amat. Stop dalam dua tiga kali then sambung. I get frustrated if I didn't finish my hiking. Last time dapat buat halfway je terus rasa down. Totally feel like a loser k. Huhu. But now I try to fight for it. And of course, enjoying every second with the nature while killing my fats jyeah. Its road to 60kg as well. Chayok chayok!

6 Benefits of Hiking

Hiking ni ada bagusnya. Sambil boleh menyihatkan badan, boleh jugak cuci mata tengok all the greenies! View pun cantik sejuk mata memandang. Hehehe! Selain tu boleh baca How Hiking Is Good For Body and Mind.

What's your hiking experience? And do you enjoy hiking as well? Do tell me!

Simple Guide To Buying A House In Malaysia

Buying a house in Malaysia can be quite a daunting experience for first time buyers. The process of buying a new house in Malaysia can be as tedious as you can imagine because you do not know the procedure of buying a new house in Malaysia. This useful guide will go through the steps of buying new house in Malaysia.

Macintosh HD:Users:bongsuki:Desktop:businessmen-hold-house-model-in-hand_1088-1145.jpg

Simple Guide To Buying A House In Malaysia

1. Invest in yourself 

Many people missed out this very first step when it comes to buying a property, only to end up with regrets because they did not pay much attention to little details that could end up being so important. Take some time to do your research on the properties you are aiming at. You could also meet the property experts, property investors and home buyer to gain some knowledge from them or listen to their advice if you have any queries.

2. Know the average price. 

If you are planning to buy a house in Kuala Lumpur, this important figure will give you an idea of how much you might be spending in buying a house. The average price of a house in Malaysia is RM 497,535 and houses is Kuala Lumpur are the most expensive in Malaysia.

3. Expenditure breakdown. 

Next, the breakdown of expenditure. It is recommended by most financial experts that you must not allocate more than one-third of your income to pay for the housing loan. If you think you can spend an amount of RM 497,535 in buying a house, having enough money to pay for your home loan and it would not cause any financial problem to you, then you can proceed to the next step.

4. Deciding how much you can afford. 

After your expenditure breakdown, it is time to be realistic and ask yourself this question: How much can I afford to buy a property? Have a look at your income and set a budget. Know how much you can afford monthly when it comes to paying bank loan, not forgetting the upfront payment that you need to deal with when you purchase a property. Also, property buyer needs to take upfront costs into account, such as Memorandum of Transfer (MOT), lawyer fees and the fees after, such as renovation and repair fees, 6% government service tax for real estate agent’s commission and so on..

5. Determine the type of your preferred house. 

There are many types of home for you to choose from, ranging from condominium, apartment, semi-detached house, terrace house, bungalow? Which do you prefer? However, you should always be realistic and stay within your budget. You certainly do not want to end up with debt after purchasing your property.

6. Downpayment. 

Normally, downpayment would be a 10% of your property’s price, but still, depending mainly on how much the bank is willing to loan you. That being said, if the bank if proving a loan of 90%, you will need to pay 10% of the downpayment. If the bank is providing lesser loan, say 80% loan, you will then need to pay a 20% downpayment. Buyers who have never used the EPF Account II funds may choose to withdraw some monies to pay for the downpayment, however, can only withdraw after obtaining the Sales & Purchase (S&P) Agreement.

7. First time home buyer schemes. 

Decades ago, young adults were still able to purchase a property easier as compared to young adults now. Today, the prices of property have hiked up over the years and buying a property is considered a financial burden to young adults as the monthly salary they earn are not able to catch up with the hike of property price. Therefore, the government has decided to come out with assistance. This would be something that you should look out for if you are a first time home buyer. Check if you fit the criteria of getting the My First Home Scheme or 1Malaysia Housing Programme (PR1MA). These schemes are the government’s assistance for first time home buyers. My First Home Scheme is announced in the Budget 2011 by the government to assist young adults who have just started working to purchase their very first property. This scheme offers up to 100% home loans from the financial institutions. As for the 1Malaysia Housing Programme, it is another government’s assistance that was announced to allow young adults to have an affordable housing lifestyle for middle income household, by building affordable housing for young adults to choose from.

8. Real estate agent. 

If you still could not decide on what you want, you can consider engaging a real estate agent. You can tell the real estate agent your preferences on the location, type of home, size of unit, loan tenure and most importantly, your budget. With their expertise, they will be able to narrow the option down and it would be easier for you to decide. However, this is totally optional.

9. Offer. 

After you found the one, make an offer with the seller and get a mutual agreement on the purchase price. At this point, you will then need to sign the required documents and pay a 2% deposit.

10. Bank loan. 

It is one step nearer to getting your own house in Malaysia now. Decide which kind of loan that you would opt for as there are a different kinds of mortgage loans for you to choose from when you buy a house in Malaysia:

A. Standard Home Loan 

• The most common housing loan available as the interest rates of the loan are fixed from the moment the property buyer obtains the loan, regardless of the Overnight Policy Rates (OPR) changes or market changes. Benefit of this loan is that property buyer who obtains this loan will have a peace of mind as the fluctuation of the market will not affect the interest rates.

B. Flexi Home Loan 

• This loan is another alternative option of Standard Home Loan. The interest rates are lower as the buyers place more money into the account, therefore, is suitable for property buyers with more cash flow. Another benefit is that if there are any changes in the market, the loaners get to enjoy the changes of rates as well. As the name mentioned, it is also flexible as it allows loaner to take out the money anytime.

C. Islamic Home Loan 

• This loan is specially tailored for the Muslim with similar benefits as the Standard Home Loan, however, uses the Base Finance Rate(BFR) when it comes to deciding how much is the bank earning from the Islamic Home Loan.

If you wish to lower your monthly installment, you could do so by paying a bigger downpayment, search for the bank that offers lower interest rate and better loan package, or you could opt for a longer loan period.

11. Keys collection, renovation and move in. 

Once you are done with all the paperworks and signing of documents, it is time to arrange for keys collection from the seller. Then, you can start engaging with contractors and interior designs to design the house as you wish and move in.

Buying a house in Malaysia does not seem too difficult isn’t it? Just follow this simple guide and it will save you from many unnecessary hassles.