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Cheerio 2015!

Its the last day for 2015! Well, Happy 2016, earthlings! 
What's your new year resolution? Carry forward the 2015's resolution? Hiks. 
Whatever it is, do appreciate the life even though it has so many ups and downs. 
I am so excited cause I have prepared my monthly layout in my journal for January 2016 :D Starting from day 1 I will jot down anything that need to be written. And yeah, I have to promise myself to compliment my own handwriting so I won't stop writing because tulisan saya sangatlah buroks. 
Can't wait to fill this page! :D 
Till here then. 
Happy New Year again, people! 

Blood Donation

Have you ever donated blood?  Does it makes you shiver hearing the word "needle"?  Is it hurt?  How does it feels? Ain't the needle is big? 
Obviously that was ton of questions I asked to people that ever donated their blood. 
Omg even listening the word "needle" give me goosebumps! Gila besar jarum dia ok! 
Last time I saw my dad punya buku, dia dah derma darah sebanyak 72 kali. :o
So he forced me to donate blood also. Every time he mentioned "derma darah", I get sweat and my heart beat faster. Gila takut ah. But yeah, disebabkan derma darah tu mendatangkan kebaikan, so why not I give it a try kan. So I gagahkan diri ini untuk derma darah. Settle register this and that, been asked to sit down, the nurse or doctor Im not sure started to cucuk jarum on my arm. Oh this is only a throwback. I donated blood on 1st August and it was my first time! I was so afraid ok. Orang yang uruskan saya masa tu told me susah betul nak cari urat tangan saya. Hahaks maa…


Today I went to optic shop to make a new glasses for myself. I have been wearing the old one almost for two years rasanya. Im not sure how often should we change it. Maybe we should check our eyes setiap enam bulan sekali or setahun sekali? Well, just to be sure your glasses power still work for you or not.
I am not surprised when the sister yang kerja sana told me that my astigmatism power is way too high. Tahu tak astigmatism tu apa? Astigmatism tu dalam bahasa melayu ialah silau. Its quite dangerous to have astigmatism because when you drive at night, your road might disappear or playing hide and seek with you! Hiks :P
As you can see in the photo, at the SPH row, I have nearsightedness aka rabun jauh. Memang dah lama pun rabun. I started using glasses since I am 9 years old. Akibat suka tengok tv depan betul kan. Nasib baik tak masuk tv terus lol. It is 325 for the left eyes and 250 for the right eyes. CYL is for the astigmatism power. Left eyes is 275 and right eyes is 400. Macam…

Recipe : Mushroom Fettucine Carbonara

Im not really an expert in cooking even though I was a culinary student back then. But yeah, with little skill that I have, I still can cook an edible foods ikut selera tekak aku. Simple but boleh dikatakan sedap :P (of course lah puji makanan sendiri kan huhu). Now I want to share quite simple recipe for Mushroom Fettucine Carbonara. Easy peasy as lemon squeezy! 
Nampak sedap ke tak? Hiks. Lets start! 
Bahan - Bahan :
✿ 1 Bungkus Pasta Fettucine (direbus)
✿ 1 Kotak Full Cream Milk
✿ 1 Tin Sos Prego Carbonara Mushroom
✿ Chesdale (ikut suka banyak mana / nak guna cheese lain pun boleh)
✿ 1 Tin Button Mushroom (dihiris)
✿ Bawang Besar (ikut suka banyak mana / dicincang)
✿ Bawang Putih (2 ulas / dicincang)
✿ Isi Ayam (ikut suka banyak mana / dicincang boleh, nak hiris pun boleh)
✿ Salt & Pepper 
Cara - Cara :
1. Tumis bawang besar dan bawang putih sampai naik bau.
2. Masukkan isi ayam yang dah dicincang. Kacau sehingga masak.
3. Masukkan button mushroom yang dah dihiris dan kacau seke…

If Traveling Was Free ...

If traveling was free, you would never see me again... 

I wasn't born mix blood by races, but I did born with a wanderlust blood in my vein. I believe everyone has that wanderlust spirit in themselves. Traveling is fun. By exploring different countries and learn different cultures, it will gives us a wider knowledge that we never learned in school. To travel is to live. You will experience many things through the journey especially more about life. It doesn't matter what kind of traveling you are up to. Its either food hunting, shop till drop, sight seeing or others or all. Because everything you will bring back in your heart is the unforgettable feelings of being to places you have never been. And hey, being a traveler will make you a storyteller too :D
Back then when I was traveling with my family, we used to be around the city only. Sadly I just realized that its a waste of time. If only I joined the traveler community early, we would have already cover so many places withi…


It's not about the money, money, money, we don't need your money, money, money, we just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag ♩ ♫ ♬ ♪

How I wish we could really forget about the price tags of every stuffs we want to buy. Everything is getting hell expensive now. Thank to whom it may concerns. 
Ever since I had my first job (but I quit already), I thought that it will be easy to save my own money. But I am totally wrong. The more we have the money in our hand, the hardest it is to save them. Yeah ada hypothesis gitchew. I spent too much and saving less. I am pretty sure that I am not a spendthrift person. But other side of me is betraying me huhu. I used to know nothing about online shop. But after my first time received my first parcel that I bought with my own money, I get addicted to it. Its like getting a gift from myself to myself. Hahah. Who else feel the same? 
If I spent my money carefully, I would have definitely be in Maldives right now. Or maybe Seo…

Pencarian Blog Terkemas 2015!

Hi Guys! Om buat lagi segmen. Nak tahu Apa yang lain? Mari kita check apa yang lain.
Click Gambar untuk Join Tau!!

Pencarian Blog Terkemas 2015 aku adakan untuk mencari blog yang paling paling sangat kemas. Kemas dan cantik, sedap mata memandang bila jengah belog korang. Sambil sambil tu boleh promote belog korang dan juga blogwalking sesama blogger.

Haaa apa tunggu lagi, jom join. Hadiah adalah rahsia, Goodluck!
Now baru ada mood nak join segmen. Manatau ada sangkut kan hiks. Nak tag +Aqilah Azmi untuk join ni. Ke dah join awal? Hihihihi. Blog kemas or tak, join aje lahh :D

The FoxyFix Journal

Do you love to write? Or a notebook hoarder? Before this aku memang seorang yang suka beli buku nota. Yang besar yang kecil semua aku kebas especially yang comel gila. But I end up keeping all the notebooks empty without any writing. I hate my handwriting. Its ugly and thats the reason aku tak mahu tulis apa apa dalam buku nota yang aku beli. 
But since I joined a community called Planner Addict Malaysia, I fall in love in writing. Ugly handwriting never bothered me anymore. And my obsession against notebook has become worst. Thought this addiction won't jeopardize my purse, but it seriously drain out my bucks.
Now let me introduce to my Ms Beauty. :D The journal that I'm currently using. 
Ain't its a beauty? I love the color. Its vampire-ish. I had a very hard time to pick the color when I was about to buy this fauxdori. I bought it on Etsy and its all the way from Michigan. Web tu buka dalam pukul 8 malam waktu malaysia and 8 pagi waktu dorang. Kena click cepat cepat se…

Personality Type : INFJ-T

I read about this personality type in someone's blog. I don't remember which blog but I am so curious to know what personality type do I have. I tried to search on google and found the website. The test is to agree or disagree and it took less than 12 minutes but turned out to be 30 minutes for me :P And here is my result for the test. Almost accurate to myself hiks. 

Its The Advocate : INFJ-T. I am 74% introverted and 87% confused with my identity x'D 
Here's the more explanation -

The INFJ personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population, but they nonetheless leave their mark on the world. As Diplomats (NF), they have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is the accompanying Judging (J) trait – INFJs are not idle dreamers, but people capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.
"INFJs tend to see helping others as their pu…

Travelogue : Trip To Bandung Part 6 : The Last Day

Date: October 25th 2015

This is the very last part untuk post trip to Bandung. Untuk tarikh ni kami pergi ke tiga tempat. Jauh jugak perjalanan untuk hari tu. Dalam sejam macam tu untuk sampai ke destinasi. And our first destination is Taman Hutan Raya. Kat sini macam macam ada tau. More to forest and gua. Memang penat jugak lah sebab kena turun naik tangga. Hiks. 
Jauh jugak kena jalan kaki. Dahlah panas gila. Sabo jelah. Kami tak pergi semua tempat. Ada masuk certain gua je. Ingatkan nak pergi atas sikit dekat puncak bukit keraton aka keraton cliff tapi tempat tu kena tutup for a while. Rugi tak sempat ke sana sebab tengok dalam google view macam cantik je. Masa kat sini kami ditemani uncle iwan je. Aunty maria tak sanggup nak naik tangga time balik so dia tunggu luar aje hihihi. 
Next destination kami is floating market. Sebenarnya tak ada dalam iti pun nak kesana. Tapi uncle iwan dah bawak so kami ikut je. Tempat memang cantik tapi panas gila. Disebabkan panas gila dan silau, mata…

Travelogue : Trip To Bandung Part 5 : Gedung Sate & Garcia Spa

Date: October 24th 2015

Jom sambung cerita di Bandung. Tak pandai habis pulak kan hiks. Tapi untuk hari keempat ni kami cuma berjalan sekitar bandar je. Shopping lagi. Sebab on previous day tak sempat shopping sangat. My friends yang memang berabis shopping hahaks. Kami shopping area Cihampelas Walk je. Senang dan mudah sebab sepanjang jalan ada outlet. Tak singgah pasar baru sebab tak sempat. 
Dah puas shopping beli ole-ole apa semua, aunty maria actually dari hari sebelumnya dah mention pasal gedung sate. So petang tu kami berkesempatan pergi ke gedung sate. Yang kelakarnya aku ingat gedung sate ni tempat orang jual sate dan makan sate hahahaa. Rupanya fikiran aku meleset jauh sekali. Its actually a governor's office. Hiks.  Kat sini tak ambil gambar sangat sebab ramai orang. Tapi bangunan ni cantik sebab banyak lampu. Nampak tak sate atas bumbung tu? Disebabkan benda tu macam sate lah tempat ni dipanggil gedung sate. Kalau nak makan silakannnn tapi beware takut kena kejar orang…

Travelogue : Trip To Bandung Part 4 : Bukit Moko

Date: October 23rd, 2015

Ini adalah sambungan perjalanan hari kedua. After balik hotel, rehat kejap, then my friends and I went to Bukit Moko dengan Rio and Avin. Boleh refer previous post kalau nak tahu who were this two guys! Bukan strangers ok. Dalam pukul 10 malam aku dengan Mea tunggu kat lobi hotel. Tunggu punya tunggu, around pukul 11 macam tu mereka sampai to fetch us. For your information, Rio and Avin memang busy with kelas mereka but sudi jugak luangkan masa untuk guests mereka hahaks. Kebetulan pulak masa tu memang weekend so mereka proceed aje hiks.
Before tu aku memang ada letak Bukit Moko dalam itinerary aku. Thought that I cannot make my way there. But alhamdulillah tercapai jugak hajat nak jejakkan kaki kat sana! Bukit Moko ni area Cimenyan. Around one hour away from kota bandung. Jauhkan? Since kami pergi pada sebelah malam memang tak ada ojek pun. But nasib jugaklah ada personal ojek hahaha. Dengan assistant ojek sekali ada :P We went there by scooter sebab tak ada…

Travelogue : Trip To Bandung Part 3

Date: October 23rd, 2015 
Lets get into the next day journey! It was the second day in Bandung. Actually hari kedua ni setakat jalan dalam kota bandung aje. Shopping beli baju beli souvenirs beli kerepek macam macam la. Aku tak beli sangat sebab aku memang dah set in mind yang aku pergi bercuti kali ni untuk menikmati nature aje hahaks. But since kawan banyak kirim nak ole-ole and mereka dah bagi duit, so terpaksa la aku beli. Mana yang jumpa depan mata aku grab je. To be honest, aku sebenarnya tak suka bila orang kirim barang kalau kita pergi holiday tau. Its like benda tu KENA buat and dah macam satu kerja bagi aku. Lets say if we can't find benda mereka nak, terpaksa jugak gigih carikan kan? Huwaaa. Next time aku pergi senyap-senyap lah. Nak kirim boleh, tapi jangan la demand sangat huhuhu.
Day two ni jugak kami pergi ke Transtudio Bandung. Spent half day being a kids main indoor games! Dulu masa ke sana aku ada main Jack and The Bean Stalk punya game. Memang aduhhhhhh.. Rasa …

Travelogue : Trip To Bandung Part 2

Date: October 21st & 22nd 2015

In previous entry, I mentioned that I have problem with my passport. I thought the trip is going to go well but unfortunately, something went wrong. As soon as I arrived in Bandung, they asked me to go back to Kuala Lumpur the next day. Ya Allah masa tu gelabah gila terus menangis terus mati akal. Kawan aku ok, cuma aku yang bermasalah. But luckily, alhamdulillah, they let me go. Benda ni tak disengajakan pun! Terlepas pandang benda penting. Hmm. Traumatized terus ok. First trip dah huru hara macam ni. But still, itu tak mematahkan semangat aku untuk travel alone pun. I will definitely go again and make sure tak terlepas pandang benda penting :D  Pengajaran pang sebijik kat muka tu huhuhu. Nasib baik tak kena suruh tido kat airport! Take not for those yang nak traveling luar Malaysia, passport kurang dari 6 bulan memang tak valid lagi dah. 
Keluar je dari airport, the only one yang masih menunggu kat luar is aunty aku! Lama dia tunggu. Dia ingatkan …