The FoxyFix Journal

by - December 06, 2015

Do you love to write? Or a notebook hoarder? Before this aku memang seorang yang suka beli buku nota. Yang besar yang kecil semua aku kebas especially yang comel gila. But I end up keeping all the notebooks empty without any writing. I hate my handwriting. Its ugly and thats the reason aku tak mahu tulis apa apa dalam buku nota yang aku beli. 

But since I joined a community called Planner Addict Malaysia, I fall in love in writing. Ugly handwriting never bothered me anymore. And my obsession against notebook has become worst. Thought this addiction won't jeopardize my purse, but it seriously drain out my bucks.

Now let me introduce to my Ms Beauty. :D The journal that I'm currently using. 

the foxyfix leather journal
Ain't its a beauty? I love the color. Its vampire-ish. I had a very hard time to pick the color when I was about to buy this fauxdori. I bought it on Etsy and its all the way from Michigan. Web tu buka dalam pukul 8 malam waktu malaysia and 8 pagi waktu dorang. Kena click cepat cepat sebab before that pernah try nak beli but terus habis within 15 minutes macam tu. Dia ambik order sikit je masa tu. But now dah boleh beli terus agaknya. 

I bought this rasanya around RM273. Hiks. Its really pricey just for the leather. She doesn't give any insert okay. I bought the inserts from malaysian shop je. Compare to original Midori Traveler's Notebook, leather FoxyFix agak keras sikit. It doesn't lay flat macam original midori. But still its worth the price. :) 

the foxyfix leather journal

See the difference? The brown one is original midori. My FoxyFix is extra regular size. Besar sikit dari original midori. Boleh buat thick journal :D Aku suka tengok yang chubbydori hahaks. :P 

Here are few pages inside my beauty ruby foxy :D 

the foxyfix leather journal

the foxyfix leather journal

the foxyfix leather journal
Im not that creative. Just deco everything randomly je. Hiks. Since that day, I love journaling! I have so many journals now :P Memang unused. Erm patutkah aku buat giveaway untuk the stuffs? :D Ada yang minat journaling? :) Till here then! 


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  1. Kagumnyalah dengan orang yang komited dengan hobi macam ni.

  2. lawa nya. macam mana buat jadi lawa macam ni ???
    kalau nina buat mesti ke laut T___T
    malam kak echa, btw nina tukar link baru tau