Intrigued by Everything

intrigued by everything

I was born as someone who has so many question marks on top of my head. I keep wondering and questioning about everything around me. The why and how question never stop. There are pros and cons of being a passionately curious person. Talking about the pros, of course the only good thing is you can widen your knowledge and get to know about so many things by yourself. I would say it is something like force learning as you learn for the sake of satisfying your freaking curiosity. And sometimes the things that bothering you is sort of like "why do I have white spot on my teeth?" or maybe "do crab think fish can fly?" questions. Don't be surprised of random question that your inner self asking you. Certain times it is weird! 

Now lets talk about the cons. I don't know anyone else, but this is what I feel to be intrigued by everything and anything. Do you know that curiosity can lead to obsession in learning? I am so eager to learn about every single things that come across my mind. I wonder if it is possible for me to try every job in the world regardless how tough it is. The main point is just to satisfy my curiosity and to discover something new. I seriously can't stick with same job routine like what people do in their office. I want to be free. By being free I meant that I want to try anything that requires workmanship. I am aware that I might not be able to do certain things due to zero skills, but come on, how do we supposed to know if we never tried? I get bored easily doing the same thing again and again. I need to find something to feed my rebel soul!

Have you ever felt the same thing as mine?



  1. OMG, i thought i been weird. hahahhaa. sama la kita
    sometimes i questioned myself a weird question and googled it until i find suitable answers.


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