Postcard from West Virginia, USA

Yesterday I have received an adorable DIY postcard from my online friend. Its all the way from West Virginia, USA. Never thought that receiving a postcard could make me happy! :D I guess its an old-school style to write a letter that not so many are into now. But somehow I just love all this DIY and vintage thingy okay! 

postcard from west virginia

postcard from west virginia
It just so adorable postcard from a cute girl. She's younger than me. I don't remember how did we become friends. But I guess she randomly added me on facebook and we chat each other quite often. I seriously love making friends online! I will tell more about it in next entry :) 

I went to Pos Malaysia today to figure out how to send letter overseas. The procedure is so simple! Buy the setem for international posting, stick it to your letter, pay what need to be paid and put in the mailbox! :D Jom main exchange postcard :P 

Well till here then! 



  1. so cute! bestnya ada kawan dari overseas. nilah kebaikan laman sosial, boleh cari ramai kawan :D

  2. Baik hati. Siap sampai hantar instax picture


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