4 Mistakes I Did During My First Trip

kesalahan semasa travel

In the past three years, I have been traveling to certain countries with my family. As I am a grown up girl now, my father granted me a permission to travel alone and enjoy my life. Means to say here that my father doesn't want me to be in his trip anymore! He will be in Europe for two weeks in December. Sobs. Envy much! So, last October, I went to Bandung with my friend and it was my first time being out of Malaysia without parents! I managed all those things alone and I thought everything will be easy sledding. But sadly I made some mistakes during my travel which is quite a turn off for the trip. Everything that I write here is based on my own experience.

1. Overlooked The Expired Date of My Passport 

Since I traveled in October and the expiry date of my passport is in April, I really thought that it was still valid, seriously. As for Malaysian, our passport have to be valid at least for 6 months or more. If less than 6 months, then you are forbidden to go out of Malaysia. I do read the requirement in my passport. But as I said, I overlooked it! But fortunately, the luck was on me. The lesson I learned from my very first trip, we should never take thing easily when it comes to passport. Do count from the date! Example like if the expiry date of the passport is on 17th April, then you really need to count it from 17th April. Never ever count by month! I used to do that (ahems I clearly know that I was wrong) and that is why it was a mistake.

2. Over Packing 

I carried backpack instead of luggage. Its quite large and yes, the bigger the space, the more stuffs we would like to put in. Please, pretty please keep that thought away from your head or else you will regret it along your journey because it will be freaking heavy! I brought too much clothes just for one week and that was really a turn off because my back hurt due to useless things in my backpack. If I'm not mistaken, the weight was around 10-20kg! Luckily I am strong enough (nasib baik aku sado haha ok just kidding lol).You will get mood swing and get tired quickly for carrying too much loads. Well, another lesson to learn, only pack the things you need! You can always buy cheap clothes from your travel trip.

3. Not Bringing Spare Shoes!

Okay I am clearly know that I will be going to seek nature more when in Bandung. But since my backpack is full of useless stuffs, I totally forgot about the shoes! I only used a sandal for the whole trip and after few days, my feet was blistered. I went hiking with that slippery sandal too and it was a real torture for someone who has anxiety and panic attack cause your mind will be flooded by your imagination like you are worried that your butt might kiss the earth! Always remember to bring at least one pair of shoes just in case you are going away from the city.

4. Taking "Order" From Friends

Well, I know this seems to sounds cruel. But honestly, never ever agree when someone asked you to buy stuffs for them when you are going for traveling. Its better to keep it secret! My friends wanted me to buy clothes for them when I went to Bandung. I agreed. And guess what, my friend and I spent one whole day being around the shops and mall and factory outlet which is so not my favourite. I could see many views of Bandung in that one day okay but I have wasted it. It took so long because, well, you know, shopping and girls cannot be separated. The "choosing-picking-deciding" situation conquer all. Its totally different from buying a souvenir! As for souvenir, we can buy anything that we want and give to them without having to ask them this and that. It just sincerely a small gift from us. But taking an order will put you in a guilty state. Its like you have an important task to do and you must finish it quickly. Who wants to travel in such situation? So its really a mistake! Not being cruel, but to save up time cause there are still more to see around the place.

So these are the four mistakes I made during my first time travel without parents. If you are going for a solo trip or any trip, avoid doing all the mistake I have mentioned above. Trust me, its among the major turn off for traveling which might ruining your happy mood. Travel without parents will teach you how to be independent. It is quite a good pros as you manage to settle your own itinerary and others. You will eventually learn something from the mistakes! :)

Toddles! x


  1. How's the trip? Can't wait for your next entry :)

  2. wooo. This post title pop up on my blog which trigger me to come to your blog because it is in English. Oh my. Your English really amaze me. Such eye opening. wahh banyak lui dpt pergi sana sini. Keep on updating in English. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. wahhhh, nice one!
    i oso want to travel someday!
    and thanks for great advise!

  4. spare shoes is more important.. ahahahha

  5. overpacking selalu jadi masalah. kadang bawak baju banyak sangat, last2 tak pakai pun. pastu nanti bila balik nak kena bawak barang2 yg beli kt sana pula, dah terlebih kg

  6. I tend to overpack too. hehe.

  7. Thank you and noted. Im taking friends order for my next trip and idk how to handle that later because they ordered lots of things and i couldnt say no to them because they are my friend. How???? Haha


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