4 Must Try Foods in Sarawak

Have you ever been to Sarawak and try our local foods? Just like other districts in Malaysia, we also have something different which you probably never tried and might be there are certain things you have never seen in your place. Perhaps okay perhaps. These are something you should try when you are visiting Sarawak. Let's check it out yo :D 

1. Mee Kolok

mee kolok miri

Mee Kolok is indeed the most famous one! It looks very simple but remember not to judge a book by its cover. Trust me, once you try this, you will always crave for more. It can be served with meat or chicken or sunny side up egg :D I prefer to eat this with homemade chilli condiment which is specifically for Mee Kolok. And of course, you can request to have Mee Kolok Biasa (see above picture) or Mee Kolok Sup or Friend Mee Kolok. 

2. Laksa Sarawak

makanan sarawak laksa

Laksa Sarawak is so unique and different. Unlike other laksa that made of certain fish as its base, the main ingredient for laksa sarawak is made from a wide range of elements. The soup contains sambal belacan (shrimp paste) which leads to the crimson colour mix with coconut milk and sour tamarind. The topping will be shredded chicken, omelette strips, prawn and lime with sambal belacan. Sounds nice? Of course, it is and that is why it a must try food when you are in Sarawak!

3. Buah Dabai

makanan sarawak dabei

This is one of my favourites! It's a seasonal fruit. Trust me, once you fall in love with this, there's no turning back. No, this is not a blackberry :P  It is called as buah dabai and it is one of the exotic fruits in Sarawak. The skin is edible and the flesh tastes very unique. The yellowish it is, the creamiest it is :D We usually soak it in a hot water until it gets soft, drain it and sprinkle it with a pinch of salt. It also can be preserved by soaking them in soy sauce. Dabai fried rice is one of speciality in Sarawak too! I bet many people never tried this yet. You gotta try cause it is a MUST. Sekali cuba pasti nak lagi :P

4. Buah Engkalak 

makanan sarawak engkalak

Does it look cute? I am not really sure how to describe the taste. But it is super creamy. Creamy than buah dabai. The way you prepare this is same as buah dabai which you need to soak it in hot water, drain it and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. As for what I read, the specific name for this fruit is Litsea Garciae which is belong to avocado family too. If you love avocado, then you will surely love this! It's a seasonal fruit too so plan your trip wisely if you want to try out some exotic fruits in Sarawak.

There are still more in the list. But I can only write four of them as the time won't let me write any longer. I will surely add more on this later. So have you ever tried any of these? Do you like it or it cannot go well with you? :P Well, it has been said that to fall in love with something, you have to try it three times. The first try you will definitely spit out. But the second try will change your perception as you will realise that it is actually tastes good and not bad at all. And the third try, voila, you will find out that it is one of the yummiest edible things you can eat on earth! :D

Till here then.

Toddles! x


  1. selalu dengar pasal laksa sarawak tu. ramai kata sedap, tpi tak pernah makan lagi

  2. should try linut too. hehehe :D and pansuh n more hahahaa

  3. Sedapnyaaaaaaa ! Harap oneday nanti dapat pi Sarawak :D

  4. Laksa Sarawak and Buah Dabai are my favs! :D

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhh semua nampak sedap !!! tetiba terliuqqqq ><

  6. Waduh ini makanan yang berasal dari mana ya mbak, soalnya saya baru tahu sekarang nih mbak :D

  7. Pernah dengar yang the first two tu je. Yang buah buah tu tak pernah dengar.

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