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I have been a notebook lover ever since I was around 12 years old. I thought it is a low-cost hobby for me but I was completely wrong about it. As I grown up, I realised it's actually a catastrophe for my purse! I used to spend below RM15 to buy a notebook, but it's never the same now. The reason I said that because of this beauty Malden Filofax which has been a sweet torture for me!

malden filofax malaysia

Look at how gorgeous it is! It comes in Ochre colour. It is not my first planner but it is my first Filofax organiser and the most expensive notebook I ever bought. To know the price you can simply visit their website HERE. But I bought this preloved from someone in the PAM (Planner Addict Malaysia) group so its a bit cheaper. I am sort of a leather lover but no, I don't support leather production 100%! The first time when I received this organiser, I get so amazed by how superfine it is and the smell is somewhat nice and good! The material is from soft grain buffalo leather and I would say its really a good quality!

malden filofax malaysia
I have been using this organiser since June 2015. As you can see, there are 6 slots for a card or whatever you want to put it there and it is really accessible as the leather is extremely pliable. I am using the compartments to keep my portable washi tapes and cute sticky notes!

malden filofax malaysia

The ring diameter for this personal Malden is 23mm which you can make it a little bulky or depend on how you would like to have your organiser be. As obvious as it is, my Malden cannot lay flat and most users are experiencing the same thing which is quite bothering for me. It would be nice if it can lay flat! The usage of the planner is depending on yourself whether you want to make it more for business-like or for personal only.

malden filofax malaysia
Can you spot the blemish? I am not sure why do it becomes like that but I guess it just the nature of leather. It has been said that the more you use, the better it looks. But I don't really like this turnout. It somehow looks like a defect skin. But despite that little thing, I am still in love with Malden!

malden filofax malaysia

Do you have the same obsession? Well, I am actually waiting for my second Filofax. Probably arrive next week which I am so excited and can't wait to hug him! :P Hence I am planning to let go this beauty Malden to those who willing to have it! Price is negotiable of course. If you happen to know someone who would like to buy this, tell me! At least I don't feel guilty to myself cause I spend another $$ for Filofax. No, please don't think that I am rich. It's what we called as self-satisfaction! I spend my expenses mostly to stationery related. So it's not a big deal :D

I decide to sell it because I will be using my new planner soon. So it would be a waste to keep it on the shelf without being used. Only within Malaysia okay? :D

I hope you enjoy reading.

Toddles! x


  1. where I can buy this kind of organizer?

    1. blh survey preloved kat facebook group Planner Addict Malaysia Marketplace :)


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