Royal Pain in The Ass

royal pain in the ass

*Sorry for the superkewl title lol. 

Well I am not really sure what to write about but I decide to compose a blog post about this one huge dilemma in my life. It is really a real struggle for me I guess. Have you ever been in a situation where you need to decide what you want to do in your life? That decision is important as it will be part of you yet you have no idea what to pick for yourself. And the only reason behind that problem is you are into many things, I repeat, many things. As for someone who was born as a passionately curious person, trust me, it is hard to stick at only one thing cause the desire to learn more feels like there is a hungry rebellious demon in yourself asking to be feed. Is it just me or does everyone also dealing with their own demon?

I wonder how some people can stick doing the same routine everyday. Well maybe they have no choice or maybe because they have passion and love what they are doing. Honestly I feel like having a constant episode in your life aren't interesting at all and that is how the thing goes in my life now. (Please be alert this is an individual opinion. It is my opinion. It is what I feel.) Not that I'm not appreciate what I have now, but seriously, I want a little bit adventure in life and to learn more. I'm not saying that my life is perfect and smooth, but it feels lifeless to me. I never had a chance to do something I like or a chance to try something new. I am more like a bird locked in the cage. It doesn't matter what kind of stuff I'm going to learn cause I am open to anything. I know it sounds too much but I guess its not a crime to pursue knowledge in informal way, right?  

I know I can't simply changing job one after another for real. I used to work in A company but I decided to quit cause I am not happy with the job anymore. Thanks to this quotes "Nothing is worth it if you arent't happy." which encouraged me to resign. I am now currently working with my dad and slightly under internship with him to learn about business. Surprisingly its actually fun to work on our own! I get a chance to do many different things in one day from A to Z. At least its not bored at all and I can upgrade few skills of mine in something.  

Being in dilemma is actually a royal pain in the ass. Decision making is somewhat confusing. Picking something that doesn't go well with your heart will only give you pressure and cause a moodswing that make you unhappy with what you do. But hey, don't be afraid. We never knew if we never tried, right? Even though it sounds very complex, I am trying to be positive and take it easy. If you are dealing with the same thing as mine, don't burden yourself cause you can always make a new choice! Just trust yourself, follow your heart and instinct and choose what makes you happy!

Perhaps, ask yourself, what do you actually want to in your life?

Toddles! x 


  1. agree with the quote "Nothing is worth it if you arent't happy." , but ironically in reality we just do things that we arent happy...hahah

  2. Being in dilemma is indeed such a big pain in the ass. Macam sekarang, tengah tak tahu nak buat apa dengan hidup.


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