7 Favorite Apps In My Smartphone

I never thought it would be very hard to find a topic to write on the blog especially when you don't really have a niche for your site. So, after wandering around over the internet, I finally decided to make this post. Yes, I am going to list out my all time favourite apps that I'm using in my baby smartphone! Did you use your phone wisely or simply carry it everywhere just to stay connected with your friends? Well, for me, it's not only about that thing. But it is more than that!

smartphone apps


As someone who loves to write in English, this application is seriously important for me. Other than helping me to find the meaning of a word that I don't understand, it also has a thesaurus option where I can discover a new substitution for a common word. If you are a student, I would strongly recommend you to download this app cause it is so useful! I believe everyone need this in their life smartphone.


I am not an English native speaker. I need this to translate some Malay words to English for the sake of learning. Sometimes I am having a brain-lag where I can't recall few words in Malay and have to translate it from English to Malay. Dictionary helps me to satisfy my curiosity over words.


This is a super great application for language lovers and those who want to study random course! It offers a bunch of courses that you can pick based on what you want to learn. It's free and portable. Seize the knowledge, people! Trust me, it will help you learning the language in an easy way ever.


What I love about this app is it will allow you to download any pages on Google, no matter what it is and you will be able to read them offline. You can even save a pdf file!


Trust me, everything in Pinterest is very useful not only to me but to everyone. If you are seeking for some ideas or wanting to be inspired, get into Pinterest and explore the site nook and cranny and you will find the things you are looking for.

6. TED

Have you heard about Ted? It is an app where you can watch talks/speech from some of the world's most fascinating people. The talks vary from educational radicals, tech genius, music, travel and other interesting things. I get addicted to this app cause I love to watch them speaking and giving talks in front of many people. It really inspires me.


I'm pretty sure most people is using this app to have a great photo filter. So am I! If you know how to play with the filter scale, it will make your photo looks even more amazing!

Of course, another social media is my favourite too. But that are too common to be written in here. And I believe the applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Whatsapp and etc are mostly installed on your phone. I love learning and that is why I need more of educational apps on my phone cause it is portable! I believe the main purpose of a smartphone is to allow you to stay connected with people who is far away from you. But hey, you can also consider it as a portable knowledge book and use them wisely! :)

Toddles! x


  1. kalaulah phone storage saya besar, mmng nk donwload je thesaurus tu :') rasa x tahan dh pakai phone ni asik2 penuh hahaha
    tpi, vscocam saya ada hihi

  2. siqah suka Pocket! sangat senang semuanya save je. senang nak rujuk :)

  3. I don't have TED app but I love watching TED talks too :D

  4. I have Pocket , pinterest and vscocam ... Suka semua nya ... Hihi


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