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Have you ever wanted to write in English but not confident enough with your words? I admit that I am not good in English either but since I love the language so much, I keep trying my best regardless how many grammar errors they are in my writing. I know that some people tend to lose their ideas or have a limitation of ideas when writing in English. That happens to me a lot. We tried to find words to describe something but as we realise that our knowledge in that second language ain't wide enough, we lost interest in using different language. 

But hey, I want to introduce this one writing tool that can help you with your English writing. It's a true grammar nazi! Well, not that grammar nazi that keeps bashing your typo in social media :P


I have been using this over the past weeks and I would say this is seriously a cool writing tool. It helps me to fix my spelling, check my grammar error, doing the proofreading, detect any plagiarism and even helps me to fix the confused word that I tend to have. If you see there's a red line under your words, meaning to say that there's something wrong with that. Just click the words and Grammarly will help you to change a suitable word in your writing. Cool is it? At least you can learn from it! 

It is so easy to install the plug in. Go to Grammarly website and simply click "Add to Chrome" and you are done. Oh don't forget to sign up or register your account. The best thing is it is FREE! You can also add the extension to Microsoft Word, well you know, just to help you with your assignment, work or whatever it is :D If you doubt it, then feel free to read the reviews HERE!

Seize the knowledge, guys! I hope this post will help you in your English writing! ^.^

Toddles! x


  1. this is awesome!! thank for sharing :D <3

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to do this ASAP :)

  3. wahhh nice one!
    nang bagus la tk nak?
    boleh pake tk, maksehhh atas info :D

  4. I use Grammarly too. It really helps me a lot :D

  5. mcm best je.. yui pun bukan mahir english tp tetap cuba =)

  6. wow never knew this app exists... normally i'd check everything manually jew huhuuh


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