What's Inside My Bag?

I am always intrigued by what people have in their bag. Some people will only bring necessary kinds of stuff with them but some tend to bring everything that loads their bag so much. I am not sure in which category I fall into but people that know me told that my bag is kinda heavy as if I were bringing a tonne of stone lol. 

fossil mimi handbag

I am using an authentic Fossil Mimi Shopper Leather bag in brown colour. When my stepmother showed me this bag, I immediately fall in love with it and asked her to buy for me. But the heck, I thought it doesn't cost too much cause there's no way I am going to spend half of my salary for the handbag! But it's too late to cry for the mistake cause I had no choice but to accept this bag and paid for it. Ugh I should have seen the price first. She bought this online from @yurikahousemalaysia. Well, regardless of the price, it is somehow worth having cause the quality is super fine. But no, this would be the first and the last expensive bag I ever had. I am not willing to spend more on handbag unless if I am rich enough lol. As for details, this bag has two media pockets and one back wall zipper pocket inside, double shoulder handles and there is a fossil logo embossed logo tag on the exterior. 

whats inside my bag

This handbag has less compartment. I am trying to make it as organised as possible so it won't look messy. I used to just throw everything inside since it is very spacious but it turned out getting so bulky and small things such as keys or lipstick etc is unreachable.

what's inside my bag

Tadaa! Is it too much or too little? Well, don't get surprised first! I only bring all this stuff to work only. I have my iPad mini which the main purpose is to read the online books or to kill boredoms by playing games that I have downloaded in it, a novel to read when my smartphone battery is dead, pencil case with ton of pens, my Filofax planner to jot down everything and to make me stay organized, my purse, makeup bag, power bank and tissue paper. It's a big no to bringing all this thing when I am outing with friends or family. Gila kau berat nak bawak ke hulu hilir. I will use another bag and will only bring my purse, power bank, tissue and planner. Hiks. 

what's inside my bag
What is inside my pencil case? I am a big fan of stationery! And yes, I am a pen hoarder. I left school almost for 6 years already yet I still collecting this thing :D I need this to colour code my planner! I bought the pencil case at a shop called Belle Bookshop located in my town. It's super cute and I love it! But sadly, it gets dirty already. 

what's inside my bag
I am not a big fan of beauty stuff so this is the only makeup tools that I have. My compact powder is from Pixy but I don't really like to use that on my face. I usually darken my eyebrow using the eyeshadow from Naked (it's hidden under those mascaras), lipstick from IN2IT and eyeliner from Silky Girl. I am using only three of them but I bring everything lol. I used to hate mascara so much but end up having three of it! I bought two of those Silky Girl mascara and got the Maybeline mascara free using my dad's Watson voucher :D

what's inside my bag
As I mentioned early, the handbag has less compartment end I end up throwing everything in it. To solve the problem, I decided to buy the organiser to arrange my stuff nicely. I bought it from Popular which cost around RM30 if I'm not mistaken. Let's be organised, everyone! I know few people that tend to keep rubbish in their bag hahaha. Like receipt or used tissue etc. Well, I am a receipt keeper too but I keep it nicely instead of letting it crumpled at the corner of my bag! 

So what's in your bag, people? :) 

Toddles! x 


  1. wah.. u ni jenis yg organized people ke? tersusun je benda dalam beg.kalau i, berterabur abis, makeup, minyak panas, bam, hp, semua berterabur dalam beg i..ahaha.bila nak cari..kelam kabut1!


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