Fonemax X-Pro Nylon Cable Review

I just bought a new USB cable for my iPhone on June, 27th. Memandangkan aku taip entri ini pada 30 haribulan, maksudnya aku cuma guna benda tu dalam lebih kurang empat hari kot. Yes, it's only 4 days or should I say less?

broken iphone cable

As you can see from the photo above, that was the brand that I bought for my iPhone. And as you can clearly see the price, it costs me RM89. I repeat, RM89. But guess what, it's totally a waste. Sangat sangat. Masa cuba dekat kedai, everything was fine. But when I took it back, suddenly it's not working. Aku try adjust lah apa yang patut and it works. Pada masa yang sama jugak, aku dapat pop-up message cakap yang cable tak certified. I felt agitated! Kenapa tak certified pulak? Tapi aku sabar je sebab still boleh guna. Dalam hati aku cakap mungkin esok akan okay kot. But sadly, it's getting worst. I got angry to the max! Geram sebab I paid much for something that can't be used. I'm not saying all third party cable is bad, but some of them are totally rubbish. This cable kejap boleh guna, kejap tak. Marah ok marah. RM89 aku boleh makan kepsi banyak kali!!

broken usb wire

Every time when I plug the cable into my iPhone, the message keep popping up. Now tell me, will you feel happy to see this? Sumpah rasa nak nangis. Tapi aku terpaksa redha je lah. Warranty 6 bulan. Tapi disebabkan aku beli dekat KL and now I am already back to my hometown, Sarawak, I cannot claim anything. Aku redha dan pasrah je. Huks. Beli mahal tapi tak dapat guna. I expect with that price, I will get something way more better than cable yang harga less than RM30. But this one has proved me wrong. Tapi aku tak pernah lah beli yang murah gila sebab aku tak jamin yang murah tu selamat diguna. Safety first! And please take note that it's my opinion. The specifications of the cable boleh tengok dalam gambar okay.

Based on what I write here, I'm sure you know what to do. But I don't know if the cable would be certified on your phone or not. Make sure bila beli tu kena cuba beratus kali. Or else you will regret like me. Sobs. I just waste my money on useless stuff :(


Anyway, today I bought another new cable. It is recommended by my cousin who is working with Switch store and she herself use the same cable for months already. I will give it a try and will tell you if it's good or not!

new charger

Till here then. Toddles! x


  1. kenapa jadi camtu.. dahla beli mahal2 tapi takde kualiti. geram jugak dgn barang2 yg camni :(

    1. entahlah. ingatkan kalau third party cable semua ok je untuk iphone. but this one tak. sobs.

  2. Mahal tapi tak function, kesian you. I akan bengang jugak klu jadi camtu...hopefully yg baru beli tu boleh guna


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