10 Sad Korean Songs

I tried looking for some sad Korean songs but all that is listed by people out there seems to go wrong with my mood. So I decide to list my personal favourites for the melancholy Korean songs. Trust me, I am absolutely good at this and I'm gonna share it with you. The melody of the songs will definitely make you lost in thoughts! Enjoy!

1. Attraction - Tearliner Ft. Kim Go Eun (Cheese in The Trap OST) ♫ ♪

2. Such - Kang Hyun Min Ft. Jo HyunAh (Urban Zakapa) (Cheese in The Trap OST) ♫ ♪

3. Once Again - Mad Clown Ft. Kim Na Young (Descendant of The Sun OST) ♫ ♪

4. This Love - Davichi (Descendant of The Sun OST) ♫ ♪

5. Auditory Hallucination - Jang Jae In Ft. NaShow (Kill Me, Heal Me OST) ♫ ♪

6. All About You - 316

7. Becaue I'm Weary - Ernest (God of Study OST)

8. For You It's Separation, For Me It's Waiting - Kim Jae Joong
9. Fox Rain - Lee Sun Hee (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho OST)

10. Gomabseumnida - (Thank You OST) 


  1. I love the songs no 3,4 and 5 too~!!!! =)

  2. hampir semua OST kdrama :D
    kmk plg suka fox rain :)
    n OST rooftop prince HURT by ali :)

  3. oledi bookmarked this one.
    imma hear dis whenever i need those tears fall recklessly haha.
    thank u kak cha.
    selamat hari raya :D <3
    qila mintak ampun.....


  4. nice choice... i love broken heart ost from temptation of an angel

  5. my fav all the time too <3 except no. 6 to 10... kdrama ost ftw!

  6. Ada beberapa lagu yang saya tak pernah dengar. Lepas ni boleh cuba dengar/


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