Notebook Giveaway Winners!

notebook giveaway eecashyaa

Finally! My giveaway ended last night and I wanted to thank all the participants sebab sudi join. Ada 55 orang peserta semuanya (HERE). I wanted to apologise cause I didn't leave any comment on your giveaway entry and here you go, I really appreciate your participation! Now it's time to mention the two lucky winners!

**I am using GIF format so please wait for the photo to reveal the winners! **

notebook giveaway eecashyaa

Tahniah kepada pemenang! Sila PM saya di FB untuk claim hadiah okay? I need your name, address and phone number to mail the gifts! 
Bagi yang tak menang jangan mengamuk pulak tau hihi. Insyallah I will do another giveaway next time! Terima kasih untuk semua penyertaan. I will visit all the blogs! <3

Till then. Toddles! 


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