6 Helpful Things on My New Blogger Template

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I just changed my new blogger template today yeay! I would say it's a bit tough since I have to revert my current template to the original template and start again from scratch. It's all for the sake of this one add-on which is annoying to do yet useful to use for blogger template. I am a bit clueless when it comes to JavaScript and honestly, it's a real bummer! Struggling hard to tweak the codes, I finally managed to fix them all with the help of knowledge that I gathered from the fellow bloggers. Some of you might have these things on your blog, but for those who don't, it's your chance to optimise your blog to be a little bit SEO friendly!

1. Read More Link

I decided to use this function for the goodness it offers me. Rather than having one long post per page, wouldn't it be much better to have many of them per page? Don't worry about the weight of your web page cause this option will help your site to load faster. And as for my opinion, I am sure it will give a curiosity to readers and encourage them to click through your post easily. 
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Add Auto Read More To Blogger

2. Sitemap

I don't really know much about this. It's my first time putting this on my blog and I am quite amazed by the list that looks like a table of content to my blog. You can see it HERE. Based on what I read, it helps to tell Google and other search engines about the organisation of our blog content for easy crawlers and indexing experience. Dalam bahasa melayu pulak, dengan adanya file sitemap ini ia akan memudahkan Google untuk membaca dan meng-explore struktur blog kita untuk tujuan menyenaraikan link-link kita dalam indeks carian Google dengan lebih cepat.
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Add Sitemap To Blogger

3. Meta Tag Description

This is a snippet or a summary that we need to add on our site too! Search engine will show the summary in search results to let the visitor know a bit and pieces about the page before they click the link. Ada dua iaitu meta tag description untuk blog dan meta tag description for an individual post. I would say the description is the key to more traffic to our blog!
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Add Meta Description To Blogger

4. Disable Comment Box From Pages

I just hide the comment box from my pages which make it looks neater now. It's not necessary to leave the comment as long as reading about me is enough to let you know who is the webmaster behind the screen :P
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : Things To Remove From Your Blogger Template

5. Blog Archive SEO Friendly

I just found this great tips from blogger otai Hasrul Hassan. He said with too many URLs in our blog, Google will mistake our site as a spammer due to countless links. Mungkin dengan cara ni boleh meringankan blog jugak kot. Since it causes no harm to my site, I add the option to my site.
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : Ubahsuai Arkib Blog Untuk Mesra SEO

6. Pinterest Pin It Button

I'm pretty sure all of you know this super great site called Pinterest. It has countless inspiration post! They have whatever you needs if you know how to look for it. And I am using this option to help me promote my blog other than posting them to Facebook and Twitter.
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Make A Hovering Pinterest Button To Blog Image

That is all the 6 helpful things that I add to my new blogger template. If you haven't optimised your blog to be SEO friendly, do it now! It causes no harm to your blog and it's among the tips on how to make your site superb :P Do you have any other tips to make the site great? Share it in the comment box below! :)



  1. penukaran tittle tag dari h3 kepada h1 pun perlu juga yer..

    title tag ( tajuk post entry )

    1. smlm nak buat tu. tp takut terkonfius pulak kalau part nak edit blog balik x'D

  2. Wooow .. saya masih blur blur lavi bab SEO .. hehe .. all the best eeca

    1. sama la. hahaha. taktau byk pun. seciput je tau huhu

  3. Replies
    1. blog yang ini. ^^ new template. template sblm ni mcm ni http://www.eecashyaa.com/2016/06/wajah-baru-blog-saya.html

  4. Thanks for sharing. InsyaAllah kalau ada masa nak edit balik according to your tips :)

  5. wahhh thank you for sharing eeca! sangat sangat berguna tips ni :D

  6. nak tweak code tu yg malas tu..

  7. wahhhh nice tips!. :D
    thanks for the tips. blog tk nang sentiasa kacak :3

  8. wahhh.. tahniah.. kak mia ni tak dan nak tukar template baru... masih guna yang lama..

    ppsttt.. jemput join giveaway mia ya... http://www.mialiana.com/2016/09/giveaway-3d-gold-stemcell-serum-my.html

  9. Cantiknya template ni. Good job, happy blogging.

  10. This new look is all coded by your own? I need to say, this is PERFECT!
    I've always been wanting to code my own template like this one but my knowledge in computer language is still under 0.01%. Anyway, it's good to know you love sharing these tips with others, they're really helpful!

  11. this is so cool...mmg nk wat blog yang lebih mesra SEO and site map tu menarik...tapi takda masa langsung nk update entry apatah lagi update template,,,

    after all, nice sharing...maybe ada masa nnt bleh refer sini balik


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