4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Notebook/Planner

I am always crazy over notebooks. The obsession started ever since I was in primary school. I really love to have a bunch of them in my collection. As long as it is cute, nothing else matter. But now that I really keeping a journal and use them daily, I realised that there are few factors that need to be considered before picking a notebook or planner or diary or whatever you want to call it. If you are trying to find a perfect planner for yourself, then this post is for you and I hope it's gonna help you in finding a planner peace!

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1. Sizes Of The Planners! 

This is a real deal. I don't think you will fancy the idea of taking your large planner to everywhere. As for me, tiny or small size notebook ain't gonna satisfy me. I need a bigger space to write okay! And among all the sizes, I think medium is the very best that it won't be too heavy to carry it anywhere. And there's enough space to write comfortably too! Take a look at the photo below for the size comparison of certain notebooks. Take note that different brands have different size charts! 

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2. Coil, Ring Binder, Bound Notebook Style

Notebooks or planners come in different style. I used to really hate bound notebook where I can't tear down the paper or else I will ruin the book entirely. Since the paper is glued altogether, it won't be easy to deal when you hate your own handwriting or maybe when you write something stupid that can't be erased and tearing the paper is the only choice you have but sadly you can't lol. I am currently using bound style journal and I don't care about my handwriting or the mistakes I will make. I'm just enjoying my lovely planner! And bullet journal system is the best way to use in bound style notebook and you can check my post HERE to learn how to start bullet journaling. Below photos are my bullet journal notebook and Midori Travelers Notebook and how I use them.

bullet journal layout
Dreams Journal by Paperdorable

journaling stuff
Midori Traveler's Notebook in regular size

While ring binder gives you more freedom. You can take out pages you don't like, add more papers and just do whatever you want to do in your planner. You can also put pretty dividers aka sections so you won't have a mess planner! I have my ring binder in A6 size (medium). I super love it but I have to accept the fact that the writing space is kinda crowded. But still, I'm loving it! Below photos are my Filofax in personal size and the way I use it. You can have any type of paper such as grid, dotted, line or plain paper all in one place and of course, thats the ultimate pros of using ring binder style notebook.

buying a planner
The dividers/sections in my Filofax planner

planner stuff

Coil or spiral-bound style notebook ultimate pros is that it lays flat on table surface and the comfortability when writing is beyond everything. But sadly you can't add any more pages just like the bound notebook. Sorry to say but that is sucks actually. 

3. Type Of Papers

Other than different sizes, some brand of the planner/notebook have different type of papers. There are four types which is grid, dotted, line and plain. My only favourite is always and always the grid one since it will be easy for me to write nicely on it. I can't write on plain paper. I need the guide aka the line ugh. If I wanted to buy a notebook but they only have the choice of line or dotted, I would choose dotted. If the only choice are plain and line, I would choose line. If they only have plain paper, then I won't buy it lol. If you want to have a pretty handwriting and wanted your journal to look neat, grid paper always the best choice! :P

4. The Purpose Of The Notebook

Well, of course this need to be included before picking a notebook. Once you know the reason why you need them, it will help you to decide the size of your notebook and how much space do you require for things you will write. If you want to combine a diary and daily task such as to do list, meals trackers etc, then you will probably need a medium or large size. If the purpose is only for to-do list, small or tiny notebook would be enough. Note taking or brainstorming would be perfect in medium size. And any styles of notebook is fine as long as you know how to manage them! 

Now that you have think about all these factors, I'm pretty sure you have decide something in your head. As for mine, the size of the notebook is really a big matter to me followed by the type of the papers.What about you? What is your preference in buying a notebook or journal or planner? Anyway, I hope this guide will help you to find your planner peace!! Toddles! x


  1. Sies lawa dik :) berkenan mek. Klau la diari mek cntik cm ni, msti boss mek suka tgk diari mek kan :)

  2. For now i only afford to buy a hardcover exercise book, hahaha, but i will definitely love to decorate it until it look cute and pleasant to my eyes.

  3. wowww your filofax planner so neat and pretty T^T
    suka na kmk nangga tulisan ktk.
    selalunya kmk beli notebooks nang sikda fikir dolok. dudi baruk nak fikir apa k polah ngan notebook. XD

  4. wow, I'm thinking of buying one, thankyou for this post!

  5. Dulu-dulu je suka beli notebook ..sekarang tak dah

  6. saya pun suka notebook comel2! beli banyak pastu tak guna pun, sekadar buat collection je lol! btw lawanya planner akakkkk <3 <3

  7. Dulu selalu jugak beli notebook. Tapi selepas disimpan tanpa guna, terus tak beli dah. Hee. But I do love notebook. Sebab notebook biasanya comel! Hehe

  8. OMG setuju sangat. Last year I remember research habis habisan hah nak dpt the perfect one that I like hahaha

  9. I amazed with people who make a planner like this. I tried but, I realised I tend to write everything (eg: every plan, to do list, to buy list) directly into my phone calendar or Samsung notes. T__T



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