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My Skincare Haul And The Skincare Routine

So yeah. I did spend a lot this month, especially on the skincare products! Different goals for 2017, perhaps? To be honest, I used to care less about my skin condition. Whether it is dull or not, got eye bag or not and whatever it is lah. The only things I worry are the pimples and the acne scars. I don't even know if my skin is the oily type or normal or the combination type lol. Oily maybe! Wondering how did I decide to make a change? Well yeah, there are so many pretty girls nowadays with flawless skin and that's when I realized I am just a freaking potato compare to them lol. And also that was when the oh-i-need-to-do-something-with-my-skin moment hits me. I don't intend to pretty myself with makeup but instead, I want a healthy and brighter skin. 
I was Google-ing about what is the correct step to use the skincare products. And then I stumbled upon the 10-Steps of Korean Skincare Routine. I was actually surprised knowing that there are so many things to do with the …


So it has been a long time I didn't update my blog. I don't even visit the website for the past few weeks. Yeah I'm on a super long hiatus. Mood blogging tersangatlah kelaut. Sebelum tahun baru bukan main lagi berazam nak update blog setiap hari. Hahah. Hampeh. So, this is just a short update, perhaps, to let you know that I'm back! 
So if you read my previous post, it's obvious yang saya join Traveloka contest. Saja nak cuba nasib kot kot boleh melancong free. Yes I did put my expectation high to win the grand prize but sadly rezeki tak sampai situ. Instead, I won the weekly prize! Pun kira okaylah dapat habuan. Tak sia-sia taip karangan berjela-jela demi nak memikat hati Traveloka. :P 

So, adanya hadiah dari Traveloka, I still haven't decide where to go this year. Teringin betul nak ke Korea but mungkin tahun ni tak dapat lagi nak jejak kaki ke sana. Or maybe yes or maybe no. Tengok keadaan kewangan lah hahah. I have been very boros bulan ni. I bought some s…