15 Stationery and Notebook Online Stores For Malaysian

by - April 24, 2017

Being a notebook and stationery lover is fun. You get to own a collection of cute notebooks, pens, stickers, clear stamps, washi tapes, adorable notepads and so on. I used to buy so many notebooks when I was in primary and secondary school. Some of the books were used to write my friends' biodata and most just sit perfectly in the drawer. As I grow up, I was wrong thinking that being fond of stationery and notebook is such a healthy obsession. Trust me, it's one of obsession that gonna ripped your purse to its final thread. Simply because you can't resist cute stuff!

malaysian-based stationery online shops

Are you a stationery hoarder? Or perhaps, a notebook lover? If yes then you would want to embrace yourself before going through the list because every single shop that I will share here will drive you insane. It will give you the feeling to grab one of the notebooks, tons of stickers and washi tapes and start your own journal or planner!

Malaysian-based online stationery & notebook shops. 

1. https://www.stickerrificstore.com/
2. https://www.tabiyoshop.com/
3. https://www.mossery.co/
4. http://www.pipitzakkastore.com/
5.  http://www.paperdorable.com/
6. http://www.scrap-n-crop.com/
7. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlanItbyMPP
8. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PapergeekCo

International online planner shops.

Wanted something handmade? Check this out!

13. https://www.instagram.com/wonderdorifabric/

14. https://www.instagram.com/mieyrayusoff_gallery/

15. https://www.instagram.com/bukkuholic/

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You have to go through the website one by one until you found your planner-journal peace. If you do buy one, you have to include stickers and washi tapes as well to decorate your planner and journal. Don't forget to read 4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Notebook/Planner! I hope I provide you with enough resources to start your planner/journal. Happy hunting, friends! x

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  1. syurga beli bela pada stationery lover. selamat kak ana tak obses kalau tak kempis duit dlm bank sebab asyik beli je. tapi kadang2 kalau terjumpa yang comel2 tu terbeli juga. hehe

    1. huhuhu mmg asyik rasa nak beli je sbb byk benda comel2 yang tak boleh nak resist!

    2. Ana.. Seriusly duit asyik kempis jer duk membeli stationary and accesories for planner

  2. Ya Allah , serius mai tengah cari sekarang ni. Terima kasih, sangat membantu!

    1. kalau ada terrrrbeli sila-silalah up entri okay :D x

  3. wahhh kalau elsa gila dengan semua tu elsa dah lama geledah semua website tu hakhakhak

  4. Wow!! This is a good info for me as i am the one who is stationary addict and planner addict. Good to know u are also a planner addict as well. We can shard the same interest. I'm in love with planner since i did my undergrad study. Currently i used hobonichi techno cousin, i have wrote about it inside my blog..

  5. Suuuka sangat benda macamni walaupun diri sendiri tak reti nak menghias. Bahaya betul sebab kadang2 semangat beli, lepastu krik2 terbengkalai. Huhu

  6. I was looking for this so Thanks a million.

  7. Sangat membantu for those yang memang suka mencatat setiap perkara. Syed tak reti sangat guna notebook. Belambak kat rumah ni dapat free haha.

  8. yeay!!! tq for sharing this Eeca. Nanti if nak cari pasal stationery bleh terjah link2 yang Eeca share nie <3

  9. thankyou so muchhhhhh!
    saya suka bdgn stationery yg comel camni TT

  10. waahhh .. thanks for the link.. I'm also stationary & notebook lovers

  11. seriusss tak penah terpikir ada shoping online utk stationery ni. nt tngok. sebab sukaaa sgt beli stationery untuk keje punyaa :)

  12. Thanks for the super helpful list! My wallet scream haha

    Atheera / http://atheeradayana.com