Monthly Recap : March 2017

by - April 01, 2017

monthly recap eeca shyaa

So this is my first time doing the monthly recap post and I am starting it with March. I found out that it's pretty enjoyable to read what someone has written about things they have done in their life during that particular month. It could be anything; your achievement, your good day, bad day, shopping haul, expenses etc as long as it happened in that one month. It's something like a summary so you will be able to do the yearly recap! Yes, a yearly recap to see what you have been doing for the whole year. Ain't that sound interesting to you? Because it does sound exciting to me.

Now let's get through to my March 2017 recap!

March Book Challenge

I managed to read two books this month hooray! I know it's nothing compare to blogger Fatina's read list but somehow thanks to her every blog post about books that encouraged me to start reading! The two books that made me accomplish my #MarchBookChallenge are The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson (read the book review here) and Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard. It takes me two weeks to finish reading the first book while four days for Wanderlove. I love Wanderlove very much that I can't help myself to read the next page till I reach the ending! I still haven't made the book review but the post gonna up soon. Stay tune!


I'm not sure if I spent much this month. But I bought two pairs of black jeans, two black shirts for work, two books, a Logitech speaker, a foundation which I barely use, a silicon sponge, four instant tudung bawal, a Nivea Creme (bought it not long after I read Erin Azmir's post HERE), bought some stuffs for my little brothers, eating outside few times, one tablet painkiller and a freshcare minyak angin which is now cost from RM4 or RM5 to RM8 ughh. It's hella expensive. But it's really useful when a migraine is visiting. Hurm, I guess I spent almost RM200 or more this month. Pheww. I really need to stop buying things!


I get stuck with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! I didn't watch any of the trailers but out of blue searching for the first episode and immediately fall in love with the drama. I told you, Korean dramas never fails to win your heart! Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo are so cute! I also jump into anime world for a while to watch Masamune-kun No Revenge but still stuck at 5th episodes. Don't be surprised cause I don't really spend much time for entertainment like I used to. I don't even watch telly you know. True story.


I was asking for a vacancy at my previous workplace and they did give me a job but I have to decline it due to some personal issues. It's frustrating. Searching for a job ain't that easy nowadays and that was a gold opportunity for me for some reason actually. But yeah, tak ada rezeki nak buat macam mana. I will continue working with my parents for a while and will try my best to get a new job after puasa. That's the plan. Anyone want to hire me?

* * * * * * * * * * 

March recap's done. There's nothing much but I'm happy that I could at least has my own monthly recap post. I don't really have an exciting life as you can see that there's no anything about events or activities that I have done. I wish I could attend any event and do more outdoor activities so I will have things to write in my blog! Anyway, how's your lovely March? Drop me the link if you got something for me to read! x

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  1. Yay! Echa ada monthly recap post! 😄
    Wow! Echa, that's good! You start from small number to big. Slowly but surely you will able to read more. Keep it up, Echa! 💪🏻

  2. Bab makanan fae byk habiss duit olehnya huhuhu

  3. lol samala saya pun banyak habis duit masa bulan lepas
    Allahu belum lagi beli barang raya

  4. interesting monly recap post..keep it up !

  5. Mai pun baru first time buat wrap up macam ni. HIhihi kena lebih produktif ni, kalau tidak tak tau nak tulis apa, hambar sangat hidup ni.hahaha

  6. I hope that you'll find a decent work anytime soon :)

  7. I love to read monthly recap post! And glad you decided to start do it in March =)

    Siqah letak Wanderlove dalam to-read list dulu ye. Menarik nampaknya tu :D

    Siqah pun suka tengok Strong Woman Do Bong Soon jugak!! COMELLLLLLLLLLLL!!! <3

  8. I've heard a lot of good reviews for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, ahh I really want to watch it. Like you, I only spent a little time for entertainment these days. Good luck for April! :)

  9. Ramai org tgk and review that drama best . Nadia tgk episode 1 then tak tgk dah . Don't know why. =)