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My Journal Collection

I am always that someone who is fond of notebooks. Always. Dari dulu sampai sekarang dan mungkin sampai bila-bila. I will pass this obsession to my future children, of course. Haha. Aku minat kumpul buku nota sejak dari zaman sekolah rendah. Dulu kan femes main mintak biodata kawan so buku nota ni boleh dikatakan benda wajib ada lah. Kalau ikutkan memang banyak buku nota yang aku ada. Tapi ni cuma separuh saja yang aku nak share.

8 Facts About Migraine Everyone Should Know

8 Facts About Migraine Everyone Should Know1. A migraine is not just a "bad headache". 
A migraine is a neurological disorder, and research increasingly shows that it is genetic.

2. Head pain is not the only migraine symptom.
Impaired vision, nausea and heightened sensitivity to light and sound are the most well-known migraine symptoms. But migraine symptoms can be felt in any part of the body.

3. Migraine attacks are disabling.
Moving exacerbates the pain so much that even getting up to go to the bathroom or to get medication from another room can be nearly impossible.

4. Painkillers are not a panacea.
For some, painkillers reduce migraine pain somewhat but do not eliminate a migraine entirely.

5. A migraine has four distinct phases.
The part most people are familiar with is the third stage, which is the most painful. The fourth stage - or migraine hangover - can feel as horrible as influenza, including a headache, heavy fatigue and impaired thinking.

6. A migraine can impair t…

Resepi Udang Masak Kunyit

Resepi Udang Masak Kunyit
Bahan-Bahan (agak-agak sendiri nak letak berapa banyak):
• udang
• 2 batang serai // diketuk
• bawang besar // dihiris
• bawang blend (bawang besar + bawang putih + bawang merah)
• serbuk kunyit
• cili padi // dihiris

Cara Penyediaan:
1. Panaskan minyak dan masukkan serai dan bawang blend. Tumis sampai naik bau.
2. Masukkan udang dan gaul.
3. Masukkan serbuk kunyit sesuai dengan citarasa. Garam dan ajinomoto sekaligus.
4. Tambah air jika ingin berkuah.
5. Bila udang dah hampir masak, terjunkan bawang besar dan cili padi. Kacau sampai masak. Siap!

Mudah kan nak buat udang masak kunyit ni? :)

* * * * *

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Pullman Miri Waterfront | Pre-Ramadhan Dinner With The Orphans

Last Thursday, Sarawak Bloggers representative has been invited to attend a Ramadhan Client Appreciation Night by Pullman Miri Waterfront with a guest of honour which is a total of 90 children and carers from Kompleks Kebajikan Hamidah Yakup. Other guests that came on this special occasion were a Miri Mayor, Adam Yii and his wife, members of the local media and also guests from various agencies and business.

10 Baking Hacks You Will Love

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Menang #MYTravelAdventure Contest By Traveloka

Ahad lepas plan nak update entri blog. Tapi terjebak pulak tengok drama My Secret Romance. Lastnya sempat blogwalking saja tapi tak ingat berapa ketul blog yang aku dah singgah.

Alhamdulillah tak sangka pulak akan menang contest Traveloka untuk kali kedua. Contest kali ni aku siapkan betul-betul dalam masa beberapa jam lagi nak due date. Nasib baik sempat. Untuk hadiah kali ini, sebagai top 3 winners, aku dapat kupon bernilai RM1000 yang boleh digunakan untuk bayar hotel atau beli tiket kapal terbang.

3 Things I Bought From Ezbuy

Hello, fellow friends! I feel flabbergasted today as the parcel I've been waiting for almost one month is finally arrived. I thought I have to wait for another few days since I cannot track the shipping process for the parcel. But yeah, the surprise come today!

#MYTravelAdventure - Leaving Footprints Around Places In Malaysia

Hello, fellow friends! Let me introduce you my dearest self as a self-proclaimed traveller and wanderer. I am Malaysian but to be honest, I never travelled much around my own country yet. But based on what I read and saw on the internet, I'm sure that Malaysia has so many amazing places to go. Sadly it just me that doesn't have a chance to travel yet.

Little Lovartsie Freebies Part 2 - Crystal Stroke

I made new freebies yeay. Other than using this on the website, you can also use the freebies to decorate your card projects, scrapbook projects etc. All freebies are the work of Eeca Shyaa and it's originally mine unless stated otherwise.

Miri Bike Week 2017

Hello fellow bloggers! 6th Miri Bike Week event for 2017 has been held for three days in my hometown last week. It was from 5th May to 7th May located at Permy Mall Miri. I managed to go there and I'm proud to say it was my first time ever attending the bike week event! Well, thank my friend who is a member from one of the rider group that willing to drag me there. If it's not because of him, I think I will never have this chance though.

The Blue Sky Tag

Hello lovely! I've been so busy lately that I don't get a chance to date my blog! It's been few days since my last post and that I decided to do the Blue Sky Tag post. I've been nominated by three persons (I'm sorry if I missed out the person who tagged me in their post) which mean there are 33 questions I have to answer. So, are you ready? Here we go!