Little Lovartsie Freebies Part 2 - Crystal Stroke

eecashyaa freebies

I made new freebies yeay. Other than using this on the website, you can also use the freebies to decorate your card projects, scrapbook projects etc. All freebies are the work of Eeca Shyaa and it's originally mine unless stated otherwise.

Terms to use the freebies:
1. Free for personal use. Please link back to this post and attribute credit to Eeca Shyaa.
2. Please do not distribute these files. Instead, just link back to this post. You're good?

little lovartsie freebies


  1. Bestnyaaaaaaaa...Mai download tau <3

  2. Woowew eecaa, pandaiiinye buatt, nanti nak download laa buat koleksi. Thankyouuu Eeca,nnti buat lagii. 💜😊

  3. Wah, nak download juga. TQ taw.. <3

  4. Eeca. Cantik <3 Nanti Siqah download lagi. Hii. Buat lagi bebanyak eh. TQ Eeca for sharing :)


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