Miri Bike Week 2017

miri bike week 2017

Hello fellow bloggers! 6th Miri Bike Week event for 2017 has been held for three days in my hometown last week. It was from 5th May to 7th May located at Permy Mall Miri. I managed to go there and I'm proud to say it was my first time ever attending the bike week event! Well, thank my friend who is a member from one of the rider group that willing to drag me there. If it's not because of him, I think I will never have this chance though.

What's interesting about Miri Bike Week?

This bike week event is a yearly event yeay! Everyone will get a chance to come and enjoy the motorcycles view -- and yes, drooling over the sexiness of all those bikes too! The bikers and the riders are not merely from Sarawak but they are coming from Brunei, Sabah and Kalimantan as well! Sangat happening dan meriah okay!

I did go to the place but sadly I didn't snap any photos. But no worries, I will share some photos from the Facebook here! Credit to By Omara for the superb photos!

bike week miri

6th miri bike week

bike week malaysia

bike week sabah

bike week sarawak

miri bike week

2017 miri bike week

miri sarawak bike week

bike week miri

malaysia bike week

malaysia sarawak bike week

Cool from head to toe!

I'm not a fan of this thingy to be honest but this event changed my point of view. Not only the bikes, even the bikers also looks cool from head to toe! I love the biker dress code very much! I love to see them wearing the leather jacket, the biker vest, the club shirts with tribal-looks design, their boots etc. Nampak brutal dan ganas yet santai tapi sebenarnya dalam hati ada taman. 😝

biker dress code

biker attire

biker miri clothing

miri biker style

Other than the bikes!

During the event, they also open booths for bike gears; leather jacket, glove, patches, miri bike week t-shirt, club t-shirt, buff wear, stickers, helmets etc can be purchased there.

miri bike week goodies

miri bike week 2017

tshirt miri bike week

tshirt sarawak bike week

That Miri Bike Week t-shirt looks nice. Menyesal tak beli! 😭😭😭

Aside from the bike shows and the competition, the event also includes battle of the band, beauty and the bike contest and also Mr Fitness contest. Don't worry cause foods and beverages also can be found there!

Bikers and riders in the house! 

Nope. Not in my house but they were having their breakfast and lunch at our shop!

biker rb kafe

rb kafe and katering

rb kafe miri biker

Bukan di sponsor but we are glad they chose to have their meals at out shop and make us busy like hell. :P

Looking forward to Miri Bike Week 2018!

Since it's a yearly event, I can't wait for the next Miri Bike Week! I will surely come for the second visit tehee! x


  1. wahhh meriahh! SUka tengok orang gather2 macam ni... menguatkan ikatan persahatan

  2. Tq bro...x sabar mok jumpa g...next year

  3. Siqah suka tengok motor besar camni. Kalau weekend, lalu highway, kadang2 jumpa group motor besar camni, excited tengok sorang2 potong kereta. Hihi. Laju dan bestnyaaa!


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