#MYTravelAdventure - Leaving Footprints Around Places In Malaysia


Hello, fellow friends! Let me introduce you my dearest self as a self-proclaimed traveller and wanderer. I am Malaysian but to be honest, I never travelled much around my own country yet. But based on what I read and saw on the internet, I'm sure that Malaysia has so many amazing places to go. Sadly it just me that doesn't have a chance to travel yet.

#MyTravelAdventure - Malaysia Truly Asia

I have been to certain places with my family and with my friends alone and it was pretty much exciting to wander around in local cities and towns. Since Malaysia is known as multicultural country, the best part is getting to know the sub-cultures of different races and ethnics, tasting different foods and even celebrate different festivals and celebrations. Malaysia also has its own heritage which you cannot found in anywhere else. It's something we called the charm of the country.

So, now, with all that I have, I present you my #MyTravelAdventure story around the places in Malaysia that I have visited!

Little Journey to Cameron Highland

I've been here in 2015 with one of my friends. Transportation was booked but sadly we missed the last bus heading to Cameron Highland. We could have been there on the same day we just landed in Kuala Lumpur but unfortunately, our flight was delayed and I lost my friend while we were waiting for our luggage. Big airport with thousand of humans inside - you will get a chance to play hide and seek in there! I didn't call her simply because I can't. She lost her sim card in Bandung so the only option was to find her among those people. It's late and we were rushing but there you goooo, a trouble ahead us.  😂

traveloka local contest

We spent one day and a half of day at Cameron Highland. My friend and I arrived in the afternoon and decided to explore the town by evening. But sadly there's no activity we could do since we were late. So we decided to take a long walk around the town, aimless and no direction but voila, we reached the Robinson Falls!

cameron highland souvenir

By the night we just wandered around the town and approached by a man who crafted kinds of stuff from leather. We had few conversation and he was very friendly that he gave us a handmade souvenir knowing that we were from East Malaysia! <3

The next day we followed a tour package visiting certain places around Cameron Highland.

boh tea plantation cameron highland

traveloka contest

We had a chance to visit the BOH Tea Centre Sungei Palas, climbing the watchtower nearby Puncak Gunung Brinchang and walking through the Mossy Forest. It's very soothing around there! I'd overcome my fear of height while climbing the tower just for the sake of this magnificent view! It's a call for a nature lover!

Visiting The Historical City of Melaka

I've been in Melaka in 2013. It was a one day trip but I was able to visit few places. Melaka is also known as The Historic State for its specific multicultural heritage that is still  can be seen until now.

melaka traveloka

historic melaka travel

malaysia melaka

little adventure melaka

I would say Melaka is quite an interesting city for its historical building everywhere. Visiting Melaka is like learning history subject where everything written in the book is coming alive. As for foods, we couldn't really do food hunting while we were here. But gotten a chance to leave my footprints in Melaka was more than enough for me.

Kundasang - New Zealand of Malaysia

I was studying in Kota Kinabalu back then and it was my first chance to visit the Kundasang which is also famously known as New Zealand Malaysia. It was very cold and windy when we were there due to rain. Lucky that it really feels like being in New Zealand when the temperature drops with all that fog and mist, the breeze and beautiful greenie surrounding!

kundasang sabah

new zealand malaysia
sabah malaysia

bunga kundasang

travel to kundasang sabah

One of the best things in Kundasang is you can buy so many veggies with a super duper cheap price! I still remember buying three types of veggies and it only cost me RM10. So cheapoooo! Yeah, I'm a forever cheapskate. Oh, look at that sheep sticking tongue out to you! Even the animals there know how to pose in front of the camera. 😆

Food Hunting in Kuching! 

Yes, I am a Sarawakian and it was my first time visiting Kuching last two months ago. It was an unexpected trip but I managed to book cheap ticket and hotel there. My friends told me there are so many kind and delicious foods in Kuching and I don't want to miss the chance of tasting them. Fat doesn't care as long as tummy is happyyy!

best places to eat in kuching

In above photo are Mom's Laksa, Rojak Muhammad Kucei, Raja Ayam Bakar and always famous Gulapong Ice-cream! I super love that lamb rojak! I did food hunting while in Kuching but surprisingly my weight only increases 0.5g when I headed back to Miri. Kuching, as described by my friends, it's a place where you can find foods everywhere and anytime! 😂

kuching heritage

Other than the amazing foods, Kuching also has some heritage and nice places to go. In the photo above is Fort Margherita, Damai Beach and uniquely design Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak. I love taking photos more to building and landscape view but sadly I didn't get a chance to visit many places due to a short trip.

gunung santubong sarawak

damai beach resort kuching

It's Gunung Santubong and Damai Beach! What else can be more exciting than enjoying the view and the sunset? People come here to relax and just spending leisure time with family and friends.

Other than everything I have mentioned above, one of the best things I love about Malaysia is the folklores. I love to listen to some of the stories! Whether it is a fact or legend or mythology, it's always fun to hear them, especially from the elders. Some of the stories are not even written in the books! Interesting, no? 😀

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  13. So many beautiful places to go... Hopefully I can travel to all the places... Not at this time.. Actually... :(

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  20. congratulation for your win !
    You deserve it :)
    I just got first 20 entrants in this contest :) Congrats again ya !

  21. Kebetulan...Melaka, Sabah, Sarawak dan Cameron Highland aku dah pernah pergi, memang antara hot spot yang signifikan bila cakap pasal pelancongan / travel di Malaysia. Kalau aku join contest ni, kemungkinan besar entri aku sama macam entri ni cuma berbahasa melayu dan gambar berterabur dan ayat tak bersusun macam kau.

    tahniah Echa.


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