Pullman Miri Waterfront | Pre-Ramadhan Dinner With The Orphans

kompleks kebajikan hamidah yakup miri

Last Thursday, Sarawak Bloggers representative has been invited to attend a Ramadhan Client Appreciation Night by Pullman Miri Waterfront with a guest of honour which is a total of 90 children and carers from Kompleks Kebajikan Hamidah Yakup. Other guests that came on this special occasion were a Miri Mayor, Adam Yii and his wife, members of the local media and also guests from various agencies and business.

It was the hotel's first ever pre-Ramadhan celebration after it began its operation in April 2016.

The purpose of this Pre-Ramadhan with the orphans is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility effort and commitment in giving back and reaching out as much as possible to the surrounding community. Mr Jayson Chong, the hotel manager, in his speech, said that he hopes this can be a great example to our children in showing them the spirit of unity and respect towards the festive season celebrated by our Muslim friends. 

anak yatim miri

It's happy to see the broad smile of this children. This kind of invitation must have made them feel appreciated! ❤️

Apart from that, Mr Jayson Chong also added he and his teams are proud to showcase the unique culture in Sarawak where everyone celebrates all the festivals together in harmony. I agree that regardless of our background differences, we still can share the cultures and celebrations among each other! It's fun to be able to do that as we can create even merrier community. 

Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet Dinner

By the time I type this (I had my sahur few minutes ago :P), we Muslims are already on our first day Ramadhan and in conjunction of that, Pullman Miri has prepared a variety of mouthwatering favourites for sungkei (berbuka puasa) and guests can enjoy the delectable Ramadhan buffet spread of 98 different food items. Foods of foods! 

kuih muih lokal

These are local kuih-muih. There are kuih lenggang, kek batik, karipap, kuih seri muka and penyaram. I love that penyaram and seri muka as they are among my favourites Malay delicacy. Nyums! Diet tolak tepi dulu. 😆

ulam ulaman

Kerabu, ulam-ulaman and salad sections. Who doesn't love this?!

cendol pullman

pullman kitchen

DIY cendol and ice cream topping sections. I just love cendol and ice cream but too bad my tummy was already full from eating my main course meal. 😅 

cucur udang

kambing golek

nasi arab berempah

daging masak hitam

rojak sarawak

sambal kicap

Other Ramadhan delicacies. There are more actually!! 

These array of foods will commence on 27th May which will feature 3 menu rotations on a nightly basis until the end of Ramadhan. Fret not, the chefs also prepared hearty sahur menus for the guests that stay at the hotel.

In lieu of Gawai Celebration 

As stated in the Mr Jayson Chong's speech, in hopes to share the culture and celebration, the hotel will also have 2-day Gawai Festive Buffet on 1st and 2nd June

For more details on Pullman Miri Waterfront's promotions, kindly call +6085323888 or you can get through them by visiting their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you for the invitation, Pullman Miri Waterfront!  

I am glad to be invited and to be able to meet other Miri-based bloggers for the first time. I had fun with them even though I was a bit of shy to suddenly be in the group. 😆 Looking forward to work more with them in future!

pullman miri waterfront
My digital card invitation ^.^
sarawak miri bloggers
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Till here then! Selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! ❤️


  1. ya Allah, temptingnya tengok hidangan buffet di pagi puasa ni.. semua nampak sedap2 hehe


  2. wahhh pink je semua hikhik. semoga ukhwah yang dbina berkekalan ye. selamat berpuasa awak :) http://elsaalicious.blogspot.my/2017/05/food-review-twins-kitchen-cafe-rawang.html

  3. Seronok dapat meluangkan masa dan berbuka dengan anak-anak yatim. time buffet ni mmg kena kosongkan perut :)

  4. seronok boleh berbuka dengan ank2 yatim . tengok muka diorang happy. kita pun tururt happy kan

    1. ha'ah. hepi je tgk muka dorg semua. heheh.

  5. Seriouslyyy makanan2 tu nampakkk sedapp, tengok pagi2 ni leh jd lapar balikk haha

  6. bestnya dah merasa makan di pullman...kamek tok nama jak org miri pi sik pernah pergi sia...^_^! huhuhuhuh

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