Down With A Fever

by - June 08, 2017

down with a fever
I guess this week just ain't my days. I've been down with a fever. And flu for almost a week already. And sore throat as well. Stuffy nose and now stuffy ears. I have taken Clarinase which is a so-called strong medicine for flu recommended by my stepmom. It's gonna make me drowsy she said. But I guess the Clarinase has no effect on me. Too much painkiller in my body that even the strong medicine give up to function properly. Lol I'm dying! 

I tried to find some tips on Google to help me unclog my ears. Because stuffy ears are really making me uncomfortable! I tried the steam shower but it just not my thing to shower with hot water. I mean, warm. But wait, how do you get the steam if the water ain't hot? 

I tried the warm compress method where you put the warm cloth over your ears or nose to get rid of the stuffy feelings but it doesn't work. Then I go for a drink. Hot honey lemon. I don't like the taste but yeah, I need to force myself to drink it. It's an alternative for medicine so I gotta do it for the sake of myself. We can't depend too much on medicine, right?

I even took Panadol Actifast for my fever. I felt better the next day. But the day after that, which was yesterday, I was once again down with a fever. I really felt like oh-im-gonna-die. Yes I know its overdramatic but I really felt that way lol. 

Each and every day I hope I will wake up with no flu, no fever no stuffy ears no stuffy nose and no sore throat. Nyah kauuuuuuu! But it just won't go away sobs. Being sick makes me lazy and not in the mood to do anything. 

Well, just hoping I will recover soon so that I can do the work especially in maintaining my blog and hoping to be consistent in updating entries. Just a quick writing. Till here then! x 

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  1. Get well soon, Echa! 😘

    Fatina xx

  2. Get well soon and don't forget to take the medicines, okay? 😊

  3. same situation here!! kamek minggu lepas memang teruk selsema. baru jak mok bait marek, batuk pulang ngangak. batuknya ya ampun...gatal alu geruk rasa mcm mok engkah clorox jak rasa bagi lancar cam biasa...

    #bertabahlah semoga kitak kuat untuk hadapi fasa tok. get well soon echa!

  4. Get well soon, Eeca! No wonder tak update blog these few days T.T Take care and makan ubat ikut timing yg betul hihi xx

    Lenne Zulkiflly Blog

  5. good effort to try alternative ways. Maybe you can try vitamin C too. Neway, get well soon okay! =)

  6. Oh dear! Hope you get well soon. I was down with fever and flu the past few days, but this time I avoid taking medicines because I want to observe how my body is fighting those dreaded sickness. I drank lots of water, got plenty of rest, avoid fried food, and I'm feeling better now. Hopefully I'll get well soonest too. :-)

  7. I have stuffy nose since my previous exam, it affects my sleep as I always wake up in the middle of sleep T_T

    it must be hard for you to have the whole package. T____T as it is already hard for me to have only stuffy nose, everytime i blow my nose, it causes me headache :(

  8. sabar dear, get well soon okay.. hehe cakap orang, kita pun dalam fasa tak sihat juga nihh huhu

  9. cuba cari menthol crystal di farmasi.. letak sedikit dalam hujung sudu dalam air panas dan biarkan ia meruap lepas tu cuba sedut sikit2 wapnya.. tips kami guna bila kena flu..

  10. Selalu buat macam Kak Rozita tu. Guna Menthol Crystal. Rasa lega je hidung. Anyway, get well soon ya :)

  11. this one almost about last month rite? how about now? getting better?

  12. I guess you're well already now. Hopefully. Anyways, Maybe you should try consuming Vitamin Cs..