Get To Know Me // Part One

Here comes my new post. I've been busy watching Moorim School and had a mental breakdown lately that I have to abandon my blog. Shiada (cute way to say sekda/tidak ada ) mood kamek mok on laptop. But hey, today I wanted to write a little about myself in this Get To Know Me section. It's the only topic yang aku boleh up dalam blog for now. 

My Name

I've been using Eeca Shyaa since bila entah. I made it my official name both in the real and virtual world. Bukan official nama dalam IC okay. I create this pseudonym from scrambling my real name and voila, maka terhasil lah nama ini. Reason I have this name sebab I wanted to have the last name. Bila register website memang kena ada ni kan. Kalau website penting je aku letak nama ayah. I know I'm supposed to put his name but yeah... Saja... All my social media guna nama Eeca Shyaa

My Age 

I was born on October 24th, 1993 so I am soon to be 25 years old. 5 years more into 3 series yet I still act like hmm kanak-kanak ribena? I remember our lecturers giving my friends and I that name just because we laugh a lot and sewel and always cheerful. Pemeriah suasana. But when I am alone, I'm dead quiet.  

My Birthplace

I was born in Miri Sarawak. Yes, I am a proud Sarawakian! I'm half Malay and half Melanau but I can't speak my mom's language (Melanau). Noob and lembab as they said. I don't know I just don't get it even aku dibesarkan oleh grandparents aku yang always speak in that language. Bebal kali. The only words I know is makau (jalan), keman (makan), sinik (kencing), lasuk (panas), tutang (minum) and badik (bodoh). Heheheheehe. 

What I Do For Living

I am jobless. Well, that's what people tend to see. Blergh. I am currently working with my parents. We do eateries. Tak hipster. Kedai makan biasa which the business my dad dah manage for years since I kecik lagi. I was a manning assistant before and aku pernah internship dekat hotel for 3 months after study which that period of time makes me realise I hate working in shift. Not being picky over the job, but I don't do things I don't like or love. Even though working dengan parents, I still wake up at 4 am every day, setting my foot at the shop before 6 am and going back home at 430 pm. I sik goyang kaki di rumah okay.  I'm looking for a flexible part time job. Anyone wanna hire me? In need of second job.

My Biggest Fears

First and foremost, I effin' hate spiders. Doesn't matter big or small, spider tetap spider. Tetap banyak kaki. I remember being stuck in the bathroom; paranoid, palpitating, losing my breath, sweating while thinking about how to escape the place without being chased by the spider sebab benda alah tu cun pulak tunggu dekat pintu. Ahh sudah satu-satunya jalan yang ada untuk aku keluar dari bilik mandi dah kena block! Seriously I was damn scared af and I got no weapon to smash it. Gila.

Second, aku takut tinggi. My fear of height is not a joke okay. Even turun dari escalator pun kadang aku cuak. Tapi sejak aku start aktiviti hiking, aku rasa aku dah boleh overcome sikit dengan gayat ni. Sikit laa. Anxiety tetap ada.

Third... Akan diupdate.. 

Anxiety Is My Best Friend

Well, tak semua orang faham tentang anxiety ni. Bukan mengada but I was born this way. Anxiety people tend to worry and get nervous a lot tak kisah lah tentang apa sekalipun. When I was about to join hiking, I had too much in mind; what if I fall? What if I can't do it? So many what-if question lah. When N told me about meeting his mom and invite me to his family event, I keep asking myself how do I make conversation, how this, how that, what if eh semualah. 

Ada masa bila aku jalan sorang dekat tempat ramai orang, my heart will beat rapidly, I sweat much on palm and feet, and aku akan rasa sesak nafas. I feel like everyone is looking at me padahal orang tak kisah langsung dengan kewujudan aku pun. Yes, that is how anxiety feels like. Bukan senang k. It's a real struggle.

Relationship Status

I'm currently dating someone whom I know from Tinder. Ciaciacia. It's been 3 months something already since we know each other and yeah everything is so far so good for now. He's living in the same town and much older than me but not really that old lah. Still young at heart bah. I never posted any of his photos nor me talking about my relationship. Only my close friends know about it cause it's confidential. Hiks.

Things for sure he's not someone's husband or someone's fiance lol. Jangan jadi spesies husna ok. Two things about him; he loves to tease me, and making surprise. Not that here-this-is-a-gift-for-you surprise but more to his "existence" surprise. Suka datang kedey tapi sik padah. Haha. 


Get To Know Me will be continued in part two. Kalau nak letak semua point dalam satu entri nanti bebuih pulak korang baca. This gonna be an interesting post. Why don't you try it too? Well, just in case if you have nothing to write. I'm curious to know yours as well!! 

Do you have anxiety? What's Your Biggest Fears? Do let me know! 

Till here then. x


  1. You're afraid of speaking publicly (not only in public speaking) because you don't want people to judge you or laugh at you. And the same reason of not making much of friends. Is that called as anxiety as well? Or another low self-esteem problem? I was always confused.

    1. I think all that is related. When you have low self-esteem it means you're not being confident with yourself. When you're not confident, you have so much thoughts in your head. Its either you are afraid and nervous or that you're shy.

  2. we all have our own anxiety. yes anxiety is a real struggle.

  3. Jaw dropped while reading your story at Tinder. Need to ask you more about this. Ehemmm...

    Btw, I have second job opportunity for you... ^.^

    1. Nak tips ke? :P I'd love to hear that sis!! Kerja apa kah ituuu? :o

  4. I wish my parents had their own business so that I can work for them like you. Hahaha :D

    1. bila dah kerja dengan parents rasa selesa daripada makan gaji. its my own personal thought la. hihi.

  5. hello miri-ian!!!!
    uuuuu sweet nya....nang sik menyempat mun balit miri mengabas sia sinek.
    best nya dapt nangga tumbesaran miri. huhhuh
    maybe one day akan balit ke miri juak...insyaAllah....

  6. I do think I have anxiety but I always trying my best to deny. Pss, we born in the same month. Mine is on 17 October 😊

    1. Same here!! Anxiety people trying hard to live. October is coming!!

  7. Wow! now i get to know you better, i used to have anxiety problem too, sometimes its very hard not to think about it. I m still finding ways to reduce it.


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