Lazada's Super Beauty Day - Good News For All Beauty Junkie!

Hello everyone! Here comes the good news for all beauty junkie out there. It's Lazada's Super Beauty Day, your first beauty moment! 

To be honest, I'm a girl who has the least interest in beauty stuff. But this beauty fair still going to excite me cause I'm a huge fan of skincare and Lazada didn't do the offer only for makeup but entire skincare products from head to toe! I can tell that I am pretty addicted to it since I always buy a new and different shower gel, face wash, body lotions etc before even finishing the one on my rack. Guess I'm going to add more stuff...

10.10.18 ONLY & Big Discounts!

Alright. This Super Beauty Day is only happening on 10th October with discounts up to 80% a wide range of selected beauty products!!! Yes baby, you read it right. Discounts up to 80%. It's a bargain and quite a catch. Your purse is not going to rip off, well, unless you put too much stuff in your cart :P

The Super Beauty Day includes exclusive offers from international beauty brands. 

Is there any of your favourite brands listed? Mine is Dove! I'm very happy to see the product is on the list cause I have always love their shower gel for its pleasant smell. Say what you want but I'm a sucker for sweet-scented stuff.

When else can you buy stuff with huge discounts and get many freebies?!

The Best Thing About Lazada's Super Beauty Day!

Other than having their crazy discounts, The Super Beauty Day sale also offers Flash Sales, Vouchers, Bundles and Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deals! Great or not?

There are tons of vouchers I tell you! You don't want to miss this. Or else you will cry in the corner of your room. Hiks.

Super Beauty Day Slash It! Game!

Don't forget to play their slash game. The steps are very simple and it's only available on Lazada App!

1 - Download and log in the Lazada App.
2 - Select a product that you want to slash in the catalogue.
3 - Share the invitations to your friends to help you slash the product.
4 - If the targeted number of slashes is achieved, buy the product at an unbeatable price!

What are you waiting for? Let's spend some money on this! Click the link to shop and get your vouchers! Shop till drop!