Enchanted Light Wonderland 2019 in Miri

I had a chance to see the light festival yesterday. I didn't expect much of it but yeah, okay jugak lah even tak banyak lampu. Wish they crowd the place with more colourful lights and turn the whole Coco Cabana jadi super magical place!

The entrance fee is RM6 for adult and free for children below age --- tak ingat lah. Reasonable price lah I guess. Since jarang-jarang ada benda macam ni di Miri, so why not we enjoy it right? I also had fun taking videos just so I could upload it on my Youtube channel. Not a pro videographer so excuse my low-quality-random-content-shot video.

Yeay another video uploaded! Please enjoy watching walaupun tak meletops.


  1. Waaaa cntiknyaaaa...
    Ni kalau Sis ni, memang OOTD aje..sebab feberet color purple ...

  2. sesekali layan lampu lampu cantik ...

  3. It is so pretty. I wish I can go there and experience it by myself 😊

    Syaza | www.syazaraihanah.com

  4. cantiknya...best kalau dapat pergi ni


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