BBQ Chicken Malaysia Current Promotion

Trigger warning. Read at your own risk. This post is dangerous for a foodie. A piece of good news for fellow Mirians and all the hungry tummy who seek for a scrumptious and satisfying-affordable meal. BBQ Chicken Miri is currently having a promotion for what I could say a very good bargain. Opss! :D

For real you can choose any two of the meals as in the banner which is 2 pieces of Golden Olive Chicken or Jerk Grilled Chicken Ala Carte for RM9.95. Yes, I repeat, RM9.95 ONLY for their beloved patrons! Fret not cause you can purchase both if you can't decide which one to eat. Buy both yang penting habis kayyy.

Golden Olive Chicken 

For those who love a plain flavour, this BBQ Chicken Malaysia signature menu Golden Olive Chicken is definitely for you. Plain but delicious. The skin is crunchy and it's juicy on the inside. 2 pieces of this for RM9.95!

Jerk Grilled Chicken 

This is a star! I always love anything grilled and this Jerk Grilled Chicken is to crave for. I could say the chicken is well marinated as the taste is so rich in flavour. I love the sweetly caramelized zing!

As for the chicken texture, it is just nice and tender. I would definitely get this if I were to go to BBQ Chicken! According to their website, this menu is one of the best sellers in the cafe. RECOMMENDED! Don't miss the chance to get this for RM9.95 only.

Please note that this promotion has a limited time offer from 11AM to 6PM and for DINE-IN ONLY. It is as well not applicable with other promotions or vouchers. And it is available at BBQ CHICKEN restaurant in Sabah & Sarawak only.    


  1. alamak masuk sini waktu tgh puasa harini. adehh laparnya T_____T

  2. This makes my mouth watering so much huarghhh

  3. rasa macam ade nampak kedai ni baru bukak di Autocity Penang.
    dulu dulu penah makan sekali. yang pedas gila tu.. hehehe.. serik !!


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