My Clear Planner Setup

I am back to being a crazy little girl who adores notebook and stationary very much. The smell of paper, the pen, the handwriting, the stickers, the washi tapes, oh god I really miss it! I always love a planner made with thick leather that I even got myself a Boss Babe FoxyFix and Malden Personal Filofax. Ever since I join the planner addict community, I just know that a few materials have been used to make a precious notebook! Sadly I have to let go of the Boss Babe to the new owner just because it wasn't my planner peace.

Well, no matter how hard I want to leave the obsession, it will always come back. The trigger is everywhere. And just before I jump into conclusion to buy a new ring planner, I've pointed out the criteria of a new planner I shoulda bought so that no regret after purchasing. It's really a tough decision to be made though! 

Small & light. Yes, kriterianya adalah kecik dan ringan. I've been looking and scrolling through Instagram planner community hashtag to find the best planner and I decided to buy pocket-size clear planner from Peppermintzakka. Click the link to buy one for yourself! :P (Beware cause you might get poisoned badly by the crazy virus)

How I Setup My Clear Planner 

This planner is cheap and that's the reason why I go for this one. I never use pocket-size planner so in case it's too small for my liking, then it won't really be a huge regret and waste for me. Hoho. But surprisingly I am super in love with how convenient it is. The best part is you can change the front cover to whatever you like! Tulips are definitely my favourite and so there she goes; proudly being the cover of my brand new planner! 

I have set the purpose of this planner and it won't carry many burdens of my writing lah. This planner is merely for me to track something and brainstorm or just write everything that I feel like writing. Nothing much, nothing too personal but will be pretty useful.

I bought the insert from PeanutsPlannerCo as soon as I figured out how to print it. It ain't easy and I've been crying my ass off sebab frust gilak sik dapat print dengan betul. But I manage to do it jyeah. Of course with the help from someone named Nadia. She's the mastermind behind Planner Addict Malaysia community!

So the insert is for tracking my yearly bill and my expenses. To see boros tak boros, dah bayar hutang ke belum. For now sikit jelah. We will never know what comes in future. So just keep in track whatever it is.

Habit tracker insert is absolutely my favourite. The template allows me to write and track anything and I will be able to do some recap for this by the end of the month. Ain't it fun to see what's going on in your life?

I am super happy that pocket size (A7) actually fine to write. Tak adalah sempit sangat. Ruang pun cukup untuk menulis. I don't really write much though as I have the same routine every day and not really that busy on my daily basis. So it just nice lah.

There is much to keep actually because I've read somewhere that our head can't really remember many things. When you write you will be able to look back at what you've done. Harap boleh istiqamah menulis dalam planner ni lah. I'm more to journaling than planning actually. Hihi. Well it depends on you on what you want to write. Anything to remember or something bothering you or whatever lah. Your planner, you decide.

Are you going to get yourself a planner to write your daily life? :D 


  1. hiks kite buat bujo jugak tapi rangkak2 lol hambar sangat XD

  2. kawaii nyaaa planner.. hihihi,, kita sama lah.. ekin pun suka jugak planner2 nih.. tak boleh kalau tahun tu takde planner sendiri. heheh

  3. This is so cute! I love it x

  4. comelnya planner dia....ok...terus rasa nak ada planner ni

  5. I use clear binder planner too, but in A5. A6 so cute and senang nak bawak kan? Tak makan banyak ruang. Feel free to check out my planner post :) have a nice day

  6. i always rasa nak jadi a bit systematic dgn start buat planner. tapi semua tu my angan2 hanya angan2. hehe.. i adore uols2 yang rajin tulis planner =D

  7. omg i'm obsessed to notebooks too >< but I decided to stop bcause there are tons of unused notebooks at my house now hagahhahah btw the planner is really appealing *heart eyes*


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