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Kindle Paperwhite 3 Review

Hello! This time no ngereps (merepak aka babbling aka bising) about why I didn't update my blog for a very long time. Something got me hooked and it conquered all my leisure time. Completely addicted. Before I start elaborating this post, please keep in mind that I am not responsible for the "poison" that will rush in your veins once you read this. This review session can turn to sesi meracun as well. Hihihi.
Actually lama dah tahu pasal Kindle and teringin nak ada satu. But the fact that it can't be used in Malaysia left me frustrated. I am probably not an avid reader as what my sister claimed but I love books and I love reading. I was battling between buying Kindle or Filofax Classis Croc because these two things got me head over heels and they are almost the same price! I'm glad my boyfriend told me to be wiser. Hence, I got myself this baby after reading that it finally can be used in Malaysia. Yeay! 
Kindle Paperwhite 3
For those yang tak tahu, Kindle adala…