The Bright And The Dark Side; Are We Being A Fake?

So I've been thinking deeply about the personality of a human lately. It's nothing too serious but just some kind of thoughts that occupied my head. Tak tahu kalau orang lain ada terfikir macam ni jugak but if yes, let me know your viewpoint about it. 

So basically I was thinking about the two side traits of human being, which we called the bright and dark side. The yin and yang. Yang bright side of course lah the kind of character yang kita tunjuk dengan semua orang. Baik, lemah lembut, periang, rajin dan semua yang positif lah. While the dark side is the opposite. Dan character yang kita tak tunjuk depan orang. It is just between you and yourself. Dan soalannya sekarang, adakah bila kita behave differently bermaksud kita adalah seorang yang fake? 

It's obvious that perangai kita, cara kita behave berubah ikut keadaan dan orang yang kita berinteraksi. Bila dengan budak kecik we are all that penyayang. Bila dengan kawan cara percakapan kita agak kasar sikit. Bila dengan orang tua kita cakap penuh sopan. Does it means we just pretend to be nice and hiding our true colors or is it merely a reaction we give to people based on how they treat us? Ada je memang jenis kasar even dengan orang tua pun cara percakapan macam tak ada batas. Dan ada pulak orang memang dilahirkan lemah lembut even orang biadap dengan dia pun dia still converse in a decent way. 

But if people accused us of being fake, does it means we have to be rude to everyone then? Does it mean we cannot conceal the bad side of us yang dianggap memburukkan diri sendiri depan orang lain? Yelah. Bila marah je menyumpah. Depan orang tua takkan nak menyumpah jugak kot? Itu cari pasal namanya. Tipu lah kalau kau cakap kau tak ada boiling point, tak ada perasaan marah tahap nirvana. Most people akan bertukar jadi hulk rasanya. But aku salute dengan orang yang sabar, yang boleh control marah dia even dah sampai tahap membuak-buak.

“The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends and your family. The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.”

Kalau semua manusia ada three faces macam ni, means no one is being true to themselves in front of people. Am I right or am I right? I'm dying to know opinions from someone else. What would you say about this? Are we hiding our true colours and pretend to be nice? Can you figure out if you are more to yin or more to yang? Like how do you see yourself? To be honest, just because aku act macam singa di rumah sebab adik adik aku semua bengkeng simok dengar cakap, and that I use profanity when talking with my friends sometimes, I feel like a fake when I act decent depan orang lain. Tsk. It's not that I feel like I am being someone else or what but it's the way I behave. Macam mana eh nak explain. You are still you, still yourself. But you behave differently on a certain point in your life. And then you start questioning yourself, which one is your true character? 

Siktauklah if orang paham ka sik apa aku bebel. But I feel the need to write this...


  1. Identiti betul kita yg ketiga tu la. Kita hanya tunjuk kat diri sendiri. Kadang terlepas jugak tunjuk perangai ketiga ni 😂

  2. First of all, I would like to officially embrace with my trueself haha. I doesnt care if I have three faces, its all me right? For me honestly, I dont care if people call me fake like when in front of family and friends I'll act like myself and with the world I act like others. We control what we can share to other people.

    Dan, org lain tak kenal kita mcm diri kita kenal kita, the one who strive to be better. The one who strive nak jadi kawan baik, anak-anak yang baik. Of course we conceal our dark side, because its our aib - we shudnt share it with anyone unless for justice.

    am I explaining it right? haha sorry for bragging too much. The answer is, personaliti kita adapt dengan orang sekeliling, kita as girls have shyness and all, and that help mcamana cara kita santuni orang lain. Tapi most of all mula dgn diri kita juga, mcamana nak santuni orang lain kalau diri sendiri kita tidak santuni? Means, stop saying awful stuff into ourself, start saying good things about us. InsyaAllah hari akan lebih positif.

    1. i love your viewpoint. instead of fake i pun rasa benda tu cuma the way kita adapt dengan surrounding. and we control how we act in front of people. unless mmg nak kena judge as a rude person ke apa blh la reveal semua faces sekali kan. huhu.

  3. I guess everyone of us have three faces . Hihihi . But, usually we will react based on situations . And , as for the third face not everything we can share or reveal to everyone . We need to keep to ourself to avoid any judgement . But, after all , we know ourself than anyone know it . ����

  4. there are times when we need to be fake.

  5. Selalunya macam tu lah. Macam akak yang dah ada anak ni. Dekat public baik lah layanan. Kalau dekat rumah, nak menyinga jer kalau anak buat perangai ☺

  6. I don't think we are fake, maybe the right word is we are just being 'profesional', haha.


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