May 2019 Reading Wrap Up

Hello earthlings! Here goes my May 2019 reading wrap up. As for in May, I managed to read only two books. I can't recall why I didn't read much but perhaps it was because the reading slump mode has been activated. Tapi sikpa. At least ada daripada shiada kan! Two is better than none. Hiks.

1. Alter Ego (Jonathan Stride #9) By Brian Freeman

Published by Quercus on 1st May 2018. It took me a few weeks to reach the final chapter because I was on hiatus for reading. Well, the book is intriguing enough even though the bad people is obviously laid out on every page. It's about a pervert superstar predator overloaded with ego hunting for a young prey and about a girl taking revenge who lost a father by suicide. Different cases but one of them leaving breadcrumbs to make the crime related to each other. I don’t expect any plot twist at all but surprisingly ada and benda ya sik disangka pun. I love how the author squeezes a little lovey-dovey scene despite how busy the police team of Duluth trying to decipher the murder case. It shows that no matter how occupied you are with the work, leave some space for yourself for another thing as well.
Rating : ★★★★

2. Beauchamp Hall By Daniel Steel

Published by Delacorte Press on 20th November 2018. I love this book! I love Winnie’s odyssey of chasing her dreams and making it comes true. After being cheated by her eleven years gilaseks boyfriend, betrayed by her childhood bestfriend and not being promoted at her workplace due to her boss’ favouritism, all shits in one day, she decided to leave her hometown and get out of her comfort zone. Magical things happens and her luck is slowly unfold in a beautiful way after all the unfortunate series. Based on this book, its true that sometimes when life knock us down, its time for us to leave our comfort zone and seek our true self, to go for something we want and what we love doing. It might seems impossible at first and need a lot of courage but we wont know unless we try. And somehow somewhere things will happen better than what we expect and how we want it to be. Rating : ★★★★★

My May favourite is definitely the Beauchamp Hall!