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The Steriskai

It took me almost one hour to finally write something. It's not the hesitation to write but more of having no idea how to start telling about my life.

So hey, first of all, I want to say that I am still alive and I am doing just fine. I have decided to name my blog as Steriskai. Just like how people usually name their diary or belongings, this blog shall be entitled of its own name too. Steriskai simply means starry sky. Nothing more nothing less. Instead of saying I'm gonna write on my blog, I can say I'm gonna write on the starry sky aka Steriskai. Kewl, no?

I went through over my old posts on this blog yesterday and realised that I don't really save many happy memories -- it's more to gibberish and sad talking, and reviews, and few good contents -- and it's truly disappointing. This blog supposed to be a memento for me but what kind of remembrance I will read in 20 years ahead if I actually had nothing about my life in here? Where're all the good memori…