Book Review | The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

elizabeth berg

“Isn’t life funny? It could drive you crazy if you thought about it too much. Turn this way and that happens. Turn that way and this happens.”

Title: The Story Of Arthur Truluv
Author: Elizabeth Berg
Publisher: Random House (November 21st, 2017)

Goodreads Summary:

A beautiful, life-affirming novel about a remarkably loving man who creates for himself and others second chances at happiness.

A moving novel about three people who find their way back from loss and loneliness to a different kind of happiness. Arthur, a widow, meets Maddy, a troubled teenage girl who is avoiding school by hiding out at the cemetery, where Arthur goes every day for lunch to have imaginary conversations with his late wife, and think about the lives of others. The two strike up a friendship that draws them out of isolation. Maddy gives Arthur the name Truluv, for his loving and positive responses to every outrageous thing she says or does. With Arthur’s nosy neighbour Lucille, they create a loving and unconventional family, proving that life’s most precious moments are sweeter when shared.

My Thoughts:

Truly a beautiful book to read. Upon reading the snippet mentioned on the cover of the book, I keep on wondering what will make me fall in love with the story and the characters. Reading this book feels like cruising over a wonderful journey. No adrenaline rush, less curiosity but more to pleasure. I love it! It's about the lost and lonely people who find their way upon each other and create a new kind of happiness and hope. Despite the different situations, the age gap, the personality, it proves that we still can connect to other people and being kind and understanding is the key to everything. How I wish we could really create this kind of peace and warm place here in the real world. No hatred, no bitter heart, no negativity that stresses you out, only the little blessing we will cherish.

Arthur Moses is an incredibly old man who visits his wife’s grave every day for a chat because he believes she’s still there. Maddy, a broken teenager who lost her mother calls him Truluv for his devotion to his late wife and they eventually become friends. They, as well as Arthur’s nosy lonely neighbour named Lucille,  has built an unconventional family together. Not biologically related but fully supportive and caring.

This book is full of sweetness and sentimental values and if you asked me to reread this book, I definitely will. A light book to read in between your fantasy and thriller book. I wish I could ask everyone to read this so we could be kind to each other even though we are all strangers regardless of what we are; black or white, poor or rich, pretty or ugly and so on. And no matter how hard the world knocks you down, how people disappoint you, how things don't go the way you want it to be, you could always create your own happiness. Not only twice or thrice but more than you are willing to do to make yourself happy.

Rating: ★★★★★