Describing myself is not my forte but hey, here's the bits and pieces about me and the blog!

I am Eeca Shyaa, 23 years old from Miri Sarawak. I am a daughter, sister, friend, wanderer, hopeless romantic, easily intrigued and passionate person who has multiple interests. I am my parents' assistant by day and an internet freak by night. Learning and explore new stuff is the ultimate hobby of mine - regardless of whatever it is!

I started blogging in 2009 when life hits me hard and I decided to express my feelings through writing. As days and months passing by, I started to abandon my blog and took a very long hiatus from the blogging world. I made my return in 2015 and established this site simply because I feel like I need a place to write, share my thoughts on life and document the memories. This is a reflection of me. I decided to go for a flexible blog and wanted it to represent me - my life and everything in between.

Thank you for taking time reading about me and hopefully, you will enjoy being around!

Eeca Shyaa