Hello lovelies. My name is Eeca Shyaa. I am 26 years old living in Miri Sarawak. I work as my parent's assistant by day - multitasking - in our own eatery. I am INFJ, passionately curious, an internet freak, love travels and foods, pretty old fashioned and a minimalist wannabe (it's my current life mission!). Saying this would make me a paradox but I am a simple girl in everything I wear but a perfectionist in everything that I'm doing. I have a big heart for anything related to the digital world, a soft spot for little adventure and I do cherish every little thing in life.

Few Facts About Me :

#1. I love going to the bookstore and groceries rather than shopping for clothes.
#2. I am arachnophobic, acrophobic and claustrophobic.
#3. I'd rather pick a walk-in pantry over a walk-in wardrobe.
#4. I have the least interest in girls thingy like beauty stuff etc. But I do love skincare!
#5. I hate cakes with fruits! A big no for fruits jam or fruits glazes on my cake. 

The Blog 

I started blogging in 2009. My blog was purposely exist to express my feelings through writing and it becomes a hobby until now. This humble space is an escapism for me when I have too much in my plate, a keeper for my memories where I will documented things in my life, to share some thoughts and personal opinions etc. I decided to go for a flexible/lifestyle blog and I wanted it to represent me -- my life and everything in between.

Get In Touch 

Other than writing for a personal purpose, I want to grow more knowledge and experience in this field by challenging myself for something else like doing a content writing or article write-up. Therefore, I am open to some collaboration/advertorial/review opportunities in a form of article write-up and social media campaigns.

Kindly reach me via xechalogy[at]gmail[dot]com and do offer me some golden chance.

Eeca Shyaa