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My Skincare Haul And The Skincare Routine

So yeah. I did spend a lot this month, especially on the skincare products! Different goals for 2017, perhaps? To be honest, I used to care less about my skin condition. Whether it is dull or not, got eye bag or not and whatever it is lah. The only things I worry are the pimples and the acne scars. I don't even know if my skin is the oily type or normal or the combination type lol. Oily maybe! Wondering how did I decide to make a change? Well yeah, there are so many pretty girls nowadays with flawless skin and that's when I realized I am just a freaking potato compare to them lol. And also that was when the oh-i-need-to-do-something-with-my-skin moment hits me. I don't intend to pretty myself with makeup but instead, I want a healthy and brighter skin. 

I was Google-ing about what is the correct step to use the skincare products. And then I stumbled upon the 10-Steps of Korean Skincare Routine. I was actually surprised knowing that there are so many things to do with the skin! Layer by layer dah macam kek lapis pulak. I do my own research about that and the main focus of their skincare routine is to keep the skin hydrated! So I bought the items based on that routine. And this is the strong reason why I lost my money a lot this month lol. Beauty is a real pain for the purse!! Tapi tak apa lah.. Sacrifice is needed for the sake of a good skin.. Huhuhu.. 

So here it goes... I bought everything from Hermo! Except for the mask sheets, the cleansing oil, and the eye cream, Few items yet the cost made me broke. Lulz.

korean skincare routine

The cleansing products. Korean skincare routine mainly focus on double cleansing so I decide to try the cleansing oil from Hada Labo and cleansing foam from The Face Shop. Cleansing oil ni lebih kurang macam makeup remover. Tenyeh muka dengan cleansing oil sampai makeup semua dah nyah dari muka, then baru guna cleansing foam untuk nak bersihkan lagi segala macam jenis kotoran yang ada. Dah tu baru exfoliate or scrub. Aku guna St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Twice per week to remove the dead skin. Memang best lah. Feel so fresh and clean giteww :P

korean skincare routine

Next bila dah habis mandi or cuci muka, dab the toner. Katanya toner ni untuk another extra cleanse and shrink the appearance of pores. And to balance the pH level of the skin. I decide to try Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Toner from SkinFood. I love the smell! And just in case you want to know, this is my first time using toner. And yes, it's my first toner ever lol. After toner, guna essence. Then baru guna serum. It will feel sticky once you gently tap it on the skin so kena tunggu until fully absorbed then baru add another layer. Sesungguhnya korean skincare routine ni memerlukan kesabaran. And for essence and serum, I decide to use the Innisfree product. So far so good!

korean skincare routine

When everything is fully absorbed, here comes the another layer! And this is the very best part for me. The sheet mask!! Dan macam toner, it's my first time guna sheet mask. Disebabkan best, aku beli sekotak Bio Essence punya sheet mask hehehe. It is much cheaper to buy one box rather than beli satu-satu. Tempel for around 15 minutes dan sisa yang ada dekat muka just massage gently je. Tak perlu cuci. Bila dah kering, baru apply eye cream untuk hilangkan dark circle bawah mata and to moisturize the skin area situ. Tap gently! And macam biasa, bila dah kering baru guna moisturizer. Mungkin sama macam krim malam kot. Saya pun tak pasti hahaha. Yang penting bangun pagi kulit muka memang lembut hihihi. Untuk moisturizer saya guna brand dari Nature Republic. Ada 3 jenis dan saya pilih yang untuk combination skin. Untuk eye cream pulak guna Loreal punya brand. 

Sebenarnya kalau tak nak follow exactly 10 steps tu pun boleh. Rasanya part paling penting is double cleansing, serum and moisturize. And I ever read that sunscreen pun penting. Those SPF thingy. Part tu saya belum khatam lagi huhuu. 

So the PROS of following the korean skincare routine is it makes my skin fully hydrated and less oily. Double cleansing makes my skin feel so clean of course!

And the CONS is I have a bit skin breakout and I don't know which product made it that way. 

Baru seminggu saya praktikkan skincare routine ni so it's hard to tell what's the difference yet. But its definitely worth trying for the skin. Make sure you know which products to use! You can click HERE to read more about korean skincare routine. Toddles! x

My Favorite Beauty Stuffs

my favourite beauty stuffs

I'm not really the kind of girl who is into beauty stuff. I don't know what's the latest best makeup product, I don't know how to do the makeup contouring and whatever that is related to that. I just suck at this topic for sure. Even 12 years old girl nowadays know how to turn themselves into a goddess! That's pretty much an impressive skill, though. I always struggling in choosing what colours or shades suits my skin best lol. Orang sekarang siap contour bahagian dada dan kaki sebab nak menyerlahkan sesetengah tempat tapi aku nak contour muka pun tak pass lagi. Jangankan contour, nak pasang eyeliner pun kepayahan. Apa pun tak bole hahahah! 

bio essence

It's been awhile I'm using Bio-Essence as my skincare product. I'm pretty sure you ever heard of bedak Tanaka yang pernah femes dulu but I refused to use that product. Cuma pernah guna sekali but then I switch to Bio-Essence which is more trustable. That was actually a reason why I'm using this skincare product hihi! I'm not sure what it does to my face but my sister once told me that my skin gets brighter and she has been wondering why do I have no pimples. It could be because of my hormone as the pimples will only grow when the menstrual days are coming. 

I would say this product does it jobs well and I love it. I super love the serum as it makes my skin softer! I don't have any problems or poor reaction when using this product but I am frustrated that the scar removing  process is slow. I only use cleanser and night cream before. Dan baru sebulan guna day cream and serum. Mungkin sebab tu result a bit slow kot. But whatever it is, this product is worth buying! As long as I have something to protect my skin and it's suitable for me, then it's fine for me! =D

beauty stuff favourite

Now for the makeup stuff, I don't have tons of them and these are so far my favourites and I use them daily. Since I work at the restaurants, I don't do heavy makeup. Yang sedang-sedang aja janji tak nampak pucat! 

Pixy Two Way Cake Compact Powder in Tropical Beige

To be honest, I don't really like using compact powder. Since I don't use foundation or BB cream whatever you name it, bila guna bedak memang kulit muka nampak kering. But this product gives you extra benefits. I will wet the sponge before applying it on my skin so it will be smoother than normal compact powder. Tapi benda ni memang jarang aku guna sebab kemalasan yang amat haha. 

Silkygirl Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara & Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

I love to use them! Sebelum ni aku selalu cakap aku benci guna mascara sebab buat mata aku berat. But Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara proves me wrong. Even if I put it on, it feels nothing but its there. Silkygirl Lash Prism pulak will increase the volume of the lash konon konon bulu mata kau lebat dan panjang. Cuma satu je aku menyampah bab guna maskara ni. Kalau tak comot tak ada cacat cela memang tak sah! 

Silkygirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm & IN2IT Lasting Lipstick Creamy Matte

First and second lines are Silkygirl's in Vogue (01) and Classy (07) colour. My daily use is classy which I think is more suitable for my skin tone. Well, aku memang guna warna macam ni je sebab tak konfiden nak guna warna lain. Based on my observation, masa paling best bila guna lipstick ini adalah awal pagi lepas mandi sebelum makan apa-apa. Perfect yang amat lol. Kalau nak tacap lagi lepas makan, I will make sure I clean my lips from any oil residue dulu sebab buruk bila guna lipstick kalau bibir masih berminyak! 

Third and fourth lines are IN2IT'S shades. A bit glitterly kan? But I love the color as well! Bila dah selalu guna yang silkygirl punya, rasa macam tak konfiden nak guna yang berkilat-kilat nih hahah! But it still  my favourite though! 

Naked3 Palette & Silkygirl Perfect Stay Eyeliner

These two things are mandatory for me! I preferred pencil eyeliner compare to liquid eyeliner cause it's much easier. I don't like to do the wing style eyeliner but more to ulzzang style. Mata aku kecik so when I follow that style, it will help untuk menyerlahkan mata aku yang kecik dan sepet ini hahaks. And it's quite a real deal for me to do it walaupun senang je nak buat! Dan bila tengahari dah tak macam ulzzang lagi dah. Disebabkan suasana panas, maka jadilah comot dan macam mata panda huhu! Blh tgk video ni macam mana style yang aku maksudkan! :D

scrub, cream, lotion

Benda ni pulak untuk badan sahaja. I never intended to buy that fresh milk cream but the seller poisoned me with her words that I end up buying it! I will use Sumber Ayu masa mandi dan memang best sebab sambil tu boleh scrub badan. Dah nama pun lulur mandi. Bau pun wangi je. Lepas mandi terus guna jeju aloevera untuk sapu pada badan. I'm pretty sure you guys know the benefits of aloe vera. It has so many goodness and one of them is to moisturize your skin. Selain guna pada badan, aku pun tempek kat muka tiap kali lepas mandi. Buat ala-ala toner since dalam collection Bio Essence aku tak ada toner. Fungsi pun lebih kurang sama. Bila dah kering, aku akan sapu fresh milk cream pulak. Bau pun memang lembut dan tenang je ala-ala bau baby. Hiks. Memang suka lah guna 3 benda ni untuk harian. Kalau tak putih, tak wangi jugak tu memang tak taulah. Nak kena rendam dalam clorox agaknya hahaks! 

To wrap things up, even though I'm not into a beauty stuff, as a woman aku kena juga jaga kecantikan diri aku yedakkk? Walaupun setiap hari aku selekeh, tak bermaksud aku tak teringin nak cantik. I do. Cuma malas je. I'm not willing to spend my time more for makeup. But untuk self care, I will definitely do! Nanti kulit aku merajuk aku pulak yang payah huhuhu. So, benda-benda semua ni lah yang aku guna setiap hari. Tak banyak pun dan harga pun semua affordable! 

What about you? What is your favourite beauty stuffs and your daily skincare and bodycare routine?