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Cara Buat DropDown Navigation Bar Untuk Blogger

cara buat navigation bar, dropdown menu bar

Ada tak yang guna fungsi pages untuk blog? Kalau yang guna blogger simple template, mereka takda sediakan dropdown navigation bar. Jadi kalau korang nak letak banyak kategori, pages/navigation bar korang akan jadi banyak dan nampak semak. Selain me-minimize-kan navigation bar, fungsi dropdown ni jugak menampakkan blog korang lebih kemas dan teratur! Meh saya share cara buat dropdown navigation bar untuk blogger. Sangat mudah sebab tak perlu usik main template. Kod ini saya dah banyak kali try and error. Terkial-kial jugak nak buat dropdown navigation bar sebab kebanyakan tutorial yang saya cuba semua tak jadi. Asalnya kod ini cuma single navigation bar (tak ingat tutorial dari website mana) tapi at last berjaya juga buat yang dropdown punya.

NOTA PENTING: Sebelum mula pastikan page gadget pada layout di remove terlebih dahulu. (kalau ada)

1. Dashboard > Layout > Add HTML/Javascript
2. Copy dan paste kod dibawah ke dalam kotak html

#primrose {
     padding: 0px;
     z-index:9999; }
#daisy ul {
     float: none;
     display: inline-block;
     margin: 0;
     padding: 0px;
     list-style-type: none;
     font: normal 12px Karla;
     text-transform: uppercase;
     letter-spacing:1px; }
#daisy li {float: none;display: inline-block;}
#daisy li a, #daisy .dropbtn {
     display: inline-block;
     color: black;
     text-align: center;
     padding: 14px 16px;
     text-decoration: none; }
#daisy li a:hover, #daisy .dropdown:hover .dropbtn {background-color: #EFF5FB; }
#daisy li.dropdown {display: inline-block;}
#daisy .dropdown-content {
     display: none;
     position: absolute;
     background-color: #EFF5FB;
     min-width: 160px; }
#daisy .dropdown-content a {
     color: black;
     padding: 12px 16px;
     text-decoration: none;
     display: block;
     text-align: left; }
#daisy .dropdown-content a:hover {color: #000000;font-style:italic;font-weight:bold;border-bottom:0px solid #000;}
#daisy .dropdown:hover .dropdown-content {display: block;}
<div align="center">
<div id="primrose">
<ul id='daisy'>
        <li><a class="active" href="YOUR BLOG PAGE URL">Home</a></li>
        <li><a href="YOUR BLOG PAGE URL">About</a></li>
<li class="dropdown">
<a href="#" class="dropbtn">Categories ˅ </a>
<div class="dropdown-content">
       <a href="YOUR BLOG PAGE URL">Travelogue</a>
       <a href="YOUR BLOG PAGE URL">Beauty</a>
       <a href="YOUR BLOG PAGE URL">Books</a>
      <li><a href="YOUR BLOG PAGE URL">Disclaimer</a></li>

3. Klik save dan siap!

Untuk sesi penukaran, korang boleh copy dan paste kod tu dekat SINI dan tukar warna dan font mengikut citarasa korang. Aku sarankan korang tukar yang aku tanda dalam kod sahaja dan yang lain semua tak perlu usik. Dan untuk warna, kalau boleh guna satu warna sahaja untuk mengelakkan kecatatan hehehe!

biru : tukar saiz dan jenis font
merah : tukar warna navigation bar
hijau : tukar kepada link blog page korang

Bagi yang tak tahu :

1. Cara untuk copy page link dan paste dalam kod diatas
Dahsboard > Pages > Klik VIEW untuk page yang dah dibuat > Copy URL

2. Kalau nak terus categorize guna label pun boleh. (untuk blog yang ada label post sahaja)
Klik mana-mana label > Copy URL

NOTA KAKI: Dua cara ni berbeza. Boleh tengok contoh pada blog saya sendiri. Kalau klik PERSONAL, webpage yang keluar terus memaparkan semua post dibawah label PERSONAL. Tapi kalau klik TRAVELOGUE, saya letak pages sebab nak asingkan post which is you need to do it manually. Kira macam buat hyperlink ke entri-entri yang korang nak sahaja.

Kalau ada yang tak faham, jangan malu jangan segan silalah bertanya :)

Harap membantu!

6 Reasons That Makes Me Love Your Blog

why i love your blog

There are a bunch of blogs over the internet. Ada yang aku suka dan ada yang aku tak suka nak jenguk atas sebab-sebab tertentu. I'm pretty sure you have read the blogging tips about things you shouldn't put in your blog. If there's something in the don't-list you insist on putting in your blog, then it might be one of the reasons why I or maybe another visitors refuse to visit your site. But no worries, though. There will always be a way to improve. 

Your blog is pretty and clean. How your blog looks like is really a big matter to me cause I am the visitor and the reader of your site. Ain't nobody gonna loves a messy, cluttered and less organised website. I know some bloggers dislike minimalist look and it's okay to me if you have a colorful or meriah theme as long as everything in your blog is arranged nicely! Barulah senang hati nak singgah kan? :D 

Your content is interesting. Honestly, I enjoy reading when someone writes about their lifestyle and share their thoughts about something. Some blogs are full of contests and sponsored review which I don't really fancy much. I mean, reviews are acceptable cause you share information and that's pretty good. But when it comes to contests, what else can I say other than "good luck"? I need some intriguing post so that I will read more or thought-provoking content so we can exchange opinions! 

Your site doesn't sing to me. When I do my blog-walking routine, I often have a bunch of tabs open at once. I would be glad if there's no sound coming out. But yeah, kalau tetiba ada lagu memang lah terus gelabah. Kalau setakat instumental boleh ampun lagi. But if not, it just gonna upset me to close all the tabs or to mute my laptop. I will enjoy reading your blog more without any songs! 

I can read your blog post well. I would say you have picked a good choice of font style and the colour scheme if I don't have to squint or rub my eyes when reading your blog post. Kasihanilah aku yang bermata empat ini hahah! Knowing how to divide your blog post into paragraphs and not centering all your text is also gonna make your website looks great and not messy. You have done a good job to your site by making it easy for the readers to read what's on your blog. 

Easy to navigate around your blog. The first thing I will do if I stumbled upon your blog is to look into your about me section. I want to know who's the webmaster of the blog. I want to know what you have in your blog. And only after that I will go through the blog post. If you know how to manage this, then you know you will succeed in fueling up the curiosity of your blog visitor.

Your site doesn't take forever to loading. A light blog is what makes us happy! Don't stuff your site with an unnecessary widget that makes it looks crowded. Plus less widget means less heavy. Put yourself in a reader's point of view and you will know what you will seek for in certain blogs. 

* * * * * * 

I hope this will explain few things about blogging! I apologise if any of my words makes you offended but this is just my own opinion. I know there might be some people who hate my site too but I will try to improve if there's something somewhere wrong with it. Plus I am trying to improve my writing too so that I will have interesting content for my readers! :) 

Well, in order to improve my site, I need you to point it out for me! Tell me if there's something I should add or what kind of content you want me to write or anything you have in mind. Let's build each other up! :) 


Free Minimalist Blogger Template

free blogger template

Do you love simple and clean blogger template? If yes then you are lucky enough to stumble upon this post cause I am giving a free minimalist blogger template for you to download! Below is the preview of the template and I provide you with the features list together with the download link.

free blogger template, minimalist

[click HERE for live demo] 
☑ Two column
☑ Auto read more with hover effect
☑ Related post under every blog post
☑ Social media share button under every blog post 
☑ Custom popular post widget with hover effect
☑ Center pages / navigation bar
☑ Auto resize blog post photo
☑ Post title before blog title (for better search in Google)

[DOWNLOAD] Click here to download!


1. Click download and save the file.
2. Find the file location in your computer and extract them. 
3. Go to blogger dashboard > template > backup/restore > choose file 
4. Upload the xml file and you are done! 

For the social media button, I don't provide the photos but altogether with the code instead! Check the notepad in the zip file!

I hope you like the template! If there's something somewhere wrong, don't hesitate to ask me! I will help! :)

Would you do me a favor? Do let me know if you are using this template! 


Servis Edit Blog | Minimalist Theme Sahaja

apple, bed, bedroom
Haippp! Ada sesiapa nak template baru tapi malas atau tak tahu nak buat macam mana? Tak perlu risau sebab saya boleh tolong cantikkan blog anda dengan harga yang berpatutan dan mampu milik! Tema yang saya buat hanya berkonsepkan minimal dan clean look sahaja . Boleh tengok live demo untuk blogger template yang saya buat dibawah. Sila fahamkan yang template features dan design adalah sama ibarat saya menjual blog template tetapi dengan tambahan installation servis. I hope you are interested with my works!

blogger templateblogger template

[The Primrose - live demo] // [The Jupiter - live demo]

Theme: Minimalist (only)
Harga: RM30

Template Features: 
▶ Two column layout
▶ Header (word only) / Use your current header
▶ Sticky menu bar on top / Basic menu tab underneath header
▶ Customised search bar gadget
▶ Customised popular post widget with hover effect
▶ Customised  pager with hover effect
▶ Social media share button under every post
▶ Auto resize blog post photo (depending on how you manage your blog post photo before)
▶ Read more / Jumplink function (upon request)
▶ Stylized jump link button with hover effect
▶ Back to top button
▶ Instagram widget (upon request)
▶ Social media icons for sidebar
▶ Mobile friendly through blogger setting

Berminat nak ada blog yang kemas dan nampak minimalist? 
Hantarkan sebarang pertanyaan dan maklum balas di Facebook Eeca Shyaa. 

Butiran yang saya perlukan adalah:
☑ Email dan password untuk proses pengubahsuaian
☑ Kod warna yang anda inginkan (background berwarna atau putih sahaja)
☑ Pilihan untuk menu tab (stick on top atau basic)
☑ Pilihan untuk read more function

** Header adalah bergantung kepada format gambar yang anda gunakan. Jika header asal anda bukan dalam format png, saya akan tukarkan ke default header (word only) bersesuaian dengan blog anda.

Cara bayaran:
Bayaran hanya dibuat melalui akaun CIMB sahaja. Bukti/resit pembayaran adalah wajib.

■ Kerja pengubahsuaian hanya dilakukan selepas anda membuat bayaran.
■ Memandangkan saya kerja pada sebelah pagi, saya akan mula edit blog anda pada sebelah malam. (I will inform you before proceed with the editing)
■ Tempoh minima yang diambil untuk siapkan blog ialah dalam 2-3 hari atau kurang mengikut giliran.
■ I am open for any discussion regarding the blog design. Cheers!! :)

Be my first client? I hope I will get your support!! 
Contact me through Facebook for any inquiries! x  

6 Helpful Things on My New Blogger Template

blogger template tutorial
I just changed my new blogger template today yeay! I would say it's a bit tough since I have to revert my current template to the original template and start again from scratch. It's all for the sake of this one add-on which is annoying to do yet useful to use for blogger template. I am a bit clueless when it comes to JavaScript and honestly, it's a real bummer! Struggling hard to tweak the codes, I finally managed to fix them all with the help of knowledge that I gathered from the fellow bloggers. Some of you might have these things on your blog, but for those who don't, it's your chance to optimise your blog to be a little bit SEO friendly!

1. Read More Link

I decided to use this function for the goodness it offers me. Rather than having one long post per page, wouldn't it be much better to have many of them per page? Don't worry about the weight of your web page cause this option will help your site to load faster. And as for my opinion, I am sure it will give a curiosity to readers and encourage them to click through your post easily. 
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Add Auto Read More To Blogger

2. Sitemap

I don't really know much about this. It's my first time putting this on my blog and I am quite amazed by the list that looks like a table of content to my blog. You can see it HERE. Based on what I read, it helps to tell Google and other search engines about the organisation of our blog content for easy crawlers and indexing experience. Dalam bahasa melayu pulak, dengan adanya file sitemap ini ia akan memudahkan Google untuk membaca dan meng-explore struktur blog kita untuk tujuan menyenaraikan link-link kita dalam indeks carian Google dengan lebih cepat.
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Add Sitemap To Blogger

3. Meta Tag Description

This is a snippet or a summary that we need to add on our site too! Search engine will show the summary in search results to let the visitor know a bit and pieces about the page before they click the link. Ada dua iaitu meta tag description untuk blog dan meta tag description for an individual post. I would say the description is the key to more traffic to our blog!
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Add Meta Description To Blogger

4. Disable Comment Box From Pages

I just hide the comment box from my pages which make it looks neater now. It's not necessary to leave the comment as long as reading about me is enough to let you know who is the webmaster behind the screen :P
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : Things To Remove From Your Blogger Template

5. Blog Archive SEO Friendly

I just found this great tips from blogger otai Hasrul Hassan. He said with too many URLs in our blog, Google will mistake our site as a spammer due to countless links. Mungkin dengan cara ni boleh meringankan blog jugak kot. Since it causes no harm to my site, I add the option to my site.
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : Ubahsuai Arkib Blog Untuk Mesra SEO

6. Pinterest Pin It Button

I'm pretty sure all of you know this super great site called Pinterest. It has countless inspiration post! They have whatever you needs if you know how to look for it. And I am using this option to help me promote my blog other than posting them to Facebook and Twitter.
⚫ Visit this website for the tutorial : How To Make A Hovering Pinterest Button To Blog Image

That is all the 6 helpful things that I add to my new blogger template. If you haven't optimised your blog to be SEO friendly, do it now! It causes no harm to your blog and it's among the tips on how to make your site superb :P Do you have any other tips to make the site great? Share it in the comment box below! :)


Pentingnya Privacy Protection Untuk Domain

pentingnya privacy protection

So, do you have a domain? Or are you planning to have your own domain in future? If your answer is a YES, then you gotta keep reading for the sake of your own knowledge and protection. I know some people are aware of this thing but some might not. If you are clueless, keep reading.

Apa itu privacy protection? 

Privacy protection ini berfungsi untuk menyembunyikan segala personal details kita daripada WHOIS database. Bukan setakat WHOIS saja, ada banyak lagi website lain yang mempunyai fungsi sama. Dari fahaman aku, fungsi website tersebut adalah mereka menyimpan semua information dan details yang kita isi ketika register domain. Boleh dikatakan bahaya jugak sebab sesiapa pun boleh akses website ni dan baca apa yanga ada kat dalam tu. 

Pentingnya privacy protection! 

Zaman sekarang memang sesiapa pun boleh guna internet. Ada yang gunakan untuk tujuan baik dan ada yang gunakan untuk tujuan jahat. In term of privacy protection, bila kau beli and register domain, kau kena isi personal details; nama penuh, alamat, nombor telefon etc. Seronok memang seronok bila ada domain sendiri. Tapi kalau kau tak ada privacy protection, maka keluarlah semua details kau dalam WHOIS database. Nama penuh, alamat, nombor telefon memang terang lagi jelas! Kalau golongan spammers dan golongan scammers jumpa contact infromation kau, memang gembiralah mereka.

pentingnya privacy protection

Ini adalah contoh aku punya details dalam WHOIS database. Macam yang kau boleh nampak, satu pun tak ada details tentang aku. Kalau tak ada privacy protection, benda ini memang akan tunjukkan kau punya info macam yang ditaip masa register domain. Cuak okay. Terus rasa insecure bila tengok contact information kita jadi public. 

Cara aktifkan privacy protection untuk domain!

Memandangkan aku beli domain dari NETKL, so aku akan tunjukkan cara macam mana nak beli privacy protection dari NETKL. Sebenarnya aku baru je beli beberapa hari yang lepas. Hiks. Langkah pertama kena login ke akaun NETKL (client area). Then pergi ke Our Services > Domain > What is Privacy Protection. Ini yang akan keluar.
pentingnya privacy protection

Langkah kedua adalah untuk email mereka dan bagitahu yang kau nak tambah service privacy protection ke domain.
pentingnya privacy protection

Aku email ringkas macam ni je. Penat je buat ayat dalam English. Dia reply bahasa melayu pulak hahah. Kalau diikutkan hati, aku nak je guna bahasa sarawak. Kamek nak molah privacy protection. Macam ne proses nya oh? Lulz. Bila dah email, just tunggu feedback dari mereka. They will ask you to make the payment and wait few minutes and you are done! Senang je. 

It is all depends on you. Kalau rasa benda ni penting, laju-laju buat privacy protection. Its for your own sake jugak. Untuk yang plan nak beli domain sendiri, please include this service together okay! Hope this help! 

Toddles x

Perlu Ke Ada Niche Blog?

looking for niche blog

I stumbled across so many amazing sites recently. A dozen of tabs, one after another, trying to find some ideas to write on my blog. Aku perasan kebanyakan blogger ada niche mereka sendiri. Persoalannya sekarang, perlu ke ada niche blog? Apa itu niche blog? Dari fahaman aku, niche blog ni merujuk kepada sebuah blog yang dibina khusus untuk satu topik sahaja dan berkaitan marketing. For example, if you decide to blog about beauty, then the entire blog will focus on beauty product, beauty tips and everything related to it. Kalau tentang travel, maksudnya blog tersebut akan tulis tentang travel sahaja. Itulah maksudnya niche blog. Hanya untuk topik spesifik sahaja. 

I HATE ITAs to me, finding a niche for my blog is extremely difficult. I wanted to write about beauty stuff, but I'm not into it. I wanted to write about foods, but I don't really go for outside meals cause I usually eat at home. I wanted to write about recipes, but I rarely making food experiments aka cooking. I wanted to write about clothing, but my daily outfit is only jeans and plain T-shirt. I wanted to write about places, but I rarely going anywhere. Obviously, the idea of having a niche is not going to help me to develop my site. I can write about all those stuff, but to focus only on one topic, I will definitely have a hard time maintaining my site. 

In my opinion, it is much better to write about anything we love. Just be who you are and blog in a way that makes you happy. Trying to focus on a specific topic will be a burden to you unless you are really good at writing a review or describing something. But what if you are no longer interested in the topic? Of course by having a niche blog, you will have a successful site. And the possibility for you to make money from blogging is higher compared to a leisure blogger. But that doesn't mean a blog without niche can't be successful too. It's all about how we care and handle our precious little blog. If you force yourself writing something you dislike, trust me, it will make you sick of blogging and you will come out with nothing. I guess that is the solid reason why we always have a writer's block!

When you write, write about something that you yourself want to read. Kalau kau tulis tapi kau sendiri tak berminat nak baca content kau, then don't expect orang lain nak baca. It's simple as that kan? But on top of that, it still depends on yourself. Kalau kau rasa nak fokus satu topik sahaja, then go for it. Kalau nak put together everything in one blog pun boleh. Just write about anything you are passionate about! 

I agree that niche will give a big hit to your blog. But I disagree when someone said without a niche, a blog is nothing. Oh come on, with or without a niche, all of us will be a successful blogger regardless of how we choose to manage our blog. I believe everyone has their own ways to keep the blog sparkling!

As for the conclusion, I did choose to go for a lifestyle blog since the beginning because I am simply a passionate person who have tonnes of interests and my blog is simply myself non-human version! (It's a reflection of me.) I chose to build a site where I can be myself, share any thoughts of mine and not being trapped with specific interest or expertise area. 

Now back to the question : Perlu ke ada niche blog? Jawapan aku adalah tidak sebab ada niche ataupun tak, kita tetap boleh jadi blogger berjaya dengan cara kita sendiri. Apa pendapat anda? Setuju atau tak setuju dengan niche ni?

Toddles! x

Free Supercool Writing Tool

Have you ever wanted to write in English but not confident enough with your words? I admit that I am not good in English either but since I love the language so much, I keep trying my best regardless how many grammar errors they are in my writing. I know that some people tend to lose their ideas or have a limitation of ideas when writing in English. That happens to me a lot. We tried to find words to describe something but as we realise that our knowledge in that second language ain't wide enough, we lost interest in using different language. 

But hey, I want to introduce this one writing tool that can help you with your English writing. It's a true grammar nazi! Well, not that grammar nazi that keeps bashing your typo in social media :P


I have been using this over the past weeks and I would say this is seriously a cool writing tool. It helps me to fix my spelling, check my grammar error, doing the proofreading, detect any plagiarism and even helps me to fix the confused word that I tend to have. If you see there's a red line under your words, meaning to say that there's something wrong with that. Just click the words and Grammarly will help you to change a suitable word in your writing. Cool is it? At least you can learn from it! 

It is so easy to install the plug in. Go to Grammarly website and simply click "Add to Chrome" and you are done. Oh don't forget to sign up or register your account. The best thing is it is FREE! You can also add the extension to Microsoft Word, well you know, just to help you with your assignment, work or whatever it is :D If you doubt it, then feel free to read the reviews HERE!

Seize the knowledge, guys! I hope this post will help you in your English writing! ^.^

Toddles! x

5 Tips Lulus Google Adsense

Haritu masa tengah buat research tentang macam mana nak buat duit dengan blog, aku pun mencuba nasib untuk apply Google Adsense. Untuk buat duit dari iklan ni aku cuma tahu tentang Nuffnang dan 8Share. Sumpah tak terfikir langsung nak cuba Google Adsense. Sebabnya haritu aku ada baca satu post dimana ada sorang blogger ni dah apply untuk kali yang ketiga tapi still kena reject. Kalau blog haprak macam blog aku ni memang tak ada chance langsung kot. Tapi surprisingly hiks. Mungkin sebab tu orang selalu cakap, kalau tak cuba sampai bila pun tak tahu kan. I stumbled across this one blog yang ajar cara macam mana nak apply Google Adsense. Very the simple je! 

First thing pergi dashboard dan check kat blog korang (ada arrow sebelah view blog), tengok if ada tab Earning atau tak. Kalau ada maksudnya korang dah layak untuk apply Google Adsense! Follow the instructions and just wait for few days. Kalau aku hari tu dalam masa 2 hari dah dapat reply. Tak sangka pulak dapat berita gembira. Niat memang nak cari side income through blog pun :) Kalau dulu Google Adsense memang strict untuk blog yang guna bahasa Inggeris je kot. Tapi sekarang blog yang guna bahasa Melayu pun boleh. Blog sendu ke blog tak banyak UV ke pun boleh cuba. Blog aku tak banyak visitor pun boleh lulus. Haa mesti cuba try test!

tips lulus google adsense

Sekarang aku nak share tips lulus Google Adsense pulak. Aku tahu korang mesti malas nak baca term and policy GA kan so aku akan ringkaskan dan permudahkan untuk fahaman korang. Benda ni penting sangat even aku tak ada baca pun sebelum apply GA. Dapat tahu yang blog aku dah ada tab Earning, aku terus je register tanpa baca sebarang tips. Heheh! Okay let's check it out yo!

1. Pastikan Isi Blog Mencukupi 

Untuk memastikan blog kau tak termasuk dalam kategori less content, make sure blog kau tak ada posting yang kurang dari 200 patah perkataan. Selain tu jugak haruslah ada artikel atau info yang beguna untuk direview oleh pihak Google (lol blog aku rasanya tak ada banyak info berguna hehehe). Kalau ada entri dalam bahasa Inggeris, pastikan tak ada ayat yang tunggang langgang. Kalau ada sedikit grammar mistake mungkin acceptable kot. Tapi jangan risau sebab pihak Google dah boleh berbahasa Melayu sekarang :D

2. Pastikan Blog Nampak Kemas

Okay benda ni pun penting. Jangankan pihak Google, aku sendiri pun boleh bengang kalau masuk blog yang meriah gila dengan widget entah apa dan ditambah lagi dengan background yang menyakitkan mata. Ugh please no. Belum sempat review memang dah kena reject kot. So make it simple and neat! Kalau kemas, cantik, sedap mata memandang barulah orang suka kan. Hehehe. 

3. Pastikan Blog Ada Disclaimer, About dan Contact 

Benda ni pun penting. Aku baru je letak lepas apply GA. Copy paste je dari Google dan edit sikit supaya tak ketara meniru hahaa. Tiga benda ni penting untuk dapatkan first impression dari pihak Google which they will think you are professional dalam berblogging dan follow semua term and policy. Boleh tengok contoh dalam blog aku. 

4. Pastikan Tak Ada Benda Illegal Dalam Blog

Haa pihak Google amat mementingkan benda ni. Mana-mana blog yang ada link untuk mendownload movie, lagu, software etc secara illegal memang akan direject serta merta. Mereka tak support piracy. Anything related to that memang tak boleh. So bersihkan blog anda dari sebarang jenayah siber cewahhhh. Kalau ada unsur pornographic dan plagiarism pun tak boleh.

5. Pastikan Blog Anda Dah Cukup Umur

Hihi kalau newbie memang belum dapat apply GA. Tapi untuk blogger yang dah lama guna blog, memang dah boleh apply. Dan confirm akan lulus if 4 tips kat atas ni anda apply kat blog. 

Okay harap korang dah khatam tips kat atas before apply GA. Cuba jangan tak cuba. Kalau boleh yang paling penting tu biarlah blog kita nampak professional supaya boleh meyakinkan pihak Google untuk approve kita punya request. Simple je kan? Lepas dah dapat tu jomlah kita sama-sama bekerja keras untuk naikkan trafik blog :D 

Till here then!

Toddles ~ x