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Book Review | You Can't Run by Mandy Thomas

I was in the bookstore that day, looking for a brand new novel to buy and read. The fiction genre seems to be a bit off for me during that time so I decided to pick a non-fiction book. I went through few books and finally found one that absolutely caught my attention. This book is based on true story and I never thought it would be so heartbreaking and horrific. 

This is a really tough book to read. It's about a domestic violence against a woman named Mandy who has to endure every single pain and she has to struggle to live her life by not letting the fear eats her away. Just with a soft touch by a stranger, her life is completely ruined.

Dusty muncul dalam kehidupan Mandy dengan personaliti yang boleh dikatakan baik pada permulaan. Tapi semakin mereka rapat, Dusty mula mengongkong setiap apa yang Mandy lakukan dan dia mula bersikap celaka dan baran yang teramatlah sangat. Geram okay geram. Pada tahap awal cuma penampar. But the tortures become worst that I cannot brain how can this person became so heartless and evil. He's a psychopath and it's definitely not easy to deal with him. He mentally and physically abused the entire life of Mandy and it took her around 18 years to be free from him!

Domestic violence is seriously not a joke. This book is well written and as you read every single word, the terrifying scenes will play in your head. Mandy kena pukul, kena tendang, kena terajang, kena rogol, kena tumbuk dan macam-macam lagi yang Dusty buat pada Mandy. He even cut her with knives and burn her skin with blue flame. Kau bayangkan lah. Api biru lagi maha panas dari api merah kan? Haih kejamnya. Even Mandy tak ada buat salah apa, Dusty tetap akan pukul dia. He doesn't like everything about Mandy yet he never wants to leave her. Since mereka tinggal serumah, Dusty memang sensitif dengan semua benda. Nak bernafas pun kena hati-hati. Or else memang Mandy kena belasah. He raped her many times and made her pregnant. But Mandy keeps all her babies and raised them well even with those struggles. Her children make her stronger. There are so many heartbreaking and terrible scenes in the book and I literally cried reading them. </3

Part yang paling aku tak faham bila Mandy cuba pertahankan diri dia. She asked helps from police, social workers, government etc tapi semua tak boleh harap. Mereka langsung tak membantu!!! Rasanya 3 dari 15 orang je yang bantu dia dan yang lain semua macam tak kisah je. Kejamnya manusia. Dengan keadaan Mandy macam tu, they simply take it as an easy case. Orang dah nak mati yet mereka boleh pulak buat bodoh macam tu. This is a true story okay. Bukan rekaan. Tapi cerita benar. Kau bayangkan lah kau dah nak kena bunuh hari ni tapi polis datang tiga hari kemudian. It makes me realize that in whatever case we face, we have to help ourselve cause tak ada pun yang nak tolong kita bila kita susah. And sometimes, we have to be strong on our own to fight whatever come to us. Kesian Mandy :(

Mad rescpect and salute to Mandy yang dah bertahan selama yang mungkin dan berani berdepan dengan lelaki gila tu. Tiap kali kena belasah, she will sets in her mind that she needs to stay alive for her kids. Walau apa pun yang terjadi, she always thinks of her children first. Tak pernah pun fikir pasal diri dia yang dah remuk, hancur semua. Tabahnya dia kan. Everyone really needs to read this book to expose themselves about what's going on around with some people. Domestic violence ni berlaku dimana-mana and as part of society, our responsibility is to speak out and help them. I believe it is so hard to endure it alone. I can't imagine being in her place :(

A few lesson to learn, please choose your partner wisely and don't rush into anything until you get to know deeply about them. Some people might be playing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and I would say that is dangerous as they will twist the story in front of other people. If you happened to be in such situation or getting hit by the person, speak up the truth and don't hide anything or it will become worst. Always and always stay strong no matter what and fight with all the spirit you have. Don't let this kind of people ruin your life cause you deserve much better than that. Hopefully, we will be aware of this domestic violence and speak up for it instead of being silent. <3

Toddles x 


Book Review | The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

I just finished reading another book by this month. It's the second one, guys! I admit that I am a slow reader. I keep buying the new books and just put them on the bookshelf; waiting to be read. Till one day I realised that I really need to read all of them before buying the new one. Ada ke yang macam aku? Beli tapi tak baca. It's a fact that I adore books more than everything! *sniff sniff*

the language of flowers, novel review
It was hard for me to understand the stories because the author flips between 18 years old Victoria and her childhood. But it gets interesting once you have immersed yourself in the story. 

Victoria dibesarkan di rumah kebajikan sejak kecil. Mempunyai personaliti yang tidak sukakan orang dan lebih suka menyendiri. Tiap kali di hantar untuk tinggal bersama keluarga angkat, dia akan sengaja berperilaku nakal yang amat supaya keluarga angkat akan menghantarnya semula ke rumah kebajikan. Pada satu hari, dia di hantar untuk tinggal bersama Elizabeth; seorang yang sangat penyayang dan memang ikhlas untuk menjadikan Victoria sebagai anaknya. Tetapi disebabkan kisah silam bersama adiknya yang bernama Catherine, dia menghadapi sedikit masalah emosi berkenaan hal keluarga.

Sepanjang kehidupan Victoria bersama Elizabeth, Victoria telah belajar banyak perkara terutamanya tentang bunga dimana Elizabeth mengajarnya tentang makna disebalik bunga yang ada. Dan ianya lebih dikenali sebagai Victorian Language of Flowers. Victoria yang pada mulanya tidak suka mempunyai sesiapa kerana merasa dirinya tidak layak disayang telah merasakan sesuatu pada Elizabeth. Ya, Elizabeth adalah satu-satunya yang dia mahukan. Tetapi pada hari proses pengambilan Victoria sebagai anak angkat Elizabeth yang sah, sesuatu telah terjadi antara meraka. 

Pada umur 18 tahun, Victoria mula hidup di jalanan. Nasib menyebelahi dia apabila Renata (owner kedai bunga) mengambilnya bekerja. Dan semenjak itu dia mula belajar hidup berdikari. Sampai satu masa, Victoria telah berjumpa dengan Grant. seorang petani bunga. Perkenalan mereka menjadi sangat rapat dan Victoria akhirnya jatuh cinta. Tetapi sayangnya ada sesuatu di antara mereka yang menjadi penghalang. Perasaan benci, takut, kecewa dan selainnya telah mengganggu emosi Victoria yang sememangnya rapuh sejak awal lagi.

I would say that this novel is kinda sad, heart-wrenching yet warm piece of fiction. Victoria has gone through so many things but still manage to endure every pain that she has in her heart. It revolves around things she loves; Elizabeth, Grant, flowers and her own life. Growing up with no one that could understand what she wants, with the complex personality and chaotic emotions, it is obvious that she is struggling to be better. Not only Victoria, other characters also have their past, their traits and their stories which will intrigue the readers to know about what's actually happening between them. This story is something like finding a happiness from every forgiveness. If you really played the scene in your head while reading, trust me, it will be one of your favourite books! I am fascinated with the language of flowers that has been mentioned in the novel. I will share it to you in the next entry. And for this novel, the rating is 4.5/5. Highly recommended!  

Toddles! x 


Book Review | Want You Dead by Peter James

want you dead, peter james, novel review

I decided to read this book cause it is kinda related to me when the word "online dating" caught my attention. Please don't misunderstand me. I love talking with strangers online and the synopsis of the book is interesting to me! I have spent less than one week to finish reading this novel and finally come to the last page yesterday. I find it its quite interesting and I wanted to make a quick review of the book. Well, you know, just to have something to be updated on my site :P 
Virtual romance becomes a terrifying obsession in Want You Dead . . .
Single girl, 29, smouldering redhead, love life that's crashed and burned. Seeks new flame to rekindle her fire. Fun, friendship and - who knows - maybe more? 
When Red Westwood meets handsome, charming and rich Bryce Laurent through an online dating agency, there is an instant attraction. But as their love blossoms, the truth about his past, and his dark side begins to emerge. Everything he has told Red about himself turns out to be a tissue of lies, and her infatuation with him gradually turns to terror.
Within a year, and under police protection, she evicts him from her flat and her life. But Red's nightmare is only just beginning. For Bryce is obsessed with her, and he intends to destroy everything and everyone she has ever known and loved - and then her too . . .
I believe by reading the synopsis help you visualise the story. It is about a girl named Red who seeks a love from an online dating site and finally met someone who caught her heart. They were so in love with each other until one day they broke up when the truth about Bryce has been revealed. He is actually a freaking psycho. Everything he told to Red was all lies. Red then met her new boyfriend but sadly he is being murdered. Her life turned into a nightmare when everything that she loves is suddenly burned down to ash. Even though I know the novel is a fiction, but I learned that dealing with a psycho is hell difficult! That person won't let you go until they get what they want from you regardless whatever it takes. You will live in a constant fear. As for Bryce, he knows how to get his way to stalk, to spy and to scare Red. If you read this book, you would know how insane he is!!! I love the part when Bryce monologue to himself. His words will absolutely give you goosebump and chills! 

I would say that the plot of the story is interesting and how the story goes give you the urge to keep reading until the last page. It gives you a curious feeling of what's going to happen next and what the predator is capable of doing to harm their victims. Never underestimate this kind of people! There's actually a lesson to learn of course. Never trusted people easily and always listen to your mum because they got the best instinct in the world. If she's doubting your boyfriend, means that there's something wrong with him :P 

Trust me, this book is interesting and not boring at all. This is my first time reading Peter James' novel and I would like to say that he knows how to excites his reader with his words. The English words are not complicated at all and I would recommend you to read the book if you are into crime genre! 

Toddles! x