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BBQ Chicken Malaysia Current Promotion

Trigger warning. Read at your own risk. This post is dangerous for a foodie. A piece of good news for fellow Mirians and all the hungry tummy who seek for a scrumptious and satisfying-affordable meal. BBQ Chicken Miri is currently having a promotion for what I could say a very good bargain. Opss! :D

For real you can choose any two of the meals as in the banner which is 2 pieces of Golden Olive Chicken or Jerk Grilled Chicken Ala Carte for RM9.95. Yes, I repeat, RM9.95 ONLY for their beloved patrons! Fret not cause you can purchase both if you can't decide which one to eat. Buy both yang penting habis kayyy.

Golden Olive Chicken 

For those who love a plain flavour, this BBQ Chicken Malaysia signature menu Golden Olive Chicken is definitely for you. Plain but delicious. The skin is crunchy and it's juicy on the inside. 2 pieces of this for RM9.95!

Jerk Grilled Chicken 
This is a star! I always love anything grilled and this Jerk Grilled Chicken is to crave for. I could say the …

Say Hello To The Artisanal Pizza!

Have you ever thought about eating pizza in a different version? What would cross your mind when talking about pizza? Probably Hawaiian chicken? Or pepperoni is it? Well, it's time to move on with that typical round pizza gaisss.

The reason is that Anchor Food Professionals has launched an exciting campaign called PizzArt with their partners to celebrate pizza in all its shape and sizes. Yeayy!! Whether you are a hard-core foodie or a discerning gourmand, these pizzaz gonna bring you to another level!

Here Comes The Artisanal Pizza by Anchor Food Professionals! What is artisanal pizza? Easy peasy. It's a pizza but doesn't look like a pizza, but it's still a pizza. This new pizza creation was conceptualized and created by Anchor Food Professionals' Hot Cooking Chefs as a way to help their partners create more excitement and variety in what they offer to their customers.

Using only the finest dairy products available, these artisanal pizzas are made with Anchor prod…

Food Hunting : Places To Eat in Kuching

Kalau aku cakap a short trip mean it is really a short trip. I finally got a chance to visit Kuching city again after few years. First time datang Kuching masa tahun 2003 or 2004 agaknya. It has been a long time lah. Actually this was an unplanned trip. I was thinking hard about where to travel this year and suddenly Kuching crossed my mind. Bila survey tiket ngam ngam harga murah, I just bought it on the next day. I didn't discuss with my parents before purchasing them cause I'm afraid they won't let me go. So the only possible way to get the green-light from them is to buy it first. I'm pretty sure dad won't let me sia-siakan the ticket hehehe!

Omnomnomnomnomnom ~  Rasanya aku datang semata nak buat aktiviti food hunting dan menternak lemak tepu je. Tak banyak aktiviti lain yang aku buat sebab aku datang pun dalam 5 hari je. Jumpa anak buah Adam dan Naila tapi tu aku akan cerita dalam lain entri lah. Hiks.

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First Thing To Get While in Kuching!…