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Little Lovartsie Freebies Part 2 - Crystal Stroke

eecashyaa freebies

I made new freebies yeay. Other than using this on the website, you can also use the freebies to decorate your card projects, scrapbook projects etc. All freebies are the work of Eeca Shyaa and it's originally mine unless stated otherwise.

Digital Lettering and Little Lovartsie Freebies Part 1

digital lettering freebies calligraphy clipart

Hello everyone! These few days something has gotten into me and voila, I have something to tell you. I'm not quite sure if I would be serious doing this but I'm going to give it a try. I love trying new things! It was first because of lettering or in other word is calligraphy. But it suddenly get me another ideas. Since I am fond of stationeries, from pens to eraser to bookmark to everything that related, I also love to see people do the lettering. It used to be between pen and paper. But now it's between my Adonit and my patience.

Addicting Digital Lettering!

I have a so called ugly handwriting and doing lettering is so not my talent. So I have decided to try the digital lettering. Easy to erase, undo and redo! And I will never ever run out of paper and ink anymore. It turned out very exciting and addicting and I made few of the digital lettering these recent days. These two are few of them.

digital lettering calligraphy

Please let me know what you think about my lettering! I know I need to learn and practice more to get used to how the lettering font should be, the stroke etc. I was very addicted doing this that something has crossed my mind. I was wondering if I could make something like freebies etc. So here you gooooo! Another addicting thing to do that I literally abandon my books! I'm sorry, dearest! 

digital clipart brush stroke freebies

These are some of the digital clipart that I made. And of course, Google inspired. It just a simple and minimalist yet colourful digital clipart and I knows you obviously can get this for free from Google. There are tons of them and I am just trying to place myself in that massive world of digital art. Psst I know I am not an art student but it's not a crime to jump into another hobby, right? 

And to let you know, for this thing, I go by the name Little Lovartsie which I scramble the words myself. It's specifically for my branding/product that is originally mine. I am willing to sell them too! More colours and shape etc of course. Please support okay? This is currently one of the thing I could do to find a passive income hehehe. 

Freebies Yeayy!

So, these freebies are for you whoever that read this post. I will provide the download link below. You can download and use them on your blog or anywhere you want to. Please do me a favour, would you? Backlink to me if you are using the freebies. :) Don't worry because everything is in PNG format/transparent background. I will try to create more of digital clipart which I hope if I woke up tomorrow, God will give me some talents and creativity in arts. Hehehe!

download freebies eeca shyaa

What do you think about this? I hope you like it! <3