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Digital Lettering and Little Lovartsie Freebies Part 1

digital lettering freebies calligraphy clipart

Hello everyone! These few days something has gotten into me and voila, I have something to tell you. I'm not quite sure if I would be serious doing this but I'm going to give it a try. I love trying new things! It was first because of lettering or in other word is calligraphy. But it suddenly get me another ideas. Since I am fond of stationeries, from pens to eraser to bookmark to everything that related, I also love to see people do the lettering. It used to be between pen and paper. But now it's between my Adonit and my patience.

Addicting Digital Lettering!

I have a so called ugly handwriting and doing lettering is so not my talent. So I have decided to try the digital lettering. Easy to erase, undo and redo! And I will never ever run out of paper and ink anymore. It turned out very exciting and addicting and I made few of the digital lettering these recent days. These two are few of them.

digital lettering calligraphy

Please let me know what you think about my lettering! I know I need to learn and practice more to get used to how the lettering font should be, the stroke etc. I was very addicted doing this that something has crossed my mind. I was wondering if I could make something like freebies etc. So here you gooooo! Another addicting thing to do that I literally abandon my books! I'm sorry, dearest! 

digital clipart brush stroke freebies

These are some of the digital clipart that I made. And of course, Google inspired. It just a simple and minimalist yet colourful digital clipart and I knows you obviously can get this for free from Google. There are tons of them and I am just trying to place myself in that massive world of digital art. Psst I know I am not an art student but it's not a crime to jump into another hobby, right? 

And to let you know, for this thing, I go by the name Little Lovartsie which I scramble the words myself. It's specifically for my branding/product that is originally mine. I am willing to sell them too! More colours and shape etc of course. Please support okay? This is currently one of the thing I could do to find a passive income hehehe. 

Freebies Yeayy!

So, these freebies are for you whoever that read this post. I will provide the download link below. You can download and use them on your blog or anywhere you want to. Please do me a favour, would you? Backlink to me if you are using the freebies. :) Don't worry because everything is in PNG format/transparent background. I will try to create more of digital clipart which I hope if I woke up tomorrow, God will give me some talents and creativity in arts. Hehehe!

download freebies eeca shyaa

What do you think about this? I hope you like it! <3