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Down With A Fever

down with a fever
I guess this week just ain't my days. I've been down with a fever. And flu for almost a week already. And sore throat as well. Stuffy nose and now stuffy ears. I have taken Clarinase which is a so-called strong medicine for flu recommended by my stepmom. It's gonna make me drowsy she said. But I guess the Clarinase has no effect on me. Too much painkiller in my body that even the strong medicine give up to function properly. Lol I'm dying! 

I tried to find some tips on Google to help me unclog my ears. Because stuffy ears are really making me uncomfortable! I tried the steam shower but it just not my thing to shower with hot water. I mean, warm. But wait, how do you get the steam if the water ain't hot? 

I tried the warm compress method where you put the warm cloth over your ears or nose to get rid of the stuffy feelings but it doesn't work. Then I go for a drink. Hot honey lemon. I don't like the taste but yeah, I need to force myself to drink it. It's an alternative for medicine so I gotta do it for the sake of myself. We can't depend too much on medicine, right?

I even took Panadol Actifast for my fever. I felt better the next day. But the day after that, which was yesterday, I was once again down with a fever. I really felt like oh-im-gonna-die. Yes I know its overdramatic but I really felt that way lol. 

Each and every day I hope I will wake up with no flu, no fever no stuffy ears no stuffy nose and no sore throat. Nyah kauuuuuuu! But it just won't go away sobs. Being sick makes me lazy and not in the mood to do anything. 

Well, just hoping I will recover soon so that I can do the work especially in maintaining my blog and hoping to be consistent in updating entries. Just a quick writing. Till here then! x 

The Blue Sky Tag

the blue sky tag

Hello lovely! I've been so busy lately that I don't get a chance to date my blog! It's been few days since my last post and that I decided to do the Blue Sky Tag post. I've been nominated by three persons (I'm sorry if I missed out the person who tagged me in their post) which mean there are 33 questions I have to answer. So, are you ready? Here we go!

6 Things That Are Easier Said Than Done

easier said than done

I Want To Diet and Start Eating Healthy

But I always end up having fried noodles for breakfast and chicken rice for lunch. I was planning to have only boiled eggs for breakfast and chicken soup with green veggies for lunch the night before but why did I do the opposite things on the next day? What make it worst is I can't even leave the junk foods! Tsk.

My Current Wish List #1

eecashyaa wishlist

Hello! I decided to make this post because I have no idea what to write about. Speaking of wish list somehow excites me! There are some stuff that currently in my wish list and I will definitely be happy if I could get my hand on them. Obviously not now but sooner, maybe. 

Well, I'm not saying I will get them all but if I had extra money, I will prolly grab every single thing that I put in my wish list. Self-satisfaction they said! Yes I know it's not necessary and it's what we called as kehendak instead of keperluan. But hmm, it's not a crime to have a desire towards something is it? Dreaming is free! :P

Now let's go through things that drive me crazy. 

eecashyaa wishlist

1. SONY A6000

Smaller and lighter than comparable DSLRs! To be honest I don't really have the knowledge about camera and sort. But Sony A6000 has always been on my wish list because I love the quality of the night shots taken with this camera. I am fond of the night view! I never tried them but I did some research about it. Look HERE to see the example of the night shots and HERE to see the day shots. Yes, I know I have to learn the photography skills in order to get that beautiful photos. Finger crossed. 


After doing some research about what stylus has a similar function as Apple Pencil, I finally know that Adonit Pixel is the perfect one. If you read my post HERE, you will know that I am currently addicted to digital lettering. My Adonit Jot Pro can't do the lettering as I need a stylus/pencil that has a sensitivity pressure to work better with iPad. If you asked me why I don't buy the Apple Pencil, it's simply because I have an iPad mini instead of iPad Pro. Apple Pencil is specifically made for iPad Pro only. It won't work on my iPad.


I always prefer sandal over heels or sneakers. And this kind of chunky-looks with 2 or 3 straps footwear is what I go for. I've been eyeing on this for ages already! Curious to see how it looks like on feet? Click HERE and HERE. Nampak macam sandal pinjam but I love the style though. Definitely gonna own this some day! But if you happened to know other footwear brands that have the similar style of sandals, do let me know so I could have them on my next wish list post. Eh? Vegan Clarissa and Hayden also looks nice! *drooling* 


I have my first GShock which you can see HERE and now I am eyeing on all-black GShock. I know it's a men's watch and I don't know if it would fit my hand but I love to see how sexy it is! I love GShock because of its features, especially the shock and water resistant. I'm the clumsy type of girl and I know by owning this kind of watch, I don't have to worry if it's crash on the floor or drowning in the water. I mean, don't you wash your plate and glass after using them? :P


Yes, boot. Other than sandals, I love boots too! I like to see people wearing ankle boots and high-cut boots (I don't know if this is the right term but you got me, right?). If I were to buy myself one of this footwear, Timberland 6 In Premium Boot is my pick. It's waterproof! I used to adore Dr Martens' but when Mr M told me about Timberland, I fall head over heels with it. He is obsessed with Red Wing but it's way too pricey lol. I have this kind of style that I like but I'm not sure what do we called it. Rugged looks, perhaps? Click HERE, HERE and HERE to see Timberland 6 In Premium Boot in action!


No matter how hard I tried to get rid of this feeling, I know deep inside me I still want Leuchtturm1917! Yes, you heard me. I want it in A6 size, grid style and in emerald colour. I have my Filofax in A6 size but I think it's a bit bulky to be brought anywhere. While my Dream Journal is in A5 size and too much to be in my daily handbag. Leuchtturm1917 in A6 size seems to be less bulky and it looks like it's the perfect book to jot down notes etc. Do you know where can I get this in Malaysia?


After reading Siqa's post about one blog template from Pipdig she sets her eyes on, I go through the website to see some blogger templates too. Well, of course without any feeling to own one since I know it's gonna be expensive. But sadly, I found The Grid that hits me straight to my heart. Cewah. Yes, sad because right now I feel like purchasing the template! But guys, tolonglah, it costs $49/RM215! I love The Grid because it has minimalist and clean looks which always be the theme for my blog. I prefer this kind of design compare to the meriah-happy-looks blogger template. It looks good, isn't it? *sighhh*

* * * * * *

There are so many things I desired yet so little money. If I sum up the price of everything that I want, I know it would exceed 5k! Bukan-bukan wishlist aku ni kan. Hiks. Dah nama pun wish list. I know I shall work harder and save more in order to get what I want. I need to manage my expenses; separate the money for future and the money for self-satisfaction. Do it in the right way so you won't broke in accomplishing your wish list. That is how it supposed to be! Let's earn more and save more yeay yippie yabedabeduuu!

So, what about you? Tell me what you have on your wish list! 

The Gold Ring And The Beaded Bracelet

eeca shyaa

I have decided that #CaaAndHerStuff gonna be part of this blog from now on. Just like how other people do their every month's haul, I'm gonna do the same but in a different way. And I might thinking of categorize them all. And for this, for #CaaAndHerStuff, it simply means me and my belongings. I just want to share my favorite stuff and keep them as a memory. Well, just in case I lost them someday! At least I have bits of them with me here. :)

So today, I just bought new precious bracelet for myself and I am completely in love with it!

long beaded bracelet

Pretty and cute isn't it? Abaikan jam tangan yang berdebu tu hahaha! All you need to focus is on that pretty colorful tiny beads! It's actually a long beaded bracelet. I bought it for RM40. I don't know if you think its a bit pricey or cheaper but you know what, when something caught your attention, how much the thing costs is not a big deal. Yang penting dapat or tak pun memang akan ada penyesalan. Hiks. Aku memang suka benda-benda unik dan ala-ala vintage macam ni. And I don't care if it's a cheap stuff atau tak. Janji aku suka. And I love beads too! Lagi-lagi kalau yang crystal beads. And until I found something like this bracelet, baru ku tahu manik manik yang lain pun cantik jugak!

The next thing I bought for myself is a gold sempoa ring! I called it self reward.

sempoa ring, gold ring

Well, to be honest, travel fund is gone. Aku guna duit yang aku kumpul untuk pergi Korea untuk beli cincin emas. Memandangkan harga emas makin hari makin melambung tinggi, baik aku simpan secebis daripada tak ada langsung. Ada tu memang ada. Tapi itu pemberian orang tua. At least aku ada something yang betul-betul berharga yang aku beli guna duit sendiri. Aku ada terbaca yang harga emas pada tahun 2020 akan jadi dalam around RM500 segram. Sekarang segram emas belum cecah RM200 lagi. Mungkin dalam RM180+ segram.

Masa beli cincin ni sebenarnya aku kurang dengar apa yang amoi tu cakap. The only thing that I know at that time was I have enough money to buy that gold ring and walau apa pun terjadi, aku tetap nak beli. So here it goes... I am married to myself! Kenapa aku pilih sempoa? Tak ada sebab apa pun. Aku suka tengok benda tu boleh bergerak. Plus design tu pun nampak unik. Kalau nak kira something mungkin boleh praktikkan sempoa di cincin ni kot hihihi. Tapi kena belajar cara macam mana nak kira dululah sebab aku pun tak tahu pakai sempoa ni. Kesian duit untuk travel huhuhu. Tapi tak apa, orang cakap takkan lari gunung yang dikejar... Betul lah kan. Gunung mana ada kaki :p Rajin-rajin simpan duit insyallah boleh tunaikan impian nak jelajah serata dunia. Ultimate goals tu!

Till here then.. Toddles!

Peta Dunia Mengikut Fikiran Donald Trump

Sejak Donald Trump jadi presiden amerika syarikat, macam huru hara je dunia aku rasa. Padahal ada sesetengah orang kata yang Donald Trump ni cuma cakap kosong dan tabur janji kosong saja semata-mata nak orang undi dia. Biasalah.. Demi nak ambil hati penyokong, kenalah tabur janji manis dulu. Macam tak tau je. Kan kita dah ada contoh. Berdoa sajalah yang Donald Trump ni cuma cakap kosong. Fikir yang positif dan selalu doa yang terbaik. Kot kot manatau tuhan bagi hidayah dekat dia. Tengah best layan facebook baca artikel, aku terjumpa pulak satu benda yang agak menarik nak di kongsi. Ia adalah peta dunia mengikut fikiran Donald Trump! Okay cuba korang cari dimana letaknya negara Malaysia dalam peta ni. Tsk!

Tak tahu nak respon macam mana. Kalau betul lah Donald Trump fikir yang Malaysia ni banyak terrorist, memang berjaga-jaga dan bersiap sedialah kita. Wish we could change his perspective towards our country and even on other countries too! Dan buang jugak perangai tak senonoh dia yang racist dan sexist tu. I wish we could live in peace and harmony. Love and respect each other regardless the color of the skins, races, religions etc. Let's hope for the best!

Drama Korea Terbaru Pilihan Hati

upcoming korean drama, legend of the blue sea

Tak sabar tunggu cerita korea baru yang akan mula minggu depan. Ada tiga korean drama yang currently dalam to-watch list aku. Pengaruh cerita korea ini memang kuat macam pengaruh donald trump jugak. Bila dah tengok trailer memang akan terjebak. Tak boleh kalau tak tengok sebab gerenti akan teringat-ingat teaser tu. Lagi-lagi kalau ada actor kacak dan hensem. I kenot resist! :p  Ada tiga drama korea yang akan mula pada minggu depan yang aku nak tengok. Are you ready?

1. Legend of The Blue Sea

Tengok teaser pun dah best. Pelakon utama drama Legend of The Blue Sea ini adalah si kacak Lee Min Ho dan si cantik Jun Ji Hyun. Drama ini adalah inspirasi daripada sejarah kisah dongeng orang Korea iaitu Joseon legend dimana seorang nelayan menangkap puteri duyung dan melepaskannya. Dalam cerita ini pulak, puteri duyung yang terakhir di dunia muncul di Seoul dan cuba untuk hidup sebagai manusia. Bila dah jadi manusia, terjumpa pulak dengan si penipu Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho pula akan ada dua watak di era berlainan iaitu zaman dulu dan zaman moden. Curious gila nak tahu jalan cerita drama Legend of The Blue Sea ni! Agaknya dapat tak puteri duyung zaman dulu survive zaman moden?

Release date : 16 November 2016

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju

Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju ini pulak mengisarkan tentang atlet yang cuba untuk mencapai impian mereka dalam sukan yang diminati. Pelakon utama adalah Lee Sung Kyung sebagai Kim Bok Ju dan Nam Joo Hyuk sebagai Jang Joon Hyung. Drama ini bukan sekadar sukan tetapi akan diselitkan kisah cinta antara pelakon utama! Hmm boleh ke Bok Ju comel ni angkat berat?

Release date : 16 November 2016

3. Oh My Geum Bi

Drama Oh My Geum Bi ni macam cerita sedih. Berkisar tentang seorang ayah yang menjaga anaknya yang berumur 8 tahun yang mempunyai penyakit Alzheimer. Hmm mengingatkan aku dengan movie A Moment To Remember. Rasanya kena sedia tisu bila tengok drama ni! Pelakon utama adalah Heo Jung Eun sebagai Geum Bi dan Oh Ji Ho sebagai Mo Hwi Chul. Tak sabar nak tengok!

Release date : 16 November 2016
* * * * * *
Don't forget to mark your calendar! 

Bila Donald Trump Jadi Presiden Amerika Syarikat

donald trump, USA president, 2016 usa election

Nak kisah atau tak terpulang dengan individu. Tapi aku rasa benda macam ni semua orang patut ambil tahu walaupun dia tak suka. Kenapa dan apa. Nak cakap aku follow up the entire US election news memang taklah. Tapi at least aku tahu serba sikit tentang benda ni. Agak terkejut bila tahu Donald Trump yang jadi president baru. Hairan kenapa orang tetap undi dia sedangkan mereka tahu Donald Trump ni orangnya macam mana. Terang-terangan menyokong dan menggalakkan benda yang tak sepatutnya. Like seriously? Tak jugak aku support Hillary Clinton sebab either Donald Trump ataupun dia, orang Islam tetap jugak akan ditindas, kan? Donald Trump memang benci Islam. I can't imagine what he will do to Muslims later. Antara sebab kenapa orang takut bila Donald Trump jadi presiden Amerika Syarikat:

Orang Islam akan dilarang untuk masuk ke USA.
Imigran/pendatang akan diusir dan dihantar pulang ke negara asal. Dia jugak mengugut untuk batalkan visa terhadap negara yang taknak terima rakyat dia balik. (Kesian kalau yang dah ada family kat sana..)
ISIS : Kononnya nak hapuskan ISIS di Middle East. Even if dia berjaya hapuskan ISIS, aku tak rasa dia akan bagi keadilan untuk umat Islam kat sana. Perang, genocide memang tetap ada.
Ekonomi dunia akan terganggu.
Menggalakkan racism sebab dia sendiri pun racist!

Sebenarnya aku tak faham kenapa dia ramai supporter. Adakah sebab spesies macam dia ada banyak kat sana? Kalau ya memang agak menakutkan okay! Apa-apa pun, benda dah jadi. Donald Trump won the presidency and he is now a new president of United States. The 45th United States president. Kita tunggu dan lihat apa consequences dia lepas ni. Tengok jugak apa yang terjadi di Malaysia sekarang. Macam-macam hal. Sobs.

Dear world, meet the new United President, Donald J Trump...


Of Things That Happened Last Week

eeca shyaa

Terus terang cakap memang aku eksaited bila nak masuk bulan November. Nothing particular actually since I was counting the days to meet someone. Eksaited nak mati bila tengok hari yang ditunggu-tunggu akan tiba. Biasanya hello-november-please-be-nice-to-me adalah benda tipikal yang akan orang buat tiap kali masuk bulan baru. Padahal apa-apa bulan pun memang baik dengan kita. Kita yang shaitonirojim sebenarnya. Kihkihkih. Now let's skip to the things that happened in my 44th week of 2016. 


I was completely tearing and breaking into pieces. I trusted that person very much. Makin lama aku rasa makin dibiarkan. Tapi aku tak peduli. Aku abaikan perasaan tu semua. Rupanya instinct aku betul. Dia give up on our relationship dan tinggalkan aku tanpa sikit rasa sedih pun. He always said he loves me more, he said he won't leave me, he said he will keep his promises but sadly he broke his own words. Spesies macam ni memang layak dihumban dalam laut paling dalam dan dijadikan santapan jerung. Tak pun pergi hantar ke bermuda triangle biar lenyap. I thought I will be crying for the whole month but thanks to korean dramas dan Ji Chang Wook sebab tak sampai seminggu aku dah boleh move on. Tak sabar nak tengok oppa Lee Min Ho berlakon dalam The Legend of the Blue Sea pulak. Tengok trailer macam best!

I Abandoned My Bullet Journal.

Disebabkan sedih, aku tak ada mood nak tulis apa-apa dalam journal. Rasa serba salah sebab aku sepatutnya menulis tapi aku cuma biarkan week 44 tu kosong. Mungkin minggu ini pun kosong. Dan mungkin jugak aku akan biarkan the whole November punya page tu kosong. Serius sedih dan tak ada semangat. Malaslah. 

I Skipped My Konga Class As Well.

I am supposed to attend the fitness class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tapi disebabkan cuaca pun ikut mood aku yang tengah sedih dan gloomy, aku jadi malas. Memang minggu yang teramat malas dan tak ada mood gara-gara satu benda je. Alahai. I need my spirit back! To that person, nak tinggalkan aku pun tak perlulah bawak semangat aku lari. Phew. Benci ah.

I Lost My Gold Bracelet. 

Ini kali kedua aku kehilangan gelang. Masa hari jadi aku yang entah ke berapa, mungkin yang ke 20 or 21 kot, ex boyfriend ada hadiahkan gelang. Tapi tak sampai seminggu gelang tu hilang. Sabtu lepas pulak gelang emas aku yang hilang. It was bought my late grandma sobs. Dalam pukul 3 petang baru aku perasan yang tangan aku kosong. Sedih. Aku taknak dah pakai apa-apa gelang unless yang memang jenis tak boleh nak tercicir. 

Cancelled Plan.

Well, sebenarnya aku memang nak keluar hari Ahad dengan kawan yang aku tak pernah jumpa tapi dalam chat kemain macam orang dah kenal 10 tahun. Tapi disebabkan malam sabtu tu aku terlampau layan perasaan dan tidur lewat, makanya esok aku terlewat bangun dan meng-sengajakan diri ini untuk bangun lewat. Hiks. Insyallah Ahad ni aku akan keluar mencari semangat aku balik. Nak jalan sekitar Miri dan cari tempat best. Boleh aku share dalam blog. 

* * * * * *

Di sebalik benda yang jadi aku yakin ada hikmah dan allah pasti ada rancangan yang lagi baik dari tu. Tapi kalau yang bangun lambat dan abaikan sesetengah benda tu memang kemalasan yang datang dari diri sendiri. Insyaallah azam tahun baru nak jadi rajin pulak! Abaikan hari hari aku yang bosan sebab aku memang jarang keluar rumah dan pergi mana-mana. Ayah aku pun bising sebab asyik mereput dalam bilik je hahah! Jangankan keluar rumah, keluar bilik pun tak. Orang lain sebok tengok gegar vaganza, tengok suri hati mr pilot entah, aku pulak over feeling layan cerita korea. Tak pun menyampah sendiri tengok video donald trump dalam youtube. Curious nak tahu siapa akan menang dalam us election! Jeng jeng jeng!

Till here then. Bai!

My Top 4 Favorite Websites To Help Me De-Stress and Stay Calm

how to de-stress

I was lost in the ocean of thoughts last night. It's not empty but full of why-questions. Nak bercakap dengan kawan tapi dah lewat dan agaknya mereka dah tidur. Nak update blog tapi kepala otak tak nak fikir benda lain. Nak tengok korean drama tapi tak boleh nak fokus. Lastnya merenung ke siling je. Teringat dengan seseorang dah tu menangis. Dah berhenti menangis datang pulak benda lain menerjah. I'm pretty sure you have been through this situation too. That lost and empty feeling. It's dragging you away from your sense. Tengah fikiran kosong tu aku pun taip "calm" dekat Google dan terjumpa senarai website yang sangat menarik yang boleh membantu untuk tenangkan fikiran. Ada banyak tapi aku cuma senaraikan yang paling aku suka sahaja.

1. Calm

calm website

Website ini ada 29 nature screen dengan bunyi yang lain dari gambar yang lain. Pilih mana yang berkenan dan make sure kasi full screen supaya benda lain tak ganggu. Kalau ada projector screen mesti best kan. Luas pemandangan hiks. I'm sure you're going to fall in love with this website.

2. The Thoughts Room

the thoughts room

Ini antara salah satu yang aku suka. Kalau orang yang suka up status luah perasaan di Facebook, thoughts room lagi best. Bila kau taip ayat di status bar, ayat-ayat tu akan jatuh dan hilang. Trust me, it gives you another feelings. Background music pun sangat membantu.

3. Looking At Something

looking at something

Bila dah enter website ni dia memang akan ada bunyi burung berkicauan dan bunyi hujan. Kalau korang move cursor bahagian atas, ia akan jadi hujan renyai. Kalau move cursor bahagian bawah, ia akan jadi hujan lebat dan ribut petir. Kalau yang suka bunyi hujan macam aku memang akan suka website ni.

4. The Nicest Places On The Internet

the nicest people on the internet

Jangan fikir lain pulak bila dah buka website ni. You will receive virtual hugs and love from strangers. Bagi aku agak kelakar jugaklah but it works cause it puts a smile on my face.

Empat ni antara yang paling aku suka. Kalau nak lagi yang lain boleh tengok di SINI. I hope the websites will help to put your mind on ease. Not much but at least it works for me!

Toddles x

Korean Dramas Addiction

korean dramas addiction

K-Drama is my only entertainment. Pertama kali terjebak dengan korean drama adalah bila aku tengok cerita Full House. Sejak dari tu tak pernah tak melekat bila tertengok apa-apa preview korean drama. Selalunya korean drama akan ada dalam 16 ke 20 episod. And trust me, bila dah tengok episod pertama tu memang aku akan sambung tengok episod seterusnya sampailah episod terakhir. It will only takes me one night or maybe one night and half day. Kalau korean drama yang still currently airing dekat tv tu, aku tengok dengan penuh kesabaran je bila terpaksa tunggu seminggu untuk episod seterusnya. Tak boleh nak buat apa kan. Now let me share what's my current korean drama watching list and to-be-watch list!


Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

scarlet heart ryeo
I was never into any historical drama. Nampak macam boring. But this drama proves me wrong. Lepas tengok short video dalam facebook, aku terus terjebak nak tengok the rest of the episodes. Blame the curiosity. Video yang aku tengok tu menunjukkan Hae Soo (the main actress) kena transport balik ke zaman dulu-dulu lepas dia lemas. Then terjumpa prince kacak pulak. Dah tu adik-beradik prince pulak semua kacak. Hmm tu antara salah satu sebab kenapa aku melekat dengan drama ni. Hahah! Sekarang tinggal lagi dua final episod yang bakal ditayangkan hari ni dan esok. Tak sabar nak tengok!

Jealousy Incarnate

jealousy incarnate
Yang ni pun tejebak gara-gara video pendek yang dikongsi dalam facebook. Aku suka dengan main actress dia (Gong Hye Jin) sebab tu aku tengok. Hiks. Drama ni tentang Pyo Na Ri (Gong Hye Jin) yang suka gila dengan Lee Hwa Shin (Cho Jeung Seok) tapi cinta dia tak terbalas pun. 3 tahun dia suka kat lelaki tu tapi lelaki tu buat tak endah. Bila best friend Lee Hwa Shin mula rapat dengan Pyo Na Ri, barulah dia terhegeh-hegeh nak jugak dekat perempuan tu. But egois always on top of him. Memang sakit jiwa tengok drama ni. Geram! Tapi drama ni bukan sekadar berkisar tentang cinta tiga segi mereka. Ada jugak terselit kisah lain. I would say this drama is interesting! Trust me, kalau tengok mesti addicted terus! 

The K2 

the K2
Tak terlintas pun nak tengok drama K2 ni sebenarnya. Tengok poster yang dipaparkan dalam website tempat aku tengok korean drama online ni macam tak menarik je. But I give it a try sebab dah tak tahu nak layan cerita apa since masa tu aku baru je habis tengok drama Cinderella and The Four Knights. Surprisingly, this drama is daebak! I immediately fall in love with Ji Chang Wook okay! Comelnya aduii. Part berlawan tu yang buat aku dupdapdupdap hahah! Dalam drama ni dia jadi bodyguard yang paling terer among others. Kalau tengok tak sah tak jatuh cinta okay :P Sila google sinopsis cerita kalau nak tahu K2 ni tentang apa. Another one interesting drama I would say!



The only reason I want to watch this is because of Ji Chang Wook! 
Truth to be told, I can't get enough of watching korean dramas. Bagi pendapat aku scene mereka tak terlampau dan melampaui. They looks adorable no matter what they do. Takde nampak annoying, minta puji bagai hahah! Except bila watak jahat yang annoying gila memang aku menyampah lah. But all of them are all cute and adorable!! Nah, I know some of them might be plastic but who cares? Yang penting aku enjoy tengok drama dan watak yang dorang bawak!

Cuma nak selitkan disini, here are the list of korean dramas yang aku dah tengok! 
■ Full House
■ Boys Over Flower
■ You're Beautiful
■ Secret Garden
■ My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
■ Playful Kiss
■ Personal Taste
■ Sungkyungkwan Scandal
■ My Girl
■ Bread, Loves and Dreams
■ Birth Of Beauty
■ Cheese In The Trap
■ My Sassy Girl
■ Baby-Faced Beauty
■ Mary Stayed Out All Night
■ Wild Romance
■ Sweden Laundry
■ Oh My Venus
■ She Was Pretty
■ Pinocchio
■ Descendant Of The Sun
■ Cinderella And The Four Knights
■ W -Two World
* * * * * *

Rasanya setakat ni tu je. There are more I want to watch! But tak boleh dilayankan sangat sebab its gonna take all my time then. I still need to other stuff jugak wuu. Tapi kalau ikutkan hati memang aku nak layan semua korean drama yang ada! :P

Which korean dramas are your favourite? And do you have any good dramas recommendation for me? :D

Finding The Passion

finding the passion

Dulu masa sekolah rendah kerap kali kena tanya apa cita-cita kita bila dah besar. Dalam report card siap tulis nak jadi doktor, cikgu, bomba dan kebanyakan semua pekerjaan yang ada uniform smart. Tapi bila dah besar, semua cita-cita tak kesampaian. Sekarang aku dah 23 tahun dan masih lagi terkontang-kanting mencuba untuk cari apa yang aku nak buat. Pening. Rasa nak menangis. Betul-betul rasa macam loser bila tak boleh nak recognize bakat dan passion sendiri. 

Lepas habis tingkatan lima, aku sambung belajar dalam bidang seni kulinari. Memang aku minat memasak. Tapi lepas habis tiga bulan praktikal, aku sedar yang aku tak berminat nak bekerja dalam bidang tu. Rupanya aku silap. Minat memasak adalah sekadar hobi. Bukan sesuatu yang aku nak buat sebagai pekerjaan. Plus I never get any support from anyone. Mostly kritikan yang aku dapat semua negatif dan tak membina langsung. Memang out terus. Orang cakap zaman sekarang tak boleh nak memilih kerja. Sekarang aku kerja sambil tolong parents di kedai. Dan sambil tu jugak aku cuba untuk cari apa yang aku betul-betul minat. 

Aku suka belajar banyak benda. Aku sentiasa curious dengan macam-macam dan sebab tu aku rasa sangat susah untuk cari apa passion aku. Lagi bertambah susah bila aku terperangkap kat sini tanpa apa-apa. Aku tahu yang aku perlu keluar dari sini dan cari sambil cuba benda baru yang aku tak pernah buat untuk kenal pasti apa hidden talent aku. Kalau terperuk kat sini tak buat apa memang sampai bila pun tak jumpa kan? I'm in that phase where I don't know what to do in my life!!!

Aku rasa dulu masa kecil kita sepatutnya didedahkan dengan benda ni which is more to talent, passion, ambition and all that related to our future. Bukan tengok siapa lagi pandai, siapa dapat 100 markah dalam ujian etc. Tsk. I'm so pissed off. Not hundred percent blaming that lah. But if I could turn back the time, I would definitely think wisely about this thing! Hari tu ada tengok video dalam Facebook where the kids are being exposed to this thing about pekerjaan for the sake of recognizing their talent and passion. We supposed to do that too!!

My advice to those whom it may concern, pursue your dreams once you know what you want to do in your life. Dan jangan sesekali konfius antara minat sekadar hobi dan minat untuk buat sesusatu benda sebagai pekerjaan. Bagi aku dua benda tu berbeza. There's a quote saying that we need to enjoy our life. It depends on you how you define the quotes. But as for me, it means I have to do something that makes me happy. So yeah, there's no way I'm going to do something I dislike. I don't like being force or forcing myself doing X when the fact that I want to do Z! I say it's okay to be rebellious in order to pursue your own happiness :D

Aku masih lagi perlu cari apa Z ni. Alahai. Korang ada mengalami benda ni ke? Ke aku sorang je yang terkontang-kanting tak tahu nak buat apa dalam hidup? Sobs. 

Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing... Somethin' we were born with... Somethin' that's ours and ours alone... Somethin' that can't be taught to ya or learned... Somethin' that got to be remembered. - Bagger Vance

When You Think You Know Everything

when you think you know everything

We tend to judge and make our impression on what we see in front of us. But we never bother to see  or to know about things beyond that. Bercakap tanpa tapisan, tanpa fikir perasaan orang lain memanglah kita yang paling hebat kan? Pernah tak fikir apa sebenarnya disebalik sesuatu tu? Ibarat orang yang penuh senyuman tak semestinya dia gembira. Mungkin dia tengah bersedih ke apa ke. Dan orang yang suka memberi tak semestinya kaya.  Kita ingat kita tahu semua pasal seseorang tapi sebenarnya kita langsung tak tahu apa-apa. Why still bother to say a word? 

That girl you called fat, she's starving herself.

Some people don't know the struggle. Yang mereka tahu cuma menghina dan melabel orang gemuk. Bila orang gemuk berdiet, cuba nak kurangkan berat badan, mulalah lempar kata-kata tak berguna. Bukan nak bagi sokongan. Sejujurnya kalau boleh aku rasa nak sepak je spesies manusia macam tu. Syukur masih ada kesabaran. Nak gemuk memang senang tapi nak kurangkan berat badan punyalah sadis. Being fat is not really a big deal actually as long as we are healthy. But sadly fat seems to be defined as something gross by the society. Kenapa eh? 

That girl you teased for her skin colour, she already had the pain of rejection for marriage.

Tak kisah lah kulit warna apa. Tapi yang aku pasti orang kita memang gilakan kulit putih gebu mulus whatever you name it. Orang putih rilek je berjemur bawah matahari sebab nak tanned skin. Kalau kita kena matahari sikit terus takut hitam. Kalau aku pulak takut matahari sebab tak nak kena migraine huhu. Memang tak dinafikan lah yang kulit putih gebu tu cantik. But do we really need to compare our skin tones with others? Perlu ke ada diskriminasi antara kulit cerah dan kulit gelap? Ah I bet some people have no idea that we are born differently and that we are unique in our own way. Hitam ke putih ke cokelat ke semua cantik. Yang tak cantik tu bila kau mengata orang.

Nampak tak yang kita suka sangat cakap sesukahati tanpa ambik tahu kisah sebenar dan perasaan orang lain? Dua isi penting dekat atas ni aku cilok dari Facebook. Aku sekadar elaborate sahaja. Sekarang nak selitkan kisah aku pulak. It really makes me upset when someone judge me and make fun of me about certain things without knowing the story behind it. Kadang orang memang suka main cakap je. Langsung tak fikir perasaan orang. Sedap je nak singgung perasaan orang. Aku sigong (read:siku) jugak kang!

Me Vs Escalator 

Mesti korang yang baca ni tertanya-tanya kenapa dengan eskalator. Yeah I know its weird. But I do admit that I have a problem with the escalator. Most of people around me, mereka akan ketawa bila tengok aku terkial-kial nak pijak benda alah ni kalau nak turun ke tingkat bawah. Siap cakap aku macam orang tua. Yang pasti mereka tak pernah nak tanya aku KENAPA aku takut nak turun guna escalator. Bukan aku suka-suka kira 1 2 3 bila nak turun. Bukan aku sengaja nak melambatkan dan menyebabkan trafik jam di belakang. Aku takut tinggilah. Tak pernah dengar pasal fobia ke? Berdiri dihujung benda tu rasa macam berdiri di cerun yang curam. Jantung aku memang akan automatik berdegup laju. Tapak tangan dan tapak kaki kalau tak berpeluh memang tak sah. Plus aku memang ada anxiety dan panic attack.  Phew. Its a real struggle ok. Tapi orang tak pernah faham pun. It pissed me off when they mistaken my fears as something stupid.

Me Vs The Scars

I have few visible scars on my wrist. Aku memang tak suka bila orang tegur. Aku lebih prefer mereka tak cakap apa-apa kalau tengok parut tu. But no, most of them will mock me. They know the reason yet they still make fun of it. Yes, I did harm myself before. I gotten myself into depression. Hanya orang yang pernah mengalami depresi je akan faham. And if you are good enough, you would understand even if you never encountered depression. Bukan buat sebab suka-suka. Bukan buat sebab putus cinta. Sorry but it's something personal that I can't write it here. Yang pasti orang tak pernah nak tanya tapi terus buat konklusi sendiri. Dahtu gelak. Beruntungnya hidup kau kalau kau tak pernah lalui benda macam ni. Every each of us has our own battle in life so it's not okay to make fun of others.

I wish I could stop people from judging or mocking or humiliating others. Tak semestinya apa yang kita cakap atau teka pasal seseorang tu adalah betul. Kita cuma nampak luaran. Yang tersimpan dalam hati kita langsung tak tahu. Entah-entah secara tak sengaja kita dah tambah beban dalam hati dia. Disebabkan mulut yang macam puaka tu kita hancurkan hidup seseorang. Tak rasa serba salah? Don't you think we should create an awareness such as #DiamKalauTakdeBendaBaikNakCakap? Lagi bagus daripada terus menerus menyakitkan hati orang kan? Cuba tengok dalam Facebook bahagian komen. Ramai je suka cakap itu ini tanpa hiraukan perasaan orang. Entah tahu atau tidak kisah sebenar pun tetap jugak sibuk nak jadi keyboard warrior. Hmm.

7 Things I Want To Change About Myself

fix myself

Life ain't a bed of roses and I think if we want to be able to survive the adversity, we have to make a few change inside us. I believe it will help to lead to a much happier life when we fix our weaknesses. Some of them are too strong that it ruins our life and we supposed to get rid of all the negative vibes to make a clear path of where are we heading. I have figured out few things inside me that I need to change and I hope I could destroy them first before they destroying me and my mind. 

1. Stop Complaining And Be Grateful

I gotta admit that I tend to complain very much about everything around me rather than expressing my gratitude. I get upset when the foods are not tasty. I go crazy when the weather is scorching hot or when it rains. I wish for a bigger house that I could own a spacious bedroom for me alone cause I don't like sharing it with my sisters. I always want more and more that I forgot to be thankful. It finally hits me hard when I see people who're suffering from poverty, realising that they own nothing but a broken shelter, worn shirts and an empty stomach. When I am about to complain something, I shall remind myself that there are people who are less fortunate than me that don't even get a chance to have what I have in my palms.

2. Be Resilient And Bulletproof

I'm pretty sure you are aware of us living surrounded by judgmental society. You will be judged for what you wear, what you do for life, what you eat, what you looks like and everything.  And at the same time, you will be made fun for being yourself. It's funny, isn't it? No matter what we do, being ourselves or faking ourselves, we still gonna be judged by those people who think they are already perfect. I admit that I don't have a perfect figure and some people always body shaming me. I wear basic style tudung bawal almost every day and yeah, I've been labelled as an outdated person. I wonder what is wrong with that and is it a crime for having extra fats in our body and not wearing and up-to-date outfits? Honestly, it hurts to be humiliated. I know the best way is to ignore and I always try my best to not getting involve with those low-minded people. But I can't help myself and you know, words are the most powerful weapon than a knife and it will stab straight to your heart. Hence, I think its time to upgrade my shield and be bulletproof so their harsh words won't affect me anymore. It's a way to happier life, I suppose! 

3. Be Optimist and More Calm

I tend to expect things will be worst when I will probably be okay. I think too much about what's gonna happen next rather than taking the challenges. I spend lots of time imagining something could go wrong if I did this or that. I am a so-called defensive pessimist. To be short, I worried too much about something and it's all negative. I'm afraid I will fall down if I step on an escalator that goes downwards. I'm afraid to enter the elevator thinking that the door will squeeze me. I'm afraid to start a conversation or asking something to strangers thinking that they will ignore or getting upset of me. I'm not that coward but I was born this way and I know I need to change it. Trust me, it happens anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances no matter what. I have anxiety and that's it. It kills me and I have to fight and overcome that in order for me to do things without having any worry, doubt and fear, and just do it. Keep calm, they said! 

4. Stop Using Profanity

Cursing is not a ladylike! Well, don't get me wrong. I am not someone with a bad mouth who swear a lot. I will only curse when I lost my temper but as long as I still have the patience, I won't curse. And I'm not a hot tempered person, of course. It just when I feel agitated for not being able doing something I want to do. I will end up sobbing and cursing and have a mental breakdown lol. I sit quietly and ignore people when I am mad or pissed off, so there's no way I will be rude in front of others. And even if I don't do it in front of people, I still need to stop using profanity cause I feel like I'm being rude to myself and it's seriously a bad, bad habit! Fingers crossed!

5. Be Confident

Who else is having a low self-esteem? I used to be so shy, very shy that it's  hard for me to talk to people even saying one word. But ever since I work at my parents' restaurant, I am able to deal with many people. By that I mean, I'm not gonna hide or run if someone approaches me. I still need more of that. I need more confidence so I will make a good impression to people. I dislike it when someone thinks I'm not reliable and underestimate me. I always want to do my best when I do something! I want to prove to people that I can do anything without any fear! Do they sell confidence in a jar at a shop? I'd love to buy it! 

6. Get Organised, Be Responsible And Procrastinate Less

I have so many things to do but I keep procrastinating. I abandoned my task-to-do and mess up my own schedule. I keep a journal, I keep a to-do list yet I break my own words. Korean dramas or oppa Junki are not to be blamed cause I'm the one that supposed to be responsible for myself. I have to manage my time properly and get things done. If I were to live this way, I won't get anywhere. I will be in the same place and won't be able to reach my goals. I planned to go for hiking but until now, none of that is happening. I skip my online classes for weeks due to laziness. I don't know what has gotten into me but I need my spirit back and resume everything that has been cast away.

7. Work Hard Towards My Goals And Wishes

I believe everyone has their own goals and wishes. I'm still trying to figure out my passion; something that I will be happy doing and get paid for that. There's actually something I want to do and I will try my best to chase it. But read again the number 6, I procrastinate lots and it leads me to nothing. I get envy seeing people who work hard to build their career while I do nothing but keep watching KDramas and loitering around Google Park. I need a hard slap on my face so that I will wake up and realise that I still haven't achieved anything!! 

To wrap up this post, it takes time for me to realise and figure out that I have lots to be fixed in my life and myself. I would say that all that I listed above is things that hold me from being able to success. No one to be blamed except myself and I'm the one who should make the change of myself. 

What about you? Have you ever figured out about things to change about yourself? If yes, what would it be? 

I hope you enjoy reading. Toddles!

Being Hospitalized For The First Time

non-specific abdominal pain

Hi. It's been awhile I didn't update my blog. I've been spending my time watching Korean dramas these past weeks and it's an absolute distraction. I am currently following Cinderella and Four Knights, Jealousy Incarnate, W-Two Worlds and Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Well, happy to say that I am officially being a KDrama addict for the second time :P 

If you happened to read my post HERE, I mentioned that I am on progress to a healthy life. Tapi hari tak selalunya indah. Ku sangkakan badan ku sihat, rupanya tidak. I've been admitted to hospital last Thursday and yes, it was my freaking first time staying overnight at the hospital. Sobs.

The sharp pain!  

It was all started as soon as I woke up on the Thursday morning. Macam biasa bangun pukul lima pagi. Selesai mandi tengah sibuk pakai baju, aku perasan bahagian perut aku sakit. Ingatkan senggugut jadi aku biarkan. I comforted myself telling it just a normal menstrual cramp. Lepas jemur baju, sekali lagi aku perasan yang kesakitan tu dah macam makin menaik. Dari skala 1 ke skala 5. Aku tahan selagi mampu. Dalam pukul enam pagi, tak sampai beberapa minit jejakkan kaki ke dalam kedai, aku cepat-cepat duduk dan terus menangis sebab tak tahan. I told my stepmom and she thought that I had a gastric attack. Dia suruh aku rehat dalam bilik. Here it goes... Another one hour of real torture. Kenapa satu jam? Sebab the only person we could rely to take me to the hospital that day was my only father. Dalam pukul 6 ke 7 pagi memang rutin dia ke pasar untuk beli barang kedai. So I had no option but to endure all the pain. Masa tu kesakitan dah di skala ke 8. It hurts so much that it made you feel like giving up on breathing. No jokes. 

Dalam pukul 7 suku ayah aku datang. We went to the hospital. Dalam perjalanan kena tunggu jammed. Bila dah sampai hospital, even dah pergi ke bahagian emergency, I still need to wait few minutes. Bayangkan 3 jam terpaksa menahan kesakitan. I don't know how to describe the pain but seriously, aku memang tak nak merasa benda tu lagi. Bila dah kena interview dengan doktor, ambil darah dan kena bagi painkiller, mereka suruh aku berehat kat katil yang disediakan which is probably bilik menunggu kot. And guess what, that painkiller didn't work at all. I had to endure the pain for another more hours. Sobs. Dalam 2 3 kali nurse bagi painkiller, the pain won't go. Degillah. Nurse nak bagi lagi takut overdose pulak. Terpaksalah aku follow up untuk xray dan ct scan dalam keadaan separuh mampus tapi acah-acah kuat sebab takut kena marah hahahaaha. 

Since kesakitan tu dekat bahagian abdomen, aku kena 'attend interview' dengan specialist pakar sakit puan dan buat abdominal ct scan. Mereka nak cek kalau sakit tu berpunca dari rahim, senggugut atau yang berkaitan. But syukur alhamdulillah tak ada. Dah settle semua, bermulalah kehidupan sementara aku sebagai pesakit di hospital. Kena puasa. Berbotol jugak IV drip kena masuk dalam badan. Nurse pun akan cek blood pressure, temperature etc around 2 to 3 hours kot. Tak pasti sebab aku banyak tidur daripada socialize dengan jiran sebelah or jiran depan katil. Huhuhu. 

appendix, abdominal pain

I used to feel curious about how would it feel to have the fluids going through the veins eh? Now betul-betul dah merasa. Sengsara. It hurts a lot. Bila nurse masukkan painkiller dalam tube tu, phew memang terasa beb. Part paling tak boleh blah bila terpaksa showoff perut dengan doktor sekalian hahhaha. Bukan doktor perempuan, doktor lelaki pun ada. Bukan sorang, tapi sekumpulan doktor. They usually will visit the patients one by one kan, and they will ask our keadaan macam mana. Malu tapi terpaksa. Phew. I had to stay overnight sebab I need to be under their observation. Tapi alhamdullilah, lepas pukul 2 petang hari Khamis tu jugak semua sakit tu hilang. Tiap kali doktor-doktor melawat katil dan tanya kalau aku ada rasa sakit atau tak, aku akan jawab tak sebab memang dah tak ada. Next morning pukul 4 pagi lagi nurse dah bagi painkiller. Then aku tertidur lagi. Dalam pukul 5 pagi kena gerak oleh doktor hensem. Rupanya nak ambik darah. I almost cursed to be honest. Orang baru bangun tidur terus kena ambik darah ahhaha. Awal lagi kot.... Huhuhu.. Pasrah jelah.. Nak marah tak dapat pulak :P 

Alhamdulillah sekali lagi, pukul 3 petang hari Jumaat (9/9) aku dah boleh balik. Hmm penyakit aku? Dalam medical report doctor stated as non-specific abdominal pain saja. Nak cakap apendiks tapi bukan. Mungkin radang biasa agaknya. But I really hope it is nothing worst. Tak sanggup rasanya nak duduk kat hospital lama-lama. Tapi memandangkan sekarang aku dah ada rekod masuk hospital, memang takut jugaklah if sakit tu datang balik. Dan sekarang bila rasa sakit perut sikit je aku dah paranoid. Macam traumatized pulak dengan rasa sakit tu. Seram.

I'm really happy with all the doctors and nurses yang jaga aku masa kat hospital. They were all kind! Yang nurse kebanyakkannya pelajar praktikal but they did a great job. <3 

What I learned from my own experience, sakit tu bila-bila boleh datang tak kiralah kau sihat atau tak, kau kurus atau gemuk etc. Ada seorang hamba allah ni cakap "eh gemuk pun boleh kena apendiks eh?" Whatthefuuuu. Belum rasa belum tau. Dah rasa jangan nangis pulak. Tsk. Teruk. Gurauan yang menyakitkan hati hahaha. Gemuk pun comel apa hahaha. Last but not least, I hope all of us will have a healthy life!! 


The Way I Am

the way i am

Zaman sekarang manusia berlumba-lumba nak jadi cantik dan kacak. Produk di pasaran macam-macam ada. Berlambak. Cakap je apa kau nak semua boleh dapat. Nak kurus? Fat Burner ada. Nak putih? Qu Puteh ada. Nak tinggi? Height Up ada. Nak bulu mata lebat? Hmm serum bulu mata arab mungkin boleh bantu. Aku tak kisah pun sebab itu memang fitrah manusia. Aku sendiri pun kadang teringin jugak nak jadi cantik. But sadly I am not really into it and I am simply a potato. I don't know why did they choose potato as a synonym for dull and uninteresting. Mungkin sebab kentang tu bulat dan nampak hodoh? Cis kalau dibuat french fries memang jadi kegilaan ramai jugak kan! Lagi lagi kalau kentang McD! Well, to be honest, I am completely a monotous aka a boring person. But it's not a crime to be simple, right? As long as it makes me comfortable, then I am all okay with whatever it is.

As  for the type of hijab I am using, I always use tudung bawal. And yeah, aku cuma ada 4 helai tudung bawal yang boleh bekerjasama dengan kaca mata aku. I mean, do you know how difficult it is to shape your tudung when you use the glasses?!! It's ain't that easy bruhh. Lastnya aku pasrah ajelah kalau senget pun senget lah. I'm still ready to go. Nak guna shawl memang taklah. I will only put myself in agony and having a mental breakdown trying to fix them on my head. And for your information, I use cekak rambut instead of anak tudung sebab aku tak pandai nak guna benda alah tu. Sobs. What a bummer. Even my 14 years old cousin asked me if I had another tudung or not sebab selalu guna yang sama je. Lulz. I'm 23 and she's 14 and she knows better than me!!

Image result for facepalm  tumblr

Cakap pasal baju, aku selalu guna tshirt. Well, tengok keadaan lah kan. I don't work in office so I don't need cool outfits to use every day. I run here and there, being in the kitchen and sweating sebab tak ada aircond. Bila pergi hang out aku memang akan guna se-simple yang boleh. Kalau boleh pergi jenjalan dekat shopping mall guna pijama atau baju kelawar tanpa dipandang serong oleh masyarakat memang aku akan keluar macam tu je hahaha. Im just...too lazy to find something to wear. And my fashion skill is totally zero. I'm not into shopping stuff so I will just wear apa yang ada saja. I don't have any wedges or heels or flat shoes. Yang ada cumalah selipar jepun. Sometimes I will just borrow my sister's sandal to at least looks proper and decent lulz. I know I'm a bit messy but that is how I am. Ha ha ha *ketawa terpaksa*

Image result for pijama gif  tumblr

Here comes the cosmetics part! Kalau sebelum ni aku tengok orang contour bahagian dada dan abs, beberapa hari lepas aku tertengok video orang contour kaki pulak. I am so speechless!! Kamonlah, I don't even know how to do my face yet you guys already sampai kaki?!! I aboslutely feel like a loser. Jauhnya ketinggalan. But hey, Im so not gonna contouring my legs okay. My everyday looks cuma guna eyeliner, lipstick and putting a bit dark shade for my eyebrows. Itu je yang aku tau buat. Kalau rajin aku akan guna mascara. Tapi benda tu leceh lah. Dan disebabkan tu aku paling malas nak bermekap. I don't like putting too much on my face. I don't really like to use the compact powder too. And not even the foundation. Orang sekarang tengah kumpul bermacam jenis barang mekap. Aku cuma ada berapa ketul je barang untuk hias diri sendiri. :3

Image result for bad makeup gif

I don't know if I would ever be beautiful as you. Tapi aku harap sangat orang sekeliling aku boleh terima aku apa adanya. Sumpah memang tak terkejar aku dengan trend sekarang. Cantik memang cantik. Tapi kalau nak ikutkan semua, agaknya macam manalah keadaan kita kan? Disebabkan ramai yang cantik cantik belaka, ramai jugak yang rasa insecure dengan diri sendiri. Tha'ts actually pretty dangerous sebenarnya sebab boleh menggangu mental seseorang. Maksudnya sini, someone will have low self esteem when they know they are less pretty than other girls. They will start changing themselves and get disappointed if they can't do the same things. Some girls are like that. We need to be told that being ourself is okay! Everyone is born beautiful! Kita kena belajar untuk terima kekurangan diri. Paling penting kena sayang diri sendiri dan terima diri kita seadanya! Jangan over sudah. I'm not willing to change myself just to please others and the society. Even if I did, I would do it for the sake of myself. Aku selesa dengan keadaan aku. As long as tak nampak macam orang gila atau orang yang tak mandi sebulan, then it should be fine!! I don't like to complicate things. I would rather simplify it!


The Doctors and The Hidden Vein

derma darah miri
Tabung Darah Miri Sarawak

Today I went to donate my blood for the third time! Have you ever done that? Kalau belum, sila ke hospital untuk menderma darah sekarang. Selain dapat bantu orang yang memerlukan darah, we also get lots of benefits from it okay. My experience today was a bit funny I guess! But sadly I can't laugh during the cucuk-jarum punya proses!

Messing Up With Watercolor

I have been falling in love with watercolor lately. Never thought painting would be fun. I am not that pro, of course. But simply an amateur aka beginner. Seronok sebab at least taklah menghadap smartphone dua puloh empat jam kan. Hiks. Paling pun aku bukak youtube untuk cari tutorial macam mana nak lukis something ataupun watercolor technique. Honestly, aku tak rasa pun aku ada talent in anything. Lulz. Macam semua je tak pandai hahaha. 


Dari tadi aku cuba buat bunga. Dah follow tutorial step by step dari youtube pun still fail. Ada macam bunga tak? Hmm. Mungkin kalau praktis banyak kali barulah boleh nampak bunga ros tu kan. Macam kurang ciri-ciri kebungaan kan? Dah mcm benda asing je. Tak cantik huhu. Selagi tak cantik selagi tu aku tak puas hati. Kalau buat versi kecik ok sikit lah sebab nampak macam bunga. Kalau versi besar hmm dah tak macam benda yang sepatutnya. Buruk.

watercolor brushes

Untuk berus pulak aku guna yang murah je. Yang murah tapi jenis round shape punya. Baru ku tahu guna berus jenis ni agak senang sikit nak kawal berbanding berus yang aku guna masa kelas pendidikan seni kat sekolah dulu. Yang nombor kat berus tu adalah size berus. Yang no 6 tu aku dah lama beli. Yang lain tu semua baru beli petang tadi. Actually aku nak beli yang INI punya. Tapi aku salah tengok harga rupanya. Yang paling kecik je dah RM15 ringgit. Aku ingat RM1 je hahaa. Aku dah add dalam cart dah few of the brush. Sekali bila nak checkout dunia aku rasa berpinar-pinar lol. Next time kalau aku kaya je lah aku beli. Yang aku guna sekarang jauh lebih murah. Paling besar tu tak sampai pun RM5 hahah. Kira ok jugaklah berus tu hihihi.  


Untuk watercolor palette pulak aku DIY sendiri je. Aku korek yang watercolor dalam botol Buncho tu aku pi letak dalam bekas watercolor ni. Hewhew. Sebenarnya teringin nak beli yang INI. Tapi memandangkan agak mahal dan aku pun tak lah pandai sangat nak melukis ni, so better aku praktis guna apa yang ada dulu. Phew nafsu nafsu. Tengok orang guna macam tu aku pun nak guna yang tu huhuhu. 

Since aku still lagi follow #PlannerAddictMalaysia, aku selalu tengok mereka punya post. Aku sekarang silent member sebab mood masih kelaut. Huhuhu. Benda ni pun related to this planner thingy. Kalau korang search #watercolorpainting kat IG, memang korang pun rasa nak bermain dengan watercolor ni. Perasaan nak cuba tu akan ada. Dah tu memang addicted hiks. Korang pun cubalah! Lepas tu share if bunga korang menjadi ke tak :P 

Till here then. 

Toddles x 

My Bedroom Makeover!

I have been so busy lately. I have to work from 6 am to 6 pm onwards. Rasa malas nak buka laptop bila dah sampai rumah. Sorry sebab kalau saya setakat tinggalkan jejak kat cbox je. Well, at least I managed to blogwalking to few blogs kan? Hiks :D Anyway, last week I got a chance to modify my room! I'm a bit tired from sorting out some stuff. But it's a total makeover and I am super in love with my room now! 

This is how my room looks like before the makeover! 

bedroom makeover

bedroom makeover

bedroom makeover

Susah hati aku tengok bilik macam ni haha. It's a complete mess and I have limited space to arrange the furnitures. Aku nak sangat letak study table but dari apa yang kau boleh tengok dalam gambar, tak ada ruang untuk letak meja kan? Bilik kecil je. At first I keep moving the stuff in my head only. Fikir dapat ke tak or muat ke tak if almari pindah sana, katil pindah sini. Then I started calculate the width etc. For your info aku tak guna measuring tape pun untuk ukur muat atau tidak kalau aku ubah posisi katil dan almari. Aku cuma kira tile. Satu tile satu kiraan. Then aku try ukur width meja pulak. Hah aku confirm yang meja tu akan muat kalau aku ubah posisi katil dan almari. So, I present the proposal to my dad lah. At first I thought he won't agree with my plan, tapi tak sangka pulak dia nak tolong hihi. Before ni he's kinda strict and susah nak ada bilik idaman sendiri huhuhu. But I break the rules and tampal peta dunia dan glowing in the dark stars dekat siling. Dia mampu jeling je :D 

And then the makeover begin  . . .

bedroom makeover

I really want to get rid of that almari. Sebenarnya aku agak rasa serba salah sebab dulu aku yang suruh ayah pasang almari tu. Now terpaksa suruh dia cabut balik pulak. Huhuhu. Almari tu aku guna untuk simpan semua buku dan stationery collection. Tapi sekarang aku dah tak guna lagi tempat tu. 

bedroom makeover

Proses mengecat. Aku tak mintak pun nak tukar warna bilik. Tapi since ayah dah offer nak cat bilik atau tak, of course lah aku nak. It's time to pick my own favourite color! :D Warna pastel ungu called Pale Pansy. I don't prefer dark room so I choose the light colour instead. It's my first time painting my own room hokayyy. Eksaited gila hiks. Tapi aku cuma cat bahagian bawah dan atas je and yang lain ayah yang cat. Sebelum ni pun dinding memang dah tak cantik. Dulu rumah kami pernah terbakar sekali dan bilik aku dan bilik yang lain semuanya half rentung. Sobs. 

And here is the result! 

bedroom makeover

It's not that much but it is still satisfying! Meja tu taklah besar sangat actually. Pada kiraan aku cuma ada sikit je ruang between katil dan almari. But surprisingly byk pulak ruang. Meja, cermin dan selimut harimau tu aku beli kat Ikea. Import dari KL :D I really love my room now. Suka sebab ada study table. Walaupun aku bukan student lagi, but I really need the table to write and to do my own work. Aku tak pernah ada study table dalam bilik tau. And this is the very first time to have my own room the way I wanted it to be! Kalaulah ayah tak beli katil size queen, rasanya aku boleh letak bookshelf besar sikit kot sebab akan ada banyak ruang. Actually single bed pun cukup sebab aku tidur sorang. Tapi nak jugak beli yang besar gedabak huhuhu. Bukan aku tak bersyukur, bersyukur sebenarnya. But single bed would give much more space bah kan? Heheh! 

bedroom makeover

My work space! I still need to re-arrange some stuff. Kalau tak ada idea nak update blog, boleh mentally travel tengok map tu hahaha. My books space is kinda limited lah. Dah penuh dan tak boleh dah nak simpan buku. Nak fikir kat mana lagi nak letak buku baru nanti huhu. 

bedroom makeover

And ni pulak tempat aku pin kan random stuff. Mostly peninggalan barang lepas travel lah or something related to travel stuff. Lagi banyak travel, lagi banyak lah aku tampal kat situ sebagai kenangan hihihi. 

Masa aku taip ni tadi, tiba-tiba pulak muncul makhluk tuhan berkaki banyak dekat dinding depan aku ni haa. Anak lipan coming out of nowhere lol. Paranoid terus!!! Nasib baik memang dah ready ridsect dalam bilik terus je aku sembur kat anak lipan tu. Erk dari mana tah datang aku pun tak tau. Mungkin dari lubang bekas paku or bekas drill kat dinding kot. Aku terus je selotep lubang-lubang kat dinding tu. Haiz potong keriangan aku jelah. Paranoid ok paranoid. Nasib baik bukan bapak lipan. Huhuhu. 

Apa-apa pun, aku suka dengan bilik aku sekarang walaupun aku tahu bilik korang mungkin lagi lawa. Hihihi. 

P/S: Since I am sorting out my stuff, I have two notebooks to give away. One travel journal and one plain ring notebook. Sayang kalau tak diguna huhuhu. So aku cadang nak buat giveaway. Rasanya ada yang nak join tak? :D

Toddles! x