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The Steriskai

It took me almost one hour to finally write something. It's not the hesitation to write but more of having no idea how to start telling about my life.

So hey, first of all, I want to say that I am still alive and I am doing just fine. I have decided to name my blog as Steriskai. Just like how people usually name their diary or belongings, this blog shall be entitled of its own name too. Steriskai simply means starry sky. Nothing more nothing less. Instead of saying I'm gonna write on my blog, I can say I'm gonna write on the starry sky aka Steriskai. Kewl, no?

I went through over my old posts on this blog yesterday and realised that I don't really save many happy memories -- it's more to gibberish and sad talking, and reviews, and few good contents -- and it's truly disappointing. This blog supposed to be a memento for me but what kind of remembrance I will read in 20 years ahead if I actually had nothing about my life in here? Where're all the good memori…

May 2019 Reading Wrap Up

Hello earthlings! Here goes my May 2019 reading wrap up. As for in May, I managed to read only two books. I can't recall why I didn't read much but perhaps it was because the reading slump mode has been activated. Tapi sikpa. At least ada daripada shiada kan! Two is better than none. Hiks.

1. Alter Ego (Jonathan Stride #9) By Brian Freeman
Published by Quercus on 1st May 2018. It took me a few weeks to reach the final chapter because I was on hiatus for reading. Well, the book is intriguing enough even though the bad people is obviously laid out on every page. It's about a pervert superstar predator overloaded with ego hunting for a young prey and about a girl taking revenge who lost a father by suicide. Different cases but one of them leaving breadcrumbs to make the crime related to each other. I don’t expect any plot twist at all but surprisingly ada and benda ya sik disangka pun. I love how the author squeezes a little lovey-dovey scene despite how busy the police team…

April 2019 Reading Wrap Up

April reading wrap up is here! Suka gila sebab ever since aku ada Kindle memang non-stop lah baca buku. Kadang memang ada reading slump datang tapi aku kasi chance sekejap je then terus cepat-cepat pilih next book to read. Hiks. Sekarang aku nak share buku yang aku dah baca pada bulan April.

1. I Owe You One By Sophie Kinsella
Published by Dial Press on 5th February 2019. I love this book! Kelakar but annoying at the same time. This book is mostly about unlucky Fixie Farr yang selalu kena ambil kesempatan oleh orang sekeliling dia. Even she put her family first, both her brother and sister is taking advantage on her. Dengan crush dia sekali buat perangai. Until one day dia jumpa someone and her life change to better even ada up and down jugak lah.
Rating : ★★★★
2. When In Doubt, Add Butter By Beth Harbison
Published by St. Martin's Press on 17th July 2012. This book is so-so. Only the first few pages caught my attention and the plot becomes slow and boring yet still exciting.
Rating …

Embracing My Reading Hobby

Hello. Lamanya dah tak update blog. Last update pun on May 15th. Almost sebulan lebih. Nak cakap life aku busy sangat memang tak lah jugak. Blame the Kindle. Ever since aku dapat benda tu, masa aku memang banyak habis ke membaca je. I supposed to write the book review here on my blog tapi tak terupdate sampai sekarang. I have like 16 book reviews pending to be updated. Review pendek setakat up dekat Instagram je. Banyak kerja nak buat. Procrastination is really, really bad you know.

Just to share with those who read my blog, Kindle is definitely worth buying. Aku memang minat baca buku lama dah. Dulu pun memang rajin beli buku. But reading progress memang agak slow which i tak tau kenapa. But bila dah ada Kindle, ko tengok lah 16 buku aku dah habis baca within 3 months. Gigih tak gigih. Hiks. 

If you happened to stumble upon my Instagram, i am turning the feed into bookish realm. Gigih ambik gambar flatlay k. And i am so happy to make friends dengan booknerds yang lain. Its really a …

The Bright And The Dark Side; Are We Being A Fake?

So I've been thinking deeply about the personality of a human lately. It's nothing too serious but just some kind of thoughts that occupied my head. Tak tahu kalau orang lain ada terfikir macam ni jugak but if yes, let me know your viewpoint about it. 
So basically I was thinking about the two side traits of human being, which we called the bright and dark side. The yin and yang. Yang bright side of course lah the kind of character yang kita tunjuk dengan semua orang. Baik, lemah lembut, periang, rajin dan semua yang positif lah. While the dark side is the opposite. Dan character yang kita tak tunjuk depan orang. It is just between you and yourself. Dan soalannya sekarang, adakah bila kita behave differently bermaksud kita adalah seorang yang fake? 
It's obvious that perangai kita, cara kita behave berubah ikut keadaan dan orang yang kita berinteraksi. Bila dengan budak kecik we are all that penyayang. Bila dengan kawan cara percakapan kita agak kasar sikit. Bila dengan o…

Overcoming Shyness With My Own Way

I am gaining weight more than ever instead of getting skinny. Siktauk juak lah nakpa nama macam ya gilak. That obviously didn't make me happy at all. Ugh. But I have something else that makes me proud of myself. Bagi orang lain mungkin small issue ajak. But for me, it feels like I hit my personal achievement with flying colours. It's about the change that happens within myself. The kind of change yang aku sorang boleh rasa dan perasan tapi orang lain tak nampak dan tak tahu pun.

Sebelum ni aku sejenis manusia yang takut gila jumpa orang. Bila jumpa customer je aku lari. Tak pun aku buat-buat busy. Bila sakit memang tak pernah aku akan jejak kaki ke klinik. Bila aku fikir je situasi kena interview dengan doktor aku dah cuak, berpeluh dari tapak tangan sampai tapak kaki. Baruk mejin jak ya k dah nebes semacam. Kalau lapar pun aku sanggup tak makan daripada keluar cari makan. Bila part jumpa orang for the first time lagilah teruk. Trust me, nervous aku tak boleh bawak bincang. Y…