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My Journal Collection

Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
my journal collection

I am always that someone who is fond of notebooks. Always. Dari dulu sampai sekarang dan mungkin sampai bila-bila. I will pass this obsession to my future children, of course. Haha. Aku minat kumpul buku nota sejak dari zaman sekolah rendah. Dulu kan femes main mintak biodata kawan so buku nota ni boleh dikatakan benda wajib ada lah. Kalau ikutkan memang banyak buku nota yang aku ada. Tapi ni cuma separuh saja yang aku nak share.

15 Stationery and Notebook Online Stores For Malaysian

malaysian-based stationery online shops

Being a notebook and stationery lover is fun. You get to own a collection of cute notebooks, pens, stickers, clear stamps, washi tapes, adorable notepads and so on. I used to buy so many notebooks when I was in primary and secondary school. Some of the books were used to write my friends' biodata and most just sit perfectly in the drawer. As I grow up, I was wrong thinking that being fond of stationery and notebook is such a healthy obsession. Trust me, it's one of obsession that gonna ripped your purse to its final thread. Simply because you can't resist cute stuff!

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Notebook/Planner

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I am always crazy over notebooks. The obsession started ever since I was in primary school. I really love to have a bunch of them in my collection. As long as it is cute, nothing else matter. But now that I really keeping a journal and use them daily, I realised that there are few factors that need to be considered before picking a notebook or planner or diary or whatever you want to call it. If you are trying to find a perfect planner for yourself, then this post is for you and I hope it's gonna help you in finding a planner peace!

1. Sizes Of The Planners! 

This is a real deal. I don't think you will fancy the idea of taking your large planner to everywhere. As for me, tiny or small size notebook ain't gonna satisfy me. I need a bigger space to write okay! And among all the sizes, I think medium is the very best that it won't be too heavy to carry it anywhere. And there's enough space to write comfortably too! Take a look at the photo below for the size comparison of certain notebooks. Take note that different brands have different size charts! 

Image result for moleskine size

2. Coil, Ring Binder, Bound Notebook Style

Notebooks or planners come in different style. I used to really hate bound notebook where I can't tear down the paper or else I will ruin the book entirely. Since the paper is glued altogether, it won't be easy to deal when you hate your own handwriting or maybe when you write something stupid that can't be erased and tearing the paper is the only choice you have but sadly you can't lol. I am currently using bound style journal and I don't care about my handwriting or the mistakes I will make. I'm just enjoying my lovely planner! And bullet journal system is the best way to use in bound style notebook and you can check my post HERE to learn how to start bullet journaling. Below photos are my bullet journal notebook and Midori Travelers Notebook and how I use them.

bullet journal layout
Dreams Journal by Paperdorable

journaling stuff
Midori Traveler's Notebook in regular size

While ring binder gives you more freedom. You can take out pages you don't like, add more papers and just do whatever you want to do in your planner. You can also put pretty dividers aka sections so you won't have a mess planner! I have my ring binder in A6 size (medium). I super love it but I have to accept the fact that the writing space is kinda crowded. But still, I'm loving it! Below photos are my Filofax in personal size and the way I use it. You can have any type of paper such as grid, dotted, line or plain paper all in one place and of course, thats the ultimate pros of using ring binder style notebook.

buying a planner
The dividers/sections in my Filofax planner

planner stuff

Coil or spiral-bound style notebook ultimate pros is that it lays flat on table surface and the comfortability when writing is beyond everything. But sadly you can't add any more pages just like the bound notebook. Sorry to say but that is sucks actually. 

3. Type Of Papers

Other than different sizes, some brand of the planner/notebook have different type of papers. There are four types which is grid, dotted, line and plain. My only favourite is always and always the grid one since it will be easy for me to write nicely on it. I can't write on plain paper. I need the guide aka the line ugh. If I wanted to buy a notebook but they only have the choice of line or dotted, I would choose dotted. If the only choice are plain and line, I would choose line. If they only have plain paper, then I won't buy it lol. If you want to have a pretty handwriting and wanted your journal to look neat, grid paper always the best choice! :P

4. The Purpose Of The Notebook

Well, of course this need to be included before picking a notebook. Once you know the reason why you need them, it will help you to decide the size of your notebook and how much space do you require for things you will write. If you want to combine a diary and daily task such as to do list, meals trackers etc, then you will probably need a medium or large size. If the purpose is only for to-do list, small or tiny notebook would be enough. Note taking or brainstorming would be perfect in medium size. And any styles of notebook is fine as long as you know how to manage them! 

Now that you have think about all these factors, I'm pretty sure you have decide something in your head. As for mine, the size of the notebook is really a big matter to me followed by the type of the papers.What about you? What is your preference in buying a notebook or journal or planner? Anyway, I hope this guide will help you to find your planner peace!! Toddles! x

Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case Review

pen case review

Semalam parcel dari Jepun sampai. Gembira bila benda yang ditunggu-tunggu akhirnya dah dalam genggaman. Memandangkan aku memang suka gila dengan pen, maka aku pun carilah tempat simpan pen yang lebih besar dan boleh simpan barang stationery yang lain. And yeah, to place everything in one place would be much better than carrying multiple items so I decided to get a brand new pen case for myself. 

Teffa pen case ni adalah pilihan hati aku. I was scrolling the @umbooba IG dan tertengok pen case yang dia guna. Terus jatuh cinta dan terus meroyan nak yang tu jugak lol. Proses mencari pun dimulakan tapi hampa sebab pen case ni tak ada jual di Malaysia. Nak cari yang lebih kurang sama pun tak ada. Final choice aku adalah mintak tolong @japaneasyshopper yang belikan. Walaupun postage mahal sebab nak ada tracking number, aku sanggup demi stationery hiks. For those who still don't know this one fact about me, let me tell you that I am a hardcore addict of stationery! 

pen case review

Ini adalah interior Teffa pen case. Saiz benda ni tak besar dan tak kecik. I would say the size is perfect and deserve to be called as portable stationery inventory. Both strap are very secure and tight and it will hold the pens properly. Dijamin tak akan ada pen yang terkeluar dari landasan! Bahagian sebelah kiri lebih sesuai untuk pen yang panjang dan bahagian sebelah kanan pulak sesuai untuk pen yang pendek. Walaupun boleh simpan banyak pen, tak bermaksud kau boleh sumbat semua kat dalam. If you prefer bulky pen case, go ahead then lol. Aku cuma letak pen yang aku guna selalu dan semestinya pen kesayangan. 

pen organiser stationery

lihit lab teffa pen case

This is the other side of Teffa pen case. Divider tu aka notebook style pen case lah yang buatkan aku jatuh cinta dengan benda ni. Bila flip terus ada dunia lain selain pen hiks. Bahagian ni pulak aku simpan stickers dan washi tapes. Kalau sebelum ni aku guna pen case jenis macam ni cuma tak ada divider. And it is specifically for pens only. Tak best sebab terpaksa simpan stickers and washi tapes tempat lain. Tapi dengan adanya magik si Teffa ni, aku boleh sumbat semua kat situ. Dan semestinya aku rasa best gila hihi. All the pockets are tight enough. Tiga poket yang sebelah kiri tu memang ketat yang amat. A bit difficult to put stuff inside but still worth using. As long as you know how to organise the stuffs, it's not a big deal then! It's stickers and washi...stickers and washi everywhere.. 

teffa pen case review

Double zipper memang smooth, Tak ada tersekat-sekat. Aku dapat rasakan yang benda ni akan bertahan lama. Maksudnya tak cepat rosak. Material pun boleh dikatakan superb. Dan kalau tengok balik gambar first, ada dua poket dimana kau boleh letak something kat dalam. But yeah, kertas kecik adalah paling sesuai. Contoh macam sticky notes or post notes tu. Or maybe your business card!

Overall, aku memang fall in love head over heels with this pen case. Gembira dengan Si Teffa ni sebab memenuhi citarasa aku hahaha. And it's portable stationery inventory! Highly reccomended to those who are looking for perfect pen case organiser! Harga satu RM40. Aku beli dua sebab maktiri aku nak jugak untuk dia simpan barang mekap lulz. And I am happy to say that this is the best pen case I ever had kahkahkah. Dulu masa sekolah penselkes tak best! Paling gempak pun guna kotak video tape then tampal macam-macam gambar x'D 

Hope you enjoy reading. Toddles! x

How I Use My Bullet Journal

bullet journal, bullet journal guide

I don't know what has gotten into me that I decide to purchase a new notebook and start a bullet journal. I have been on a super long hiatus from the planner world and I'm happy to say that I am back with a brand new best friend. I would say bullet journal is very effective to organise your life - depend on someone - and I want to show you how I use my bullet journal. Don't miss out the ultimate guide on how to start a bullet journaling too!

bullet journal, paperdorable

This to-die-for notebook is from Paperdorable. My first option is to use Leuchttrum1917 but sadly it is not available in Malaysia. I went high and low looking for something that looks perfect in my eyes and I end up falling head over heels with this Dreams Journal! There is two colours option which is Charcoal Black and Cherry Red - and it costs RM89 only with free shipping within Malaysia. The compact A5 size is just nice and I love everything about this notebook. Even the packaging looks very exclusive! (Beware cause I am actually poisoning you :P)

What is bullet journaling? 

Bullet journal is a very simple and customizable organisation system. There's no limit in bullet journaling as it can be your to-do list, diary, sketchbook, notebook or whatever you wish for - all in one place. It can be decorative or minimalist or just follow your creativity to have a beautiful and functional notebook. 

planner addict, dreams journal

1. Index 

The very first pages of the notebook are reserved for Index. It is mandatory and a must-have page in bullet journaling. Ini adalah untuk kesenangan di kemudian hari. Every time when you use a new page for something, this Index need to be updated! And don't forget to number every new page. It can be fancy as you wish but I make it simple for my own comfort. Make sure to leave 3 to 4 pages for Index writing. 

guide to bullet journal

2. Future Log

The second page will be the Future Log where you noted down all the upcoming events, holiday or important dates. It's basically a year at a glance. Since I started the bullet journal in this month, aku cuma letak bulan yang tinggal untuk tahun ni saja. It is not necessary to start from January even I know it's a bit itchy to start from scratch! Please don't follow my layout as I just realized that the space is quite small and will be too occupied if I wanted to add up more notes. Make sure to make it a bit spacey for your own good unless your handwriting is sekecil semut huhu. 

how to start bullet journal
paperdorable, dreams journal

3. Collections/Page Ideas

Here's the fun part. Collections are something like a bunch of list of whatever you want to have in your journal. It can be Places to Visit, Gratitude List, Books to Read, Life Goals, Wishlist, Habit Tracker or anything. It's literally all your favourite things! Do take a look at this huge list of collections/page ideas. HERE. 

habit tracker, bullet journal

This is my September habit tracker. I just love doing this so that I can track everything that I do in my daily life. I used to forget when did I start my period of the month, when did I have a migraine etc which is pretty important for me - and of course for you too. For instance, when I was being hospitalised last few days ago, the doctors kept asking me about when does my period occur last month but I was not able to answer them correctly since I couldn't remember the date. So yeah, this is mandatory in your bullet journal. There are many things you can track but that are the only things I come up with. 

weekly spread bullet journal

4.Weekly Spread

Well, this is the main reason to have a bullet journal in the first place. The weekly spread is a page where you will jot down notes or put your to-do list for every day. You can also use the daily spread for daily routine. My preference is weekly spread cause I like to have the overview for the week altogether. Be as decorative as you are when it comes to page layout! Pinterest has lots of ideas to get you inspired!! Minggu ni layout lain, next week layout lain, next next week layout lain. As long as you happy with what you see, then go for it. Rapid logging is the language in which the bullet journal is written. It consists of four components; topic, page numbers, short sentences and bullets/keys. Senang cakap, bila kau nak tulis nota, kau cuma letak ayat pendek dan mudah untuk kau faham saja. Don't make it complicated. 

signifiers, keys, bullet journal

5. Keys

People said the key is everything. Yes, the key is very important in bullet journaling. It is to signify different symbols that represent categories, tasks, events, notes, or etc. You can create something that works for you and is easy to understand. I have this flip-out key card that I stick on the last page of my notebook which is pretty helpful. Human tend to forget lol. 

Bullet journaling is easy when you understand how it works. Once you get it in mind, you won't be confused. Some people will put a Monthly Log after the Future Log but I decide to take them out and not putting it in my bullet journal as I think it works pretty similar to Future Log. Same goes to Keys and Signifier, I used to be confused between these two things. But it has the same function except that Signifier is to emphasise or enlighten certain tasks that are important.

Done reading? Grab your notebook and start bullet journaling now! I hope this post will help and guide you on how to start a bullet journal. I make it simple so it will be easy to understand. But I apologise if I am missing some points here. Toddles! 

My Stationery Collection

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

I am a stationery addict. Rasanya aku gila benda macam ni ever since aku masuk sekolah rendah. Dari dulu sampai sekarang memang tetap di hati! Tiap kali masuk kedai buku atau kedai stationery memang eksaited lebih. Dan of course lah kalau keluar bukan dengan tangan kosong. Kalau tak satu plastik, dua plastik. Kalau tak beli pen, mungkin beli buku nota. Hahah! Sekarang dah kerja, dah ada duit sendiri, macam-macam je aku beli. Aku mula balik masa bulan 12 tahun 2014. First time terjebak dengan dunia planner. Dari situlah aku banyak beli stationery untuk kegunaan planner. Tapi sekarang aku dah insaf sikit. Hiks. Let's check it out, yo! Hasil kutipan yang boleh la dikatakan banyak. :D 

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Benda pertama aku nak tunjuk adalah koleksi pen. Pen biasa aje. Aku suka guna pen jenama Pilot. Agak mahal tapi puas hati bila guna. Untuk daily use aku akan guna yang jenis super gel 0.5mm dan 0.7mm. Kadang aku guna jugak yang 1.0mm. Haa semua jenis tip size aku ada. Even untuk ballpoint pen pun aku guna different tip size. Pen yang paling mahal sekali adalah Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Colored (pen yang paling debab dalam gambar. warna hitam ada corak bunga dan polkadot.) Tapi tu bukan aku beli lah. Aku mintak dari mak aku heheh! Kebanyakan pen aku beli kat Popular. Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto dari JapanEasyShopper dan pen yang paling hujung sebelah kanan aku beli kat Belle Bookshop Miri. 

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Seterusnya adalah washi tapes! Sebelum masuk dunia planner aku memang tak tahu kewujudan benda ni. Makin lama makin banyak pulak benda comel aku jumpa! Ini aku buat sendiri yang portable punya. Senang nak bawa kemana-mana. 

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Benda ni ada yang aku beli, ada yang mak aku beli. Daripada bawak satu bekas macam ni, aku buatlah yang portable punya untuk kesenangan sendiri. Yang ni simpan untuk stok. Kegunaan benda ni adalah untuk hias planner atau apa-apa buku nota yang kau ada. Boleh guna untuk buat header, untuk tutup any mistake on paper, untuk penanda or anything you want lah. Washi tape ni memang serba boleh! Semua ini adalah hasil kutipan dari Daiso, DIY, Belle Bookshop Miri, Stickerrific dan JapanEasyShopper. Trust me, kalau beli benda ni memang tak cukup satu. Lulz. 

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Haa ada peminat sticker tak sini? Please don't think that this is banyak. Selagi kau tak jenguk dunia planner, kau takkan tahu kegilaan stationery addict macam mana. Aku punya koleksi boleh dikatakan masih sikit okay!! Ada orang kumpul sampai berkotak-kotak. Kalau kau ada planner, kau mesti ada sticker. Sebab memang tak lengkap lah kalau tak ada sticker. Hewhew. Some stickers are a freegift dari seller tempat aku beli stationery online ni. Dan most stickers aku beli dari Stickerrific. Reccomended online shop! Aku dah banyak kali beli dari sana. Kalau tinggal area KL boleh walk in je. Hiks.

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Next thing is stamps! Kegunaan benda ni memang banyak untuk tulis diari atau planner. Tapi tak wajib ada pun. It depends on you if you want to buy it or not. Alphabet stamps aku beli dari Happie Planner, date stamps aku beli dari PipitZakka dan emotion stamps aku beli dari Belle Bookshop Miri. Actually aku lupa nak letak sekali clear stamps dalam gambar ni. Boleh tengok contoh clear stamp kat Google. Dan kebanyakan benda tu aku beli kat Popular. Aku suka emotion stamps tu. Dahlah transparent block, comel pulak tu! Aku memang suka benda macam tu :D

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Ni pulak ink pad untuk stamps. Kalau ada stamps mestilah kena ada ink pad kan. Hihihi. Artline tu yang biasa punya lah. Beli kat Popular. But that is too big for me. Nak cari yang kecik punya so boleh letak sekali dalam box yang aku selalu guna. Yang ink pad kat sebelah tu pulak aku tak ingat dapat dari mana. The color is something like green gold. Haa yang comel tu pulak aku beli dari PipitZakka. Petit Petal by micia. Tu aku beli satu set and ikut color block yang memang dah ada. Boleh tengok SINI untuk tengok warna lain. Best sebab colorful! Barulah meriah gitewww :D

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Sticky notes! There's no reason to not love this. Dahlah warna meriah, kecik, comel, banyak kegunaan lagi tu. Semua orang perlu ada benda ni okay. :P Just in case you have no enough space untuk menulis kan, so this is beneficial when it comes to adding some more space to write! Bought this kat Popular and DIY. 

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

What should I call this? Fancy sticky notes? Heheh! Beli sebab comel je pun. Lebih kurang sama macam sticky notes tapi ni extra meriah dan extra comel. Ada yang beli kat DIY, Popular dan jugak Union Bookstore. 

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

Last but not least, hmm, aku tak tahu nak sebut benda ni apa. Yang aku ingat aku beli kat Kaison One Borneo. Lebih kurang macam sticker dan washi tapes jugak. Comel kan? Dan sangat portable! Siapalah yang cipta benda comel macam ni. Menggugat keimanan aku lah. Huhuhu. 

stationery addict, sarawak blogger

This is how I store the stuff yang aku guna tiap hari. Senang sebab all in one! Tak perlu nak bukak bekas ni bekas tu untuk cari barang. Before ni aku guna toolbox, tapi tu aku guna untuk simpan barang yang aku jarang guna tapi perlu. Hiks. Bekas tu aku beli kat kedai biasa je and the pencilcase aku beli kat Belle Bookshop. Semua pen yang aku selalu guna aku letak dalam tu. The rest aku simpan dalam toolbox. Boleh tengok kat SINI toolbox aku. 

Well, benda ni aku bukan beli sekaligus tau. Semua adalah secara berperingkat. Kalau baca dalam about section dlm blog aku, #10facts about me, nombor 5, I really mean that. Selama aku berkerja, aku belum pernah guna duit gaji pergi shopping baju baru or kasut baru. Hahah! Mostly aku pergi spend kat kedai buku dan belanja adik-adik aku. Hiks. Bab shopping outfits memang aku tak berminat langsung. So lebih kurang termasuk dalam kategori self-satisfaction lah kan? :P 

Next entry I will post about my notebook collections pulak! 

Thank you for reading. Toddles x 

How I Use My Filofax Planner

filofax malaysia sarawak

First of all, please don't be surprised on how I use my planner. I don't know if it's only me or is there anyone else who turn their planner to a daily diary. Yes, I am using my planner as a personal diary!!! Planner keeps you organised of course. But since I don't really have much to do, I don't know what to do with my planner lol. I tried but I don't like to see how empty it turns to be when I made the to-do list for weekly spread out. I'll show you. 

filofax malaysia sarawak

Can you see the emptiness of the layout? Geram je tengok tak padat macam ni. Tak tahu lah kalau orang lain. Tapi aku agak tak senang tengok banyak space yang aku tak guna. I bet if you keep a planner, you will understand how it feels to have not-so-occupied days. I tried to make the to-do list. But everyday is same day, same routine and I guess I don't need daily to-do list. I can just use monthly habit tracker tapi aku belum buat lah heheh. Supposed to do it but disebabkan tulisan buruk nauzubillah terus macam tak ada mood je. How to have pretty and neat handwriting eh? Should I practice more guna buku tiga garis? And as you can obviously see, cincai kan date header tu? Senget senget je hahaha! I use washitapes to decorate the pages. But yeah, I will take it as the uniqueness of my planner :P

filofax malaysia sarawak

This one untuk spread out last last week punya. Dah guna tulisan berangkai dah ni and I started writing a diary instead. I decided to use the dotted insert for my planner! I am excited to see how people use the paper to do a bullet journal. I still haven't done much to my planner. And again, it's all because of the ugly handwriting that I have which is a major turn off for me to write in my planner. Sayanglah kertas :( Look at how ugly the sun is hahahaha. Please don't laugh at my drawing. Let me tell you, I just suck in everything that related to writing and drawing. Is it too childish? Tapi blog nampak matured je kan heheh! Ahh pedulilah. As for the insert, I decide to use the dotted one sebab it gives you more space to be creative as you can. Ada insert yang memang dah siap ada date, corak etc. It depends on your preference :)

filofax malaysia sarawak
This is the spread out for last week. I am wondering about.... Kenapa tulisan aku buruk sangat nih woi? Is it because I am writing in an uncomfortable position? I don't have study desk in my room so I end up meniarap dan menulis atas katil je. Hish. Maybe that is one of the factor of having an ugly handwriting ke memang buruk sejak azali? :o I hope we will move into another house soon. I went to our second house just now and kinda love my new room! The thing that I love about the room is there's a window and natural light boleh masuk. Senang nak snap gambar. Taklah gambar low quality mcm gambar sekarang. Huhuhu. I am using a date stamp that I bought from PippitZakka Store online. I just love using the stamp! And also the alphabet stamp to emphasize some words.

filofax malaysia sarawak

Last but not least! Sorry because the photo is a bit off. This is current spread out for this week. I am using the colourful pen to write my diary. And I kinda love the watercolour effect on the bottom part of the layout. I will use the method to decorate the pages! I try to keep it simple and less childish. Well, regardless of how ugly it is to me, I still enjoy spending my time with pen and paper! Walaupun fungsi planner yang sebenarnya dah terlarikkk, I still manage to keep of what's happening throughout my life. Of course the personal things. Yang general things I will tempek kat blog je. You choose what you want to do with your stuff! And I choose to have a diary instead.

Now let me ask you, which one do you prefer? Fully occupied or less occupied layout? I guess if you are a student or a mom, you will have more to-do list than me. And if you have an amazing life, of course, you have a bunch of things to do. Wuuu is it obvious that my life is that boring? -.-

Hope you enjoy reading!

Toddles x 

Review | Filofax Original Personal Organizer

As someone who is really into a stationery stuff and a notebook, I am feeling extremely happy to get my new planner which I have long for all the time. I was actually in a long hiatus from planner world because I realised I had spent too much on stationery lol. I didn't follow any online shops that sell beautiful planners, pens, stickers and washi tapes etc anymore. But you exactly know what your heart wants don't you? It will keep bothering you until you get the thing you desire. That happened to me! After making a hard decision, I finally decide to buy a new planner and promise to myself that that will be a pretty last one. Hopefully! I am actually feeling guilty to myself cause I paid few amount just for planner/organiser lol. 

filofax malaysia
So this is my new planner! I have mentioned in my previous post here saying that I am waiting for my new Filofax and yes, it is finally with me. I am feeling overjoyed to finally own it yeay! This is a Filofax Original in Pillarbox Red. I would say it is something like a dark red colour and vampire-ish. Other striking colours that they have in store are Lilac, Brown, Dark Aqua, Burnt Orange and Fluoro Pink but this one caught my heart. 

filofax malaysia
This is a close-up of the iconic design and feature of the button on the strap closure which looks retro cool and vintage! I would like to put a little bit history about Filofax that I take from their website which I find kinda interesting to at least know about the planner origin.
The beginning of Filofax started around 1910 originates in US where a Canadian Engineer named J.C Parker invent a system to  replace the technical book that is too big to carry. In 1920, British Army Officer, Colonel Disney, comes across a Lefax personal organiser in the US and suggests that his friend, London printer William Rounce, launches the product in England. In 1921, Norman & Hill Ltd is set up by William Rounce and partner Posseen Hill to export Lefax organisers to England. Temporary typist Grace Scurr suggests the organisers should be called 'Filofax' - derived from the term 'file-of-facts'. On 27th November, 1930 Filofax is registered as a trademark. In military circles, organisers are sometimes known as vademecums – Latin for ‘always with me’. 

filofax malaysia
This is an embossed logo on the inside front cover. I actually love to see this!

filofax malaysia
Now let's go through the details. Filofax Original comes in two sizes which are Personal and A5 size. I prefer Personal size cause it is smaller than A5 and much easy to be carried everywhere and less heavy. This planner is made out of a cow leather and the thickness is superb. Even though it might look stiff, it still lay flat! That black strap is a multifunction elastic holder and divided by three section. Yeah, you can put few pens there or anything you like but I decided to only put one pen on the loop. As the strap is quite short, you can't really have a so-called bulky planner. That's the cons, though. Filofax should lengthen the strap. As you can see in the photo, there are only two pockets there which is more than enough to me.

filofax malaysia
 This is at the back of the planner. It's a free notepad stick to the pocket.

filofax malaysia
I guess you do notice the flower-ish wallpaper there. Well, it is a piece of fancy paper I placed there to protect the leather base inside. I'm scared I might scratch it off so the protection is needed. I am still looking for a way to protect the outside cover too cause I am afraid that it might accidentally damage but still couldn't find any planner addict do that :o

filofax malaysia
I am using only five tabs in this planner which is personal, listing, diary, brainstorm and expenses. I might be adding few sub-tabs in the main tab listing soon. The divider I am using is from my previous Kikki K Personal Planner which I have sold earlier. I like to keep it simple for now for the divider. Minimalist but still cute! :P

filofax malaysia
I love everything about this planner except for the short strap but it's ok cause I'm not willing to have a super thick planner! Can you see the perfect stitch there? This planner is the most simple and straight forward design among other Filofax and it has been one of my favourite after Malden Filofax. Glad to have one :)

Toddles! x

Review | Filofax Malden Personal Organizer

I have been a notebook lover ever since I was around 12 years old. I thought it is a low-cost hobby for me but I was completely wrong about it. As I grown up, I realised it's actually a catastrophe for my purse! I used to spend below RM15 to buy a notebook, but it's never the same now. The reason I said that because of this beauty Malden Filofax which has been a sweet torture for me!

malden filofax malaysia

Look at how gorgeous it is! It comes in Ochre colour. It is not my first planner but it is my first Filofax organiser and the most expensive notebook I ever bought. To know the price you can simply visit their website HERE. But I bought this preloved from someone in the PAM (Planner Addict Malaysia) group so its a bit cheaper. I am sort of a leather lover but no, I don't support leather production 100%! The first time when I received this organiser, I get so amazed by how superfine it is and the smell is somewhat nice and good! The material is from soft grain buffalo leather and I would say its really a good quality!

malden filofax malaysia
I have been using this organiser since June 2015. As you can see, there are 6 slots for a card or whatever you want to put it there and it is really accessible as the leather is extremely pliable. I am using the compartments to keep my portable washi tapes and cute sticky notes!

malden filofax malaysia

The ring diameter for this personal Malden is 23mm which you can make it a little bulky or depend on how you would like to have your organiser be. As obvious as it is, my Malden cannot lay flat and most users are experiencing the same thing which is quite bothering for me. It would be nice if it can lay flat! The usage of the planner is depending on yourself whether you want to make it more for business-like or for personal only.

malden filofax malaysia
Can you spot the blemish? I am not sure why do it becomes like that but I guess it just the nature of leather. It has been said that the more you use, the better it looks. But I don't really like this turnout. It somehow looks like a defect skin. But despite that little thing, I am still in love with Malden!

malden filofax malaysia

Do you have the same obsession? Well, I am actually waiting for my second Filofax. Probably arrive next week which I am so excited and can't wait to hug him! :P Hence I am planning to let go this beauty Malden to those who willing to have it! Price is negotiable of course. If you happen to know someone who would like to buy this, tell me! At least I don't feel guilty to myself cause I spend another $$ for Filofax. No, please don't think that I am rich. It's what we called as self-satisfaction! I spend my expenses mostly to stationery related. So it's not a big deal :D

I decide to sell it because I will be using my new planner soon. So it would be a waste to keep it on the shelf without being used. Only within Malaysia okay? :D

I hope you enjoy reading.

Toddles! x