5 Tips Lulus Google Adsense

Haritu masa tengah buat research tentang macam mana nak buat duit dengan blog, aku pun mencuba nasib untuk apply Google Adsense. Untuk buat duit dari iklan ni aku cuma tahu tentang Nuffnang dan 8Share. Sumpah tak terfikir langsung nak cuba Google Adsense. Sebabnya haritu aku ada baca satu post dimana ada sorang blogger ni dah apply untuk kali yang ketiga tapi still kena reject. Kalau blog haprak macam blog aku ni memang tak ada chance langsung kot. Tapi surprisingly hiks. Mungkin sebab tu orang selalu cakap, kalau tak cuba sampai bila pun tak tahu kan. I stumbled across this one blog yang ajar cara macam mana nak apply Google Adsense. Very the simple je! 
First thing pergi dashboard dan check kat blog korang (ada arrow sebelah view blog), tengok if ada tab Earning atau tak. Kalau ada maksudnya korang dah layak untuk apply Google Adsense! Follow the instructions and just wait for few days. Kalau aku hari tu dalam masa 2 hari dah dapat reply. Tak sangka pulak dapat berita gembira. Niat…

4 Must Try Foods in Sarawak

Have you ever been to Sarawak and try our local foods? Just like other districts in Malaysia, we also have something different which you probably never tried and might be there are certain things you have never seen in your place. Perhaps okay perhaps. These are something you should try when you are visiting Sarawak. Let's check it out yo :D 
1. Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok is indeed the most famous one! It looks very simple but remember not to judge a book by its cover. Trust me, once you try this, you will always crave for more. It can be served with meat or chicken or sunny side up egg :D I prefer to eat this with homemade chilli condiment which is specifically for Mee Kolok. And of course, you can request to have Mee Kolok Biasa (see above picture) or Mee Kolok Sup or Friend Mee Kolok. 
2. Laksa Sarawak

Laksa Sarawak is so unique and different. Unlike other laksa that made of certain fish as its base, the main ingredient for laksa sarawak is made from a wide range of elements. The soup …

4 Mistakes I Did During My First Trip

In the past three years, I have been traveling to certain countries with my family. As I am a grown up girl now, my father granted me a permission to travel alone and enjoy my life. Means to say here that my father doesn't want me to be in his trip anymore! He will be in Europe for two weeks in December. Sobs. Envy much! So, last October, I went to Bandung with my friend and it was my first time being out of Malaysia without parents! I managed all those things alone and I thought everything will be easy sledding. But sadly I made some mistakes during my travel which is quite a turn off for the trip. Everything that I write here is based on my own experience.
1. Overlooked The Expired Date of My Passport  Since I traveled in October and the expiry date of my passport is in April, I really thought that it was still valid, seriously. As for Malaysian, our passport have to be valid at least for 6 months or more. If less than 6 months, then you are forbidden to go out of Malaysia. I do…

Blog Review Untuk Blogger Terpilih

Ini adalah blog review khas untuk 5 orang blogger yang terpilih sempena GA by Xechalogy. Jom terjah! :) 

Blog comel dan simple ni kepunyaan Ilman Nafia. Rasanya dia mula blogging sejak tahun 2012 berdasarkan apa yang saya tengok kat blog archive. Isi blog ada pelbagai. Ilman juga ada jual Ephyra dan SimpleHijab so bolehlah cekidaut blog dia :D Mungkin owner blog boleh tambah tips or share apa-apa artikel menarik untuk up kan lagi blog. Memandangkan owner adalah ulat buku so mungkin boleh buat review tentang buku yang dibaca :D

Blog yang simple berkisah tentang kehidupan, traveling dan masakan! Haa boleh tengok ada macam-macam resepi dalam blog kak azi. Make sure tengok masa perut dah kenyang kalau tak memang lapar dibuatnya hihihi. Travelogue pun ada kalau nak tengok tempat-tempat yang kak azi dah pergi. Berdasarkan dari label yang ada pada blog ni, ada banyak posting menarik yang kita boleh baca. So, cekidaut yo :D Oh ya, kalau tengok pada sidebar, owner blog juga ada menjual kambin…