Messing Up With Watercolor

I have been falling in love with watercolor lately. Never thought painting would be fun. I am not that pro, of course. But simply an amateur aka beginner. Seronok sebab at least taklah menghadap smartphone dua puloh empat jam kan. Hiks. Paling pun aku bukak youtube untuk cari tutorial macam mana nak lukis something ataupun watercolor technique. Honestly, aku tak rasa pun aku ada talent in anything. Lulz. Macam semua je tak pandai hahaha. 

Dari tadi aku cuba buat bunga. Dah follow tutorial step by step dari youtube pun still fail. Ada macam bunga tak? Hmm. Mungkin kalau praktis banyak kali barulah boleh nampak bunga ros tu kan. Macam kurang ciri-ciri kebungaan kan? Dah mcm benda asing je. Tak cantik huhu. Selagi tak cantik selagi tu aku tak puas hati. Kalau buat versi kecik ok sikit lah sebab nampak macam bunga. Kalau versi besar hmm dah tak macam benda yang sepatutnya. Buruk.

Untuk berus pulak aku guna yang murah je. Yang murah tapi jenis round shape punya. Baru ku tahu guna berus je…

Notebook Giveaway By Eeca Shyaa!

Hi, fellow bloggers! I have decided to host a second giveaway on my blog today! It's in honour of nothing, not my birthday giveaway or this site birthday giveaway, but just a random surprise :D Plus tujuan GA ni diadakan adalah untuk kita kenal dan berkawan dengan blogger-blogger lain jugak. Well, I have mentioned it HERE that I am about to make this GA. And it's happening now!!
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Only TWOlucky winners will be chosen! 
[The giveaway starts from today (23th July 2016) until 6th August 2016]
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Sebelum kita proceed ke syarat-syarat untuk join giveaway, let me share a bit bo…

Book Review | You Can't Run by Mandy Thomas

I was in the bookstore that day, looking for a brand new novel to buy and read. The fiction genre seems to be a bit off for me during that time so I decided to pick a non-fiction book. I went through few books and finally found one that absolutely caught my attention. This book is based on true story and I never thought it would be so heartbreaking and horrific. 

This is a really tough book to read. It's about a domestic violence against a woman named Mandy who has to endure every single pain and she has to struggle to live her life by not letting the fear eats her away. Just with a soft touch by a stranger, her life is completely ruined.

Dusty muncul dalam kehidupan Mandy dengan personaliti yang boleh dikatakan baik pada permulaan. Tapi semakin mereka rapat, Dusty mula mengongkong setiap apa yang Mandy lakukan dan dia mula bersikap celaka dan baran yang teramatlah sangat. Geram okay geram. Pada tahap awal cuma penampar. But the tortures become worst that I cannot brain how can t…

My Bedroom Makeover!

I have been so busy lately. I have to work from 6 am to 6 pm onwards. Rasa malas nak buka laptop bila dah sampai rumah. Sorry sebab kalau saya setakat tinggalkan jejak kat cbox je. Well, at least I managed to blogwalking to few blogs kan? Hiks :D Anyway, last week I got a chance to modify my room! I'm a bit tired from sorting out some stuff. But it's a total makeover and I am super in love with my room now! 
This is how my room looks like before the makeover! 

Susah hati aku tengok bilik macam ni haha. It's a complete mess and I have limited space to arrange the furnitures. Aku nak sangat letak study table but dari apa yang kau boleh tengok dalam gambar, tak ada ruang untuk letak meja kan? Bilik kecil je. At first I keep moving the stuff in my head only. Fikir dapat ke tak or muat ke tak if almari pindah sana, katil pindah sini. Then I started calculate the width etc. For your info aku tak guna measuring tape pun untuk ukur muat atau tidak kalau aku ubah posisi katil dan …

Homemade Jajangmyeon, Kimchi and Yangnyeom Tongdak

Siapa suka makan makanan Korea? I have been watching so many Korean dramas lately and mostly semua dalam cerita Korea tu mereka ada makan mee yang hitam legam tu lols. Jajangmyeon namanya. I am wondering and curious macam mana agaknya rasa benda tu. Terliur jugak tengok mereka makan walaupun it's obvious mereka punya tak halalan toyyiban. Disebabkan teringin nak makan ala-ala orang Korea, aku pun Google lah resepi cara buat benda alah tu. Senang je nak buat rupanya.

Jajangmyeon ni adalah Korean Chinese cuisine. And in term of my own words, jajangmyeon ni adalah mee yang dicelur dan disiram dengan kuah pekat yang dibuat daripada black soybean paste sekaligus dengan dice porks and vegetables ataupun seafood. Since I am a Muslim, I changed the ingredients to chicken or daging sapi supaya halalan toyyiban semuanya.

Yang aku buat macam dalam gambar kat atas ni bahan aku guna cuma isi ayam, diced potato and diced carrot. Rasa jajangmyeon versi ni not too bad lah. I'm not sure rasa …

10 Sad Korean Songs

I tried looking for some sad Korean songs but all that is listed by people out there seems to go wrong with my mood. So I decide to list my personal favourites for the melancholy Korean songs. Trust me, I am absolutely good at this and I'm gonna share it with you. The melody of the songs will definitely make you lost in thoughts! Enjoy!
1. Attraction - Tearliner Ft. Kim Go Eun (Cheese in The Trap OST) ♫ ♪

2. Such - Kang Hyun Min Ft. Jo HyunAh (Urban Zakapa) (Cheese in The Trap OST) ♫ ♪

3. Once Again - Mad Clown Ft. Kim Na Young (Descendant of The Sun OST) ♫ ♪

4. This Love - Davichi (Descendant of The Sun OST) ♫ ♪

5. Auditory Hallucination - Jang Jae In Ft. NaShow (Kill Me, Heal Me OST) ♫ ♪

6. All About You - 316

7. Becaue I'm Weary - Ernest (God of Study OST)

8. For You It's Separation, For Me It's Waiting - Kim Jae Joong
9. Fox Rain - Lee Sun Hee (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho OST)

10. Gomabseumnida - (Thank You OST) 

Hostel Review | Revopackers, Kuala Lumpur

I was in Kuala Lumpur last week with my mother, sister and friends. It was only five of us on this short leisure trip. I booked the flight tickets earlier but I didn't manage to find any place to stay. It was like 4 hours before we arrived in KL that we made a reservation at this hostel called Revopackers. It's completely a last minute action and we were lucky enough to get the (probably) last room or else we might be sleeping on the sidewalk because it's almost 12AM when we arrive. And yeah, it was my first time staying in a hostel and I really need to share my experience here. Let's start! 
First thing first, I'm going to tell you the location of Revopackers. I would say the place is absolutely strategic! Exactly behind Berjaya Times Square and it is very close to Imbi monorail station. Do take a look at the map prepared by the Revopackers. Easy access! We took a Grabcar from KL Sentral to here and the fare was less than RM10. Super cheap!

We stayed in a room th…