Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case Review

Semalam parcel dari Jepun sampai. Gembira bila benda yang ditunggu-tunggu akhirnya dah dalam genggaman. Memandangkan aku memang suka gila dengan pen, maka aku pun carilah tempat simpan pen yang lebih besar dan boleh simpan barang stationery yang lain. And yeah, to place everything in one place would be much better than carrying multiple items so I decided to get a brand new pen case for myself. 

Teffa pen case ni adalah pilihan hati aku. I was scrolling the @umbooba IG dan tertengok pen case yang dia guna. Terus jatuh cinta dan terus meroyan nak yang tu jugak lol. Proses mencari pun dimulakan tapi hampa sebab pen case ni tak ada jual di Malaysia. Nak cari yang lebih kurang sama pun tak ada. Final choice aku adalah mintak tolong @japaneasyshopper yang belikan. Walaupun postage mahal sebab nak ada tracking number, aku sanggup demi stationery hiks. For those who still don't know this one fact about me, let me tell you that I am a hardcore addict of stationery! 

Ini adalah interior T…

6 Helpful Things on My New Blogger Template

I just changed my new blogger template today yeay! I would say it's a bit tough since I have to revert my current template to the original template and start again from scratch. It's all for the sake of this one add-on which is annoying to do yet useful to use for blogger template. I am a bit clueless when it comes to JavaScript and honestly, it's a real bummer! Struggling hard to tweak the codes, I finally managed to fix them all with the help of knowledge that I gathered from the fellow bloggers. Some of you might have these things on your blog, but for those who don't, it's your chance to optimise your blog to be a little bit SEO friendly!

1. Read More Link I decided to use this function for the goodness it offers me. Rather than having one long post per page, wouldn't it be much better to have many of them per page? Don't worry about the weight of your web page cause this option will help your site to load faster. And as for my opinion, I am sure it wi…

How I Use My Bullet Journal

I don't know what has gotten into me that I decide to purchase a new notebook and start a bullet journal. I have been on a super long hiatus from the planner world and I'm happy to say that I am back with a brand new best friend. I would say bullet journal is very effective to organise your life - depend on someone - and I want to show you how I use my bullet journal. Don't miss out the ultimate guide on how to start a bullet journaling too!

This to-die-for notebook is from Paperdorable. My first option is to use Leuchttrum1917 but sadly it is not available in Malaysia. I went high and low looking for something that looks perfect in my eyes and I end up falling head over heels with this Dreams Journal! There is two colours option which is Charcoal Black and Cherry Red - and it costs RM89 only with free shipping within Malaysia. The compact A5 size is just nice and I love everything about this notebook. Even the packaging looks very exclusive! (Beware cause I am actually p…

Being Hospitalized For The First Time

Hi. It's been awhile I didn't update my blog. I've been spending my time watching Korean dramas these past weeks and it's an absolute distraction. I am currently following Cinderella and Four Knights, Jealousy Incarnate, W-Two Worlds and Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Well, happy to say that I am officially being a KDrama addict for the second time :P 
If you happened to read my post HERE, I mentioned that I am on progress to a healthy life. Tapi hari tak selalunya indah. Ku sangkakan badan ku sihat, rupanya tidak. I've been admitted to hospital last Thursday and yes, it was my freaking first time staying overnight at the hospital. Sobs.

The sharp pain!   It was all started as soon as I woke up on the Thursday morning. Macam biasa bangun pukul lima pagi. Selesai mandi tengah sibuk pakai baju, aku perasan bahagian perut aku sakit. Ingatkan senggugut jadi aku biarkan. I comforted myself telling it just a normal menstrual cramp. Lepas jemur baju, sekali lagi aku perasan yang ke…

The Way I Am

Zaman sekarang manusia berlumba-lumba nak jadi cantik dan kacak. Produk di pasaran macam-macam ada. Berlambak. Cakap je apa kau nak semua boleh dapat. Nak kurus? Fat Burner ada. Nak putih? Qu Puteh ada. Nak tinggi? Height Up ada. Nak bulu mata lebat? Hmm serum bulu mata arab mungkin boleh bantu. Aku tak kisah pun sebab itu memang fitrah manusia. Aku sendiri pun kadang teringin jugak nak jadi cantik. But sadly I am not really into it and I am simply a potato. I don't know why did they choose potato as a synonym for dull and uninteresting. Mungkin sebab kentang tu bulat dan nampak hodoh? Cis kalau dibuat french fries memang jadi kegilaan ramai jugak kan! Lagi lagi kalau kentang McD! Well, to be honest, I am completely a monotous aka a boring person. But it's not a crime to be simple, right? As long as it makes me comfortable, then I am all okay with whatever it is.

As  for the type of hijab I am using, I always use tudung bawal. And yeah, aku cuma ada 4 helai tudung bawal yang …

Pentingnya Privacy Protection Untuk Domain

So, do you have a domain? Or are you planning to have your own domain in future? If your answer is a YES, then you gotta keep reading for the sake of your own knowledge and protection. I know some people are aware of this thing but some might not. If you are clueless, keep reading.
Apa itu privacy protection?  Privacy protection ini berfungsi untuk menyembunyikan segala personal details kita daripada WHOIS database. Bukan setakat WHOIS saja, ada banyak lagi website lain yang mempunyai fungsi sama. Dari fahaman aku, fungsi website tersebut adalah mereka menyimpan semua information dan details yang kita isi ketika register domain. Boleh dikatakan bahaya jugak sebab sesiapa pun boleh akses website ni dan baca apa yanga ada kat dalam tu. 
Pentingnya privacy protection!  Zaman sekarang memang sesiapa pun boleh guna internet. Ada yang gunakan untuk tujuan baik dan ada yang gunakan untuk tujuan jahat. In term of privacy protection, bila kau beli and register domain, kau kena isi personal de…

Notebook Giveaway Winner Update!

Hi fellow bloggers! As you seen my post HERE, I have mentioned that the winner is given 24 hours to claim their gift. Sadly I have to find another first lucky winner as I didn't receive any PM from her. To be fair with the rules, the new winner has been picked based on Random.Org. And it goes to ...
Dear winner, you have 24 hours to claim the prize! PM me your name, address and phone number untuk tujuan pengeposan! Quick! :P 
Toddles! x