6 Reasons That Makes Me Love Your Blog

There are a bunch of blogs over the internet. Ada yang aku suka dan ada yang aku tak suka nak jenguk atas sebab-sebab tertentu. I'm pretty sure you have read the blogging tips about things you shouldn't put in your blog. If there's something in the don't-list you insist on putting in your blog, then it might be one of the reasons why I or maybe another visitors refuse to visit your site. But no worries, though. There will always be a way to improve. 
Your blog is pretty and clean.How your blog looks like is really a big matter to me cause I am the visitor and the reader of your site. Ain't nobody gonna loves a messy, cluttered and less organised website. I know some bloggers dislike minimalist look and it's okay to me if you have a colorful or meriah theme as long as everything in your blog is arranged nicely! Barulah senang hati nak singgah kan? :D 
Your content is interesting. Honestly, I enjoy reading when someone writes about their lifestyle and share their …

Korean Dramas Addiction

K-Drama is my only entertainment. Pertama kali terjebak dengan korean drama adalah bila aku tengok cerita Full House. Sejak dari tu tak pernah tak melekat bila tertengok apa-apa preview korean drama. Selalunya korean drama akan ada dalam 16 ke 20 episod. And trust me, bila dah tengok episod pertama tu memang aku akan sambung tengok episod seterusnya sampailah episod terakhir. It will only takes me one night or maybe one night and half day. Kalau korean drama yang still currently airing dekat tv tu, aku tengok dengan penuh kesabaran je bila terpaksa tunggu seminggu untuk episod seterusnya. Tak boleh nak buat apa kan. Now let me share what's my current korean drama watching list and to-be-watch list!

CURRENT WATCH LIST Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo  I was never into any historical drama. Nampak macam boring. But this drama proves me wrong. Lepas tengok short video dalam facebook, aku terus terjebak nak tengok the rest of the episodes. Blame the curiosity. Video yang aku tengok tu…

Free Minimalist Blogger Template

Do you love simple and clean blogger template? If yes then you are lucky enough to stumble upon this post cause I am giving a free minimalist blogger template for you to download! Below is the preview of the template and I provide you with the features list together with the download link.

[click HERE for live demo]  FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ☑ Two column ☑ Auto read more with hover effect ☑ Related post under every blog post ☑ Social media share button under every blog post  ☑ Custom popular post widget with hover effect ☑ Center pages / navigation bar ☑ Auto resize blog post photo ☑ Post title before blog title (for better search in Google)
[DOWNLOAD] Click here to download!
HOW TO INSTALL THE BLOGGER TEMPLATE? 1. Click download and save the file. 2. Find the file location in your computer and extract them.  3. Go to blogger dashboard > template > backup/restore > choose file  4. Upload the xml file and you are done! 
For the social media button, I don't provide the photos but alto…

Finding The Passion

Dulu masa sekolah rendah kerap kali kena tanya apa cita-cita kita bila dah besar. Dalam report card siap tulis nak jadi doktor, cikgu, bomba dan kebanyakan semua pekerjaan yang ada uniform smart. Tapi bila dah besar, semua cita-cita tak kesampaian. Sekarang aku dah 23 tahun dan masih lagi terkontang-kanting mencuba untuk cari apa yang aku nak buat. Pening. Rasa nak menangis. Betul-betul rasa macam loser bila tak boleh nak recognize bakat dan passion sendiri. 
Lepas habis tingkatan lima, aku sambung belajar dalam bidang seni kulinari. Memang aku minat memasak. Tapi lepas habis tiga bulan praktikal, aku sedar yang aku tak berminat nak bekerja dalam bidang tu. Rupanya aku silap. Minat memasak adalah sekadar hobi. Bukan sesuatu yang aku nak buat sebagai pekerjaan. Plus I never get any support from anyone. Mostly kritikan yang aku dapat semua negatif dan tak membina langsung. Memang out terus. Orang cakap zaman sekarang tak boleh nak memilih kerja. Sekarang aku kerja sambil tolong parents…

When You Think You Know Everything

We tend to judge and make our impression on what we see in front of us. But we never bother to see  or to know about things beyond that. Bercakap tanpa tapisan, tanpa fikir perasaan orang lain memanglah kita yang paling hebat kan? Pernah tak fikir apa sebenarnya disebalik sesuatu tu? Ibarat orang yang penuh senyuman tak semestinya dia gembira. Mungkin dia tengah bersedih ke apa ke. Dan orang yang suka memberi tak semestinya kaya.  Kita ingat kita tahu semua pasal seseorang tapi sebenarnya kita langsung tak tahu apa-apa. Why still bother to say a word? 
That girl you called fat, she's starving herself. Some people don't know the struggle. Yang mereka tahu cuma menghina dan melabel orang gemuk. Bila orang gemuk berdiet, cuba nak kurangkan berat badan, mulalah lempar kata-kata tak berguna. Bukan nak bagi sokongan. Sejujurnya kalau boleh aku rasa nak sepak je spesies manusia macam tu. Syukur masih ada kesabaran. Nak gemuk memang senang tapi nak kurangkan berat badan punyalah sadi…

My Favorite Beauty Stuffs

I'm not really the kind of girl who is into beauty stuff. I don't know what's the latest best makeup product, I don't know how to do the makeup contouring and whatever that is related to that. I just suck at this topic for sure. Even 12 years old girl nowadays know how to turn themselves into a goddess! That's pretty much an impressive skill, though. I always struggling in choosing what colours or shades suits my skin best lol. Orang sekarang siap contour bahagian dada dan kaki sebab nak menyerlahkan sesetengah tempat tapi aku nak contour muka pun tak pass lagi. Jangankan contour, nak pasang eyeliner pun kepayahan. Apa pun tak bole hahahah! 

It's been awhile I'm using Bio-Essence as my skincare product. I'm pretty sure you ever heard of bedak Tanaka yang pernah femes dulu but I refused to use that product. Cuma pernah guna sekali but then I switch to Bio-Essence which is more trustable. That was actually a reason why I'm using this skincare product…

7 Things I Want To Change About Myself

Life ain't a bed of roses and I think if we want to be able to survive the adversity, we have to make a few change inside us. I believe it will help to lead to a much happier life when we fix our weaknesses. Some of them are too strong that it ruins our life and we supposed to get rid of all the negative vibes to make a clear path of where are we heading. I have figured out few things inside me that I need to change and I hope I could destroy them first before they destroying me and my mind. 
1. Stop Complaining And Be Grateful I gotta admit that I tend to complain very much about everything around me rather than expressing my gratitude. I get upset when the foods are not tasty. I go crazy when the weather is scorching hot or when it rains. I wish for a bigger house that I could own a spacious bedroom for me alone cause I don't like sharing it with my sisters. I always want more and more that I forgot to be thankful. It finally hits me hard when I see people who're suffer…