First Hiking Experience : Bukit Kasut, Niah National Park

Sebelum ni aku pernah share tentang pengalaman aku ke Gua Niah (boleh baca sini Things To Do in Miri : Exploring Gua Niah) which aku pergi pada tahun 2015. Sekarang dah tahun 2017 baru aku berpeluang ke sana lagi. Kali ni bukan untuk melawat gua tapi untuk hiking diBukit Kasut! It's my very first time hiking okay. Walaupun aku teramatlah tahu yang stamina aku tak akan cukup untuk sampai ke summit, tapi aku tetap degil dan eksaited nak pergi jugak.

I rejected many times bila kawan aku ajak sebab aku takut aku tak mampu buat aktiviti tu. Lagipun aku memang cuak gila kalau terpaksa agak tempat tinggi ni. But yeah, I did take the risk and challenge myself.
Bukit Kasut, Niah National Park Difficulty : 7/10 (potentially dangerous in parts)
Scenic value : 7/10
Flora & Fauna : 7/10
Distance : No accurate distances available
• This relatively tough walk takes you through a boggy riverine forest, with huge buttressed trees and noisy macaque monkeys.  • The climb is steep and hard, involving…

Food Hunting : Places To Eat in Kuching

Kalau aku cakap a short trip mean it is really a short trip. I finally got a chance to visit Kuching city again after few years. First time datang Kuching masa tahun 2003 or 2004 agaknya. It has been a long time lah. Actually this was an unplanned trip. I was thinking hard about where to travel this year and suddenly Kuching crossed my mind. Bila survey tiket ngam ngam harga murah, I just bought it on the next day. I didn't discuss with my parents before purchasing them cause I'm afraid they won't let me go. So the only possible way to get the green-light from them is to buy it first. I'm pretty sure dad won't let me sia-siakan the ticket hehehe!

Omnomnomnomnomnom ~  Rasanya aku datang semata nak buat aktiviti food hunting dan menternak lemak tepu je. Tak banyak aktiviti lain yang aku buat sebab aku datang pun dalam 5 hari je. Jumpa anak buah Adam dan Naila tapi tu aku akan cerita dalam lain entri lah. Hiks.

* * * * * * * * * * 
First Thing To Get While in Kuching!…

My Skincare Haul And The Skincare Routine

So yeah. I did spend a lot this month, especially on the skincare products! Different goals for 2017, perhaps? To be honest, I used to care less about my skin condition. Whether it is dull or not, got eye bag or not and whatever it is lah. The only things I worry are the pimples and the acne scars. I don't even know if my skin is the oily type or normal or the combination type lol. Oily maybe! Wondering how did I decide to make a change? Well yeah, there are so many pretty girls nowadays with flawless skin and that's when I realized I am just a freaking potato compare to them lol. And also that was when the oh-i-need-to-do-something-with-my-skin moment hits me. I don't intend to pretty myself with makeup but instead, I want a healthy and brighter skin. 
I was Google-ing about what is the correct step to use the skincare products. And then I stumbled upon the 10-Steps of Korean Skincare Routine. I was actually surprised knowing that there are so many things to do with the …


So it has been a long time I didn't update my blog. I don't even visit the website for the past few weeks. Yeah I'm on a super long hiatus. Mood blogging tersangatlah kelaut. Sebelum tahun baru bukan main lagi berazam nak update blog setiap hari. Hahah. Hampeh. So, this is just a short update, perhaps, to let you know that I'm back! 
So if you read my previous post, it's obvious yang saya join Traveloka contest. Saja nak cuba nasib kot kot boleh melancong free. Yes I did put my expectation high to win the grand prize but sadly rezeki tak sampai situ. Instead, I won the weekly prize! Pun kira okaylah dapat habuan. Tak sia-sia taip karangan berjela-jela demi nak memikat hati Traveloka. :P 

So, adanya hadiah dari Traveloka, I still haven't decide where to go this year. Teringin betul nak ke Korea but mungkin tahun ni tak dapat lagi nak jejak kaki ke sana. Or maybe yes or maybe no. Tengok keadaan kewangan lah hahah. I have been very boros bulan ni. I bought some s…

#MyTravelokaEscapade : Chasing The Beauty of Korea

Goryeo! Goryeo aka Korea! South Korea is definitely my ultimate dream vacation among all the country that has been listed by Traveloka in the contest. Negara ni adalah salah satu negara di dunia yang kaya dengan ciri-ciri sejarah dan boleh dikatakan agak meriah dan colorful! I adore everything about Korea; the cultures, the language, foods etc and one of them is their spoon! Hah kenapa sudu? Sebab sudu mereka slim dan panjang tak macam sudu kita hihihi! And yes, I even learn Korean language because I think getting angry in Korean sounds really cool! Tapi sampai sekarang masih tak dapat tangkap apa yang mereka bebel walaupun berjuta kali dah tengok drama Korea. Don’t get me wrong, there are more exciting things about Korea that makes me fall head over heels with it! Plan nak explore Korea tahun ni tak kesampaian tapi nasib baik ada Traveloka! 
Have you ever heard about Traveloka? It is one of the best website to book your flight ticket and accommodation at one time! Tak perlu nak buka…

Things To Do In Miri : Tusan Cliff Beach

Last week I went to Tusan cliff beach for the first time after longing to be there since the amazing phenomenon happened in that place. Located around 40km from the Miri city, it took about 30-40 minutes to reach the place. It's also quite near to Bekenu district. The view there is freaking amazing! Thank to the great weather though!

Tusan cliff beach has been famous among the locals after a rare natural phenomenon occurred last October and September 2015. They found out that the waves were glowing in blue and they called them as a Blue Tears. The incredible sight was caused by a bio-luminescent phytoplankton that usually found in Maldives and another islands in another countries. Blue Tears doesn't happen all the time and we have yet to found out when it will happen again.

The cliff at the Tusan beach is somewhat known as a horse's head (Batu Kuda) by the locals. Not sure if you could see the cliff like a horse's head, but if you really take a look at it, you will fi…

Cara Buat DropDown Navigation Bar Untuk Blogger

Ada tak yang guna fungsi pages untuk blog? Kalau yang guna blogger simple template, mereka takda sediakan dropdown navigation bar. Jadi kalau korang nak letak banyak kategori, pages/navigation bar korang akan jadi banyak dan nampak semak. Selain me-minimize-kan navigation bar, fungsi dropdown ni jugak menampakkan blog korang lebih kemas dan teratur! Meh saya share cara buat dropdown navigation bar untuk blogger. Sangat mudah sebab tak perlu usik main template. Kod ini saya dah banyak kali try and error. Terkial-kial jugak nak buat dropdown navigation bar sebab kebanyakan tutorial yang saya cuba semua tak jadi. Asalnya kod ini cuma single navigation bar (tak ingat tutorial dari website mana) tapi at last berjaya juga buat yang dropdown punya.

NOTA PENTING: Sebelum mula pastikan page gadget pada layout di remove terlebih dahulu. (kalau ada)

1. Dashboard > Layout > Add HTML/Javascript
2. Copy dan paste kod dibawah ke dalam kotak html

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